And All the Movies Are Open…

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  1. Would that it had been that easy….There were only two (2) movies playing last night after 8 pm in all of Baristaville…and one of them was not appealing to a significant proportion of jews these days (Mel Gibson’s new movie).

  2. This was brilliant! As a Jew, I can attest to its accuracy. I laughed so hard my eyes filled with tears. And Darlene Love’s vocal was priceless.

  3. OH BOY do I smell a war of words coming to town?
    Jewish by birth, not “married in the faith” but my parents love my husband….
    We honor both holidays and live in harmony……somehow I think a lot of people will find this video, a bit offensive, but I LAUGHED out loud and passed it on to a lot of family and friends, of both faiths!
    Happy Holidays to all……
    let’s hope for a PEACEFUL new year!

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