Merry Christmas Winter


There’s no shortage of “holiday” spirit on display at Montclair’s main Post Office on Glenridge Avenue. But over in Hopewell Township, Santa and the “h” word are stirring up a lot of controversy. Elementary school principal Bruce Arcurio sent parents a reminder of the school’s seasonal party guidelines …From The Star Ledger:

“All December parties need to be winter celebrations and not celebrations of holidays.”
“All holiday decorations should be changed in favor of winter decorations. Santa Claus, Christmas trees and menorahs are all holiday-specific decorations.”
“The holiday sing-along will be discontinued as it has been at all other schools. If anyone has a suggestion for an alternative, please let me know.”
“Films shown on the last day before break should not be about the holidays and should be curriculum related.”

What winter? In the words of Baristaville’s Appletony…Merry Chrismukwansakkah!

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  1. Thankfully, we still have the Gospels, church services, etc, to remind us of Christmas. That school administrators are so craven as to suggest such a blinkered approach to “seasonal” activities, however, should come as no surprise. They are always so, willing to cut their coats whichever way the diversity breezes are blowing.
    Even as I’ve never heard of one yet who boldly suggested that we keep the schools open on December 25 and the subsequent week till New Year’s. As John Wayne says a few times in “The Searchers,” That’ll be the day.”
    My ideal holiday event, by the way, would be a production of The Nutcracker wherein the Mouse King and his underlings triumph (and where the rodent rabble were played by the likes of walleroo and lasermikey)!
    But this whole chain of events in Hopewell is actually rather common and was reported on at length YESTERDAY in the Star-Ledger. Usually Baristanet picks up something covered in that paper on the SAME day. So I can only conclude that today bodes to be a particularly slow news day.

  2. I’m a big fan of Appletony, but I’d point out that Nickelodeon has been running a “Christmakwanzaakah” holiday short every year since 2003.

  3. It’s so out of hand. If we truly respect others, then why can’t we acknowledge everyone’s holiday? We don’t have to participate if we choose not to. Maybe we should have NO holidays. Banks and post offices open every day of the year. Why is it ok for Sunday to be a day of worship? Many places are closed on Sunday. That’s not pc, now is it?

  4. This story makes me wanna puke up my Christmas cookies. I agree with cathar and ‘happy holiday’s in the above post. What happened to the land of religious tolerance. It’s America. How come we’re cow-towing to these weak kneed politically correct Democrats who hate America?
    Gosh this pisses me off.

  5. who bought that decoration for in front of the montclair p o?
    who’s paying the electric bill for it?

  6. Everyone wants their religious holiday represented just not the other guys. I think I’ll just mind my own business instead.

  7. if you’re pissed off because kids in public school aren’t learning about jesus, you’ve got problems.
    learn about jesus in church and at home, not in public school.
    you love jesus so much? send your kids to christian school.
    happy holidays!

  8. If anything policies such as the above teach the opposite of respect and tolerance, and what good is that? I attended public school in NYC from elementary through high school and remember each of the 3 or 4 major religions’ holidays being represented throughout the school year. This might have in part been a reflection of the urban makeups of the schhols, but regardless of the reason the schools did things that way, it was a wonderful learning experience. It was mind blowing to me that a lot of the people I attended (private) college with were unfamiliar with all of the different holidays and observances.

  9. I object to being told to have a happy anything. Let me be grouchy and stop smiling at me.
    And stop asking me if I’m ready for the holidays. What the hell does that mean?

  10. I agree that teaching religion belongs in parochial schools not the public schools but what about teaching the HISTORY of different religions? I certainly don’t have a problem with that.

  11. “What happened to the land of religious tolerance.”
    I tolerate all religions that don’t interfere with (or cost) me. towns and their governmental buildings should (be neutrally secular, and) not have religious expressions.

  12. Christmas was timed to be at the same time of year as Saturnalia, a pagan Roman holiday. Christmas is a compilation of a number of non-Christian holidays that they packaged together so as to get more pagans to convert to Christinaity – this way they didn’t have to give up their holiday traditions.

  13. Public education should be educating students, not censoring them. Allow each student/family to decide for themselves what religious holiday they want to celebrate. Its okay to acknowledge all the holidays celebrated, whether religious or cultural … but to deny their existance for fear of parental hostility and backlash? Shame on those educators.

  14. Okay folks, let’s get real.

    Religion is everywhere! I don’t like it (I’m an atheist but was raised Jewish) but I am willing to accept that it’s a VERY visible part of the “season” for children and I really don’t understand the point of shielding them from it. I think schools should explain all of the holidays and give the kids as broad a knowledge base as possible. Hopefully, knowledge will beget tolerance (call me an idealist). I’m not saying that public school is really an appropriate place to get into deep religious education (frankly I think the world would be MUCH better off without any religion) but I have to wonder where might children be given a fair and well rounded exposure to, and explaination of different ideas and cultures if not in school? Frankly, most adults are the ones programmed with intollerance, and wind up passing that on to their kids. We are living in an age where it IS possible for true tollerance to be taught, and if we ban all “religious” related imagery, concepts and open discussion/debate, then what hope do we have? What does this say about tolerance? This, coming from an anti-religion atheist. I’m just saying, let’s wake up to reality here.

  15. Somecloud –
    As an Atheist who was raised catholic, I quite agree with you. It’s silly not to educate kids about the influence religion has had on our culture/ history. But they should also learn what a destructive, devisive force it has been.
    Santa –
    Yes. You’re not as badass as Ted, but you’re bad.

  16. Separation of church and state means that not only is the state not allowed to espouse a particular religion, the state is ALSO not allowed to forbid religion.

  17. The trees – the trees – the poor God forsaken innocent trees! Tis the season the trees pay for the sins of man! Bless your souls my wooden brothers and sisters…

  18. I was raised Catholic, but I can sing a mean “Dreidel song” which I learned in GR public schools, “back in the day”… I hate all this politically correct b.s.

  19. PC Fear everywhere, fear of offending by acknowledging the religious foundations of holidays, fear of calling undocumented workers illegal aliens, fear of keeping english as the officail language, fear of calling affirmative action racism, fear of calling the war on terror a war against islamic fundamentalist lunatics, fear of raising boys without drugging them into passivity, Trenton’s fear of the people via changing the constitution to allow I & R, fear of allowing the people to vote on the school budgets, fear of not blaming it on the joos. It just goes on and on. Most civilizations are not conguered they commit suicide. I grieve for the future of my children.

  20. I’m not sure why my post (which I signed as somecloud”) came up signed as “hiding in baristaville” and then the following post, which I did not write came us signed as “somecloud”? Now I’m the confused one.
    Anyway, old school, I completely with you. All of this PC bulls**t is just that. Why can’t we call things as they are? Why can’t children be made to understand that things are not always black and white? Why do we think it’s beyond the capacity of children to grasp the concept of hypocrisy? I really think that we’re doing more harm than good by hiding from the real issues at hand.

  21. yes a comparative overview of all major religions should be taught in school. but otherwise there should be no religion in public schools, post offices, or on any town property.

  22. Definitely children should be educated about different religions in school. Ignorance breeds intolerance.
    However, can you see them trying to come up with a PC curriculum? I don’t think they can do it without getting someone’s religious garment in a twist.

  23. I agree with Soltice Sally and I think it is ridiculous that children aren’t allowed to even watch Holiday movies. Even if you celebrate Hanukkah watching a Christmas movie won’t hurt you, will it? Sometimes I think society goes to far by banning little harmless things like this.

  24. Its people like you that make this society believe that holidays are a bad thing. Now kids can’t even write Merry Christmas on the board! That’s how you want your kids to be educated?

  25. “Simply put, Christ is THE Reason for the Season ”
    “wrongo- not for US JEWS”
    Sorry, but Hannukah is not one of the “High Holy Days” . Comparing the season of Christmas to Hannukah is like comparing Yom Kippur to All Saints Day. Please don’t try to minimize Christmas.
    Christ is the reason for the season.

  26. Yes, educate YOUR kids YOUR way. Send them to a private school where you’re in control of the curriculum. People aren’t hurt by learning about other religions and cultures. Isn’t it better to be understanding and tolerant? We need not believe or practice these ways; just accept that some people do.

  27. Whatevah. Happy holidays to all, however you may celebrate (or not celebrate).
    It certainly doesn’t FEEL like Christmas Eve out there. BF & I ran around the perimeter of Roosevelt Island (in shorts!) this morning with his son. Felt like early spring, what a glorious day.
    A happy, healthy & prosperous new year to all.

  28. Who cares if “Hannukah is not one of the “High Holy Days” that doesn’t mean that Christ controls the season. That doesn’t mean that we all have to celebrate Christmas and sing carols.
    I pay for ther public schools too. I should be able to send my kids to public schools and not have them taught exclusively about YOUR religion.

  29. I guess that was written by a follower of the Christmas Religion.
    Why isn’t it all about the Santa Claus for them?
    Happy Bor amahannukwanzmas, and especially Boxing Day, to all!

  30. This is America, America represents the laws from the holy Bible. The holy bible was established through Jesus Christ and the Holy Father. People of this country need to conform to the standards already established. Don’t come here to this country and request that the Christian beliefs be removed from the schools; but go back to your place of origin where your beliefs are practiced.
    Liberals anul expulse to the point of disgust to children’s ears. I said it before and I’ll say it again, MONTCLARIANS are societies misfits that represent the lowest standards of the human species. These residents really need to look at the upbringning of their children and the Hippocrites that direct their schools. The laws of the Bible conflict with the low standards these parents have set for their children. Those kids dont have a chance in that town with disgraceful people as you speaking against God.. Let your green cards expire and get out,and if for some reason you think you belong here you should practice the ways set by society from the beginning of time.. George Bush should spend more time on taking the freedom away from liberals before he leaves office. Froot loops,and flakes dont mix with our bowl cereal. This is the American way…merry CHRISTMAS>>>>>…..

  31. “The holy bible was established through Jesus Christ and the Holy Father.”
    UNtrue The old testament is JEWISH

  32. Jesus Christ is a Jew. How his being is interpreted is the question amongst the Jewish belief..Old testament, jesus christ, and the holy father is one in the same…but let’s not go there…The bottom line is people dont have a right to dictate the laws of this land for they have already been established..The ten commandments are the ten commandments.

  33. Just wanted to see how long it would take. But really, it was no more offensive than the comments from “The Word” and “Apostle” above.

  34. Dear barista,
    Please delete the comments from “The Word” and “Apostle” above.
    I find them highly offensive

  35. “This is America, America represents the laws from the holy Bible.”
    I don’t think so. America is supposed to represent religious freedom and not to dictate religion to it’s citizens

  36. “This is America, America represents the laws from the holy Bible.”
    Excuse me?? I thought America is SUPPOSED to be about tolerance. I thought America is SUPPOSED to be about cultures, ethnicities and religions mingling, crossing, sharing etc.
    Your backward, close minded, nazi-esque bible thumping approach is exactly why this country is in the position we’re in right now. YOU are (directly or indirectly) the reason the rest of the world hates the U.S. right now. Your mode of thinking is an embarrassment to your species.

  37. The only offense here is BLASPHEMY… When the boat came in from poverty stricken and,war driven countries the laws of the United States were golden. Unfortunately, for some that was no longer good enough. Fortunately, you can utilize modern day transportation and GET OUT faster..The American people are disinterested in change…Offensive?? Im certain the message was received…Offensive is the reak of sin out of the mouths of ignorance.. Concern yourselves with your children’s upbringing for they are the ones to suffer their parent’s mistakes…intersetingly enough, the “ones” attempting change are those seeking to have society conform to some unaccepted behavior that is presently surfacing our nation.. I find that all of these blasphemous comments about America’s traditional holidays and Americas practiced religions ” OFFENSIVE “.Be gone before somebody drops a house on you; or try clicking your heels three times with some luck maybe you will go HOME….

  38. “This is America, America represents the laws from the holy Bible.”
    America represents laws derived from logical thought and natural rights. Theft isn’t illegal because the bible says so, it’s illegal because it violates your rights.

  39. Not that it matters much, but it seems the “posted by” tag is still one comment behind. I wrote the following post, not the one after it.
    “This is America, America represents the laws from the holy Bible.”
    Excuse me?? I thought America is SUPPOSED to be about tolerance. I thought America is SUPPOSED to be about cultures, ethnicities and religions mingling, crossing, sharing etc.
    Your backward, close minded, nazi-esque bible thumping approach is exactly why this country is in the position we’re in right now. YOU are (directly or indirectly) the reason the rest of the world hates the U.S. right now. Your mode of thinking is an embarrassment to your species.

  40. Dear Whatever,
    Wow! Well that√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s a tolerant, compassionate, socially responsible statement if I√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢ve ever heard one (yes that√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s sarcasm you’re smelling).
    Seriously though, I’m no expert on religious scripture, but I think you and “The Word” should go over your bible notes because I think you must have taken away the wrong message from that particular book.

  41. Sleepyseek, you’re probably right about the “trying to get a reation” thing, but unfortunately their brand of “America” is all too real, which is wacky indeed.

  42. It seems that the “liberals” such as yourself are trying to give the bible new meaning..Jesus christ is our leader..What part dont you understand…My work is done here, get the message?

  43. Isn’t this written in stone- “thou Shalt not steal ”
    Isn’t “one nation under god”
    a direct quote from one of our founding fathers?
    Atheist and Pagans are attempting to lead this country. What is going on here?
    concerned citizen

  44. Concerned,
    Sure, of course thou should not steal… or murder… or be greedy… or “make wrongful use of the name of the lord, your god.”
    Now let’s take a quick look at the sins of the individuals and motives that are currently “leading” this country: Have we not stolen land that is not ours? Have we not murdered? Have we not been greedy? Have we not CONSTANTLY invoked the name of the “lord” to justify our warcrimes???
    “One nation under god” presumes that those acting in the name of “god” are acting with benevolence and compassion toward their fellow man.
    Take a look at how this country has acted toward it’s fellow man recently. Think about that ugly truth and THEN tell me that the atheists are the problem here.

  45. n. Hinduism
    ” The god of wisdom and the remover of obstacles, son of Shiva and Parvati, depicted as a short fat man with an elephant’s head.”
    Its all good what you believe but back to the arguments posted..Americans have their own “god” and other foreign beliefs cannot expect the United States to modify that. It’s a privilege to be here not a right.. its unacceptable for anyone to request change, accept the standards or remove yourself from U.S soil..

  46. in response to the fig plucker, God almighty carved the ten commandments into stone with his own finger, do you dare to blasphemies the god himself????? yeeeeeeeeks I wouldnt want to be you dear…Bless you child!

  47. Yo Woe-
    Better learn to capitalize “God” or you’re going straight to “h” “e” double toothpicks.

  48. What you are calling the Ten Commandments are actually a REPRINT.
    After Moses destroyed the original two stone tablets in anger at the incident of the golden calf, he re-ascends Mount Sinai to obtain the commandments again.
    The Torah includes 613 commandments, including the ten from the Decalogue. Therefore, when compared to the whole canon of Jewish law, the Ten Commandments are not given any greater significance in observance or special status. When undue emphasis was being placed on them, their daily communal recitation was discontinued.[21] Jewish tradition does, however, recognize them as the ideological basis for the rest of the commandments; a number of works (starting with Rabbi Saadia Gaon) have made groupings of the commandments according to their links with the Ten Commandments.
    Traditional Jewish belief is that these commandments, among the 613, apply solely to the Jewish people, and that the laws incumbent on the rest of humanity are outlined in the seven Noahide Laws (several of which overlap with the Ten Commandments). In the era of the Sanhedrin, transgressing any one of these theoretically carried the death penalty; though this was rarely enforced due to a large number of stringent evidentiary requirements imposed by the oral law.
    The Seven Laws of Noah (Hebrew: √ó¬©√ó‚Äò√ó¬¢ √ó≈æ√ó¬¶√ó‚Ä¢√ó‚Ä¢√ó¬™ √ó‚Äò√ó¬†√ó‚Ñ¢ √ó¬†√ó‚Äî, Sheva mitzvot B’nei Noach), often referred to as Noahide Laws are a list of seven moral imperatives which, according to the Jewish Bible [1], were given by God to Noah as a binding set of laws for all mankind. According to Judaism any non-Jew who lives according to these laws is regarded as a Righteous Gentile and furthermore only through abiding by these laws can a non-Jew reach the world to come
    The Noahide Laws were predated by the Six Laws of Adam

  49. What are the “Noahide Laws”?
    What are the “Six Laws of Adam”?
    Are they listed in the Bible? If so, where?
    What are [26] and [1] that you are refering to?

  50. why would they be listed in the bible they are listed in the Torah
    The seven laws listed by the Talmud are:
    Idolatry – You shall not make for yourself an idol.
    Murder – You shall not murder.
    Theft – You shall not steal.
    Sexual Promiscuity – You shall not commit adultery.
    Blasphemy – You shall not blasphemise.
    Cruelty to Animals – Do not eat the flesh of a living animal.
    Government – You shall set up an effective government to police the preceding six laws.

  51. The Six Laws of Adam are a list of moral imperatives which according to Judaism where given by God to Adam, Eve and their progeny in the Garden of Eden.
    According to Judaism, as depicted in the Midrash, God ordained man to keep these six basic ethical laws.
    These Six Laws were created in order to form the foundation of a well-functioning unified society and where later succeeded by the Seven Laws of Noah, and eventually The Ten Commandments or Torah at the Revelation at Sinai.
    The Six Laws of Adam are both negative and positive injunctions.
    Sexual Promiscuity
    positive injunction to establish courts of justice

  52. why would they be listed in the bible they are listed in the Torah?
    Because the Torah comprises the first five books of the Bible. Your question is a bit like “Why should it be in the USA when it is already in New Jersey?”
    Which book of the Torah and what vereses list them?
    What do [21] and [1] in your initial post refer to? Where are [2] through[20]?

  53. Oh do we want to discuss” Adam and Eve ” now? Well now that its mentioned God created adam and eve not adam and john,or eve and mindy.. Liberals should just “shut it”.. liberals are an abomination to this country! The argument is about Jesus Christ and why this country worships the Lord…

  54. Speaking as a rational Catholic, I implore the readers of this board to ignore the stupid, ignorant comments of the other poster who calls himself “catholicism” .
    I guess that is what happens when you’ve been hit one too many times on the back of the head by a rogue nun.

  55. All of you should just be quiet. We celebrated Christmas in the name of Jesus and they couldn’t do anything about it… Amen

  56. “Because the Torah comprises the first five books of the Bible.”
    So, you’re saying that the Jews don’t have the whole book? Is that what you’re saying …or that Christians stole the first 5 books and tried to make it theirs.

  57. I celebrated Christmas in the name of Santa Claus…now to the after Christmas sales.
    Are you celebrating them in someone’s name?

  58. “So, you’re saying that the Jews don’t have the whole book?”
    The original statement was
    “why would they be listed in the bible they are listed in the Torah?”
    I was simply pointing out that if they were listed in the Torah, then they were listed the Bible.
    Correct me if I am wrong, but it is my understanding that both Christians and Jews recognize that the Bible includes other books books (Psalms, Job, Jeremiah, etc) in addition to the Torah.
    No offense was intended, and I am sorry if I offended anyone. But if you had read my remarks in context, you would see that your accusation is baseless.

  59. Well “Hiding”, you’ve certainly done your homework and I applaud that!
    My view (and I’m sure, the view of many other atheists) is that behaving in an ethical way (i.e. don’t kill, steal, commit adultery etc.) is self-evident for anyone who wants to take personal responsibility for their actions.
    It is my “opinion” (and last time I checked, we ARE permitted our own opinion in this country) that god was invented by man, and these commandments√¢‚Ǩ¬¶ and the torah√¢‚Ǩ¬¶ and the rest of the bible was written by man in an effort to govern. Is there wisdom in these books? Absolutely! The people who wrote this stuff were very smart individuals with a strong knowledge of history, an innate knack for understanding human psychology, and a powerful ability to take history (and more than a little poetic license) and weave it into lessons in morality and consequence!
    Unfortunately fear of “the wrath of god” is what many people needed in order to keep them from committing awful acts against their fellow man, and someone. Now we have governments, and police, and laws of course, which serve the same basic function.
    My point here is that the best reason (and only reason) for acting with kindness and decency rather than cruelty and contempt, is because it’s simply the right thing to do, not because someone tells you “you better or else…”
    Having said that, I’d like to remind all the bible-toting right-wingers who have surfaced here to espouse their √¢‚Ǩ≈ìwisdom√¢‚Ǩ¬ù that I was the one making a case for exposing children to different religions and ideas in school, and that it’s simply absurd to ban religious imagery when children see it (for better or for worse) everywhere else. Comparative religion should absolutely be taught in school, lest our children turn out with minds as closed as “The Word” and “Apostle” above!

  60. Wow!!! The ignorance of you morons is intensifying..Your losing the point..The point is that the United States doesn’t wish to recognize any other “GOD” than the one that is worshiped in this country.. It’s a privilege to be here ” Green Card Holders “not a right!!! Go back to your country where the penalty is severe when you run your mouth against your government..Go run your mouth and complain that your rights are violated.. Rights are offered here that arent offered in foreign countries. Immigrants come hereto better their lives then complain because it isn’t to their standards…Be privileged that you aren’t exposed to danger here as you are in your homeland and deal with the American way.. We the people donteven want you here taking our jobs and causing controversy in our schools. It’s probably best for you to shut the hell up and be grateful.. Like no one wants you people here anyway!!!

  61. Atheist boy, listen up!! Don’t even bother dictating or commenting on what should or shouldn’t be for children in schools.. Your an empty soul with no guide in life.. You are emotionally tormented and have extreme difficulty with conforming to societies standards.. Keep your paganistic thoughts to yourself. You wouldn’t know anything about what is right for children.. Your a recluse….

  62. Disgusted,
    Where is your country?
    When will you be going back to it?

  63. Disgusted, you are disgusting. Based on your comments you have ABSOLUTELY no knowledge of the tenants this country was founded on, and no appreciation for what makes this country so great. You also apparently have no tolerance for rational discussion of complicated issues, or tolerance for… well for anyone who’s not exactly like you. I think you’re the one who doesn’t belong in this country. That is NOT the true American way, and that is hardly “Christlike”. I’m just saying.

  64. ….knowledge of the tenants this country was founded on
    Thats TENETS. Not tenants. Unless you have a building with renters.

  65. Disgusted, as a follow up to my last post; to clarify, when I said “That is not the true American way” I was reffering to your attitude toward immigrants and those whos views differ from your own.
    Also, I assure you, I am hardly an empty soul, but it seems you are quite the angry soul. Poor guy.

  66. Sorry ahem, you are correct. My last post was filled with mis-spellings. I got worked up over DISGUSTED lunk-headed remarks and lost myself.

  67. Man, so much of the tenor above (and so much of the writing, too) just reminds me of lasermikey at his very outraged best.

  68. Disgusted, gotta love when these things dissolve into name-calling.
    I’m not sure what point your saying is weak.
    Look, you can have your god and your religion and everyone else can have their god and their religion, or no god and no religion. The level of intolerance in your remarks is truly frightening, and frankly dangerous.
    Yes, I’m an atheist, and I have no problem with Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, whoever, as long as they’re not trying to shove their beliefs down my throat, and it sounds like that’s exactly what you’re advocating. That’s just plain wrong and most certainly UNAMERICAN!!

  69. I find it amusing that the neanderthal that is repeatedly calling someone an IDIOT uses Your instead of You’re.
    I guess they didn’t learn past words like idiot in their limited stay in school.

  70. People really need to get the facts straight..All the know it alls, the journalists, the historians, the priests, the rabbi, pagans,and reverends know it all. freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice. Maybe so but it doesn’t change the fact that too many know it alls are trying to change what has already been established. it’s not alright for foreigners and atheist to complain about what this country represents.

  71. Ultimately we all know very well that this country is comprised of foreigners except, of course, for the native Americans, who are hardly treated as citizens of this country. This country is comprised of christians, atheists, jews, muslims etc.
    This country was founded by individuals who were bright enough to build in clauses to all of the major founding documents that understood intrinsically the dangers inherent in structured government, and guaranteed the citizens rights to take up arms against an oppressive government.
    Don’t get me wrong, I hate guns and would NEVER own one, but the point is that the our government has safeguards against oppression and intolerance, and we are living, right now, in a culture dangerously overflowing with intolerance. People need to examine their beliefs, culture and tradition, and then examine and gain an appreciation and respect for the beliefs and traditions of others. Until then we will always be a country divided. Excuse me if I’m coming off as a bit of a leftist here, but change can be made, and this country CAN live up to it’s promise to itself. This will come not through silencing of voices, but by listening to each other. Please, in this “holiday” season, take a moment to listen.
    Pardon my rambling, I’m done here.

  72. God bless you clouds!! You seem like a nice guy who is just trying to express his beliefs..Hope you can some day find the lord!!

  73. Hiding,
    Why don’t you just post links to Wikipedia instead of trying to pass of their work as your own?
    No wonder your Hiding.

  74. Bitpusher,
    Since the server here in Baristaville doesn’t let you post more than 2 links at a time I have chosen to post the text instead so that YOU can have the full benefit of what I’m trying to say.
    Ask the Barista why only 2 sets of HTML per post.
    Must be an undocumented “feature” as we used to say in ITLand

  75. why bother- I add a third link it rejects me – so I just quate instead- that way I don’t have to think about how many links
    Besides, anyone who wanted to find the article could have just pasted the text into google and searched

  76. No, he should have been given the punctuation book “Eats, Shoots and leaves”
    That brings me to the joke that is the title.
    A panda walks into a café. He orders a sandwich, eats it, then draws a gun and proceeds to fire it at the other patrons.
    “Why?” asks the confused, surviving waiter amidst the carnage, as the panda makes towards the exit.
    The panda produces a badly punctuated wildlife manual and tosses it over his shoulder.
    √¢‚Ǩ≈ìWell, I’m a panda,√¢‚Ǩ¬ù he says at the door. √¢‚Ǩ≈ìLook it up.√¢‚Ǩ¬ù
    The waiter turns to the relevant entry in the manual and, sure enough, finds an explanation.
    “Panda. Large black-and-white bear-like mammal, native to China. Eats, shoots and leaves.”

  77. Thanks “Hiding”.
    Oh… wait… I think I just found the lord! Oh… never mind, it was just gas.
    Eats, Shoots and Leaves” is a fantastic book by the way.

  78. what a great place to be:
    no wayfaring signs
    no reval
    no mayor who doesn’t want the public to attend Town Council Meetings
    no “Pay me the mostest” Town Manager who doesn’t respond to taxpayer’s complaints or concerns but sues when Ted Mattox does
    I could go on and on
    JOIN ME?

  79. “You are on a cloud moron”
    Why thank you “Hiding”, and I even thought we were on the same team for a while.
    This discussion has officially become too juvenile for my tastes. Later folks.
    Miss Martta, I was in tears I was laughing so hard at that book. It’s good stuff.

  80. More of us should be up here:
    no anger
    no bs
    no wayfaring signs
    no town manager to dis us whenever we ask for services (that we pay for)
    no secret Town Council meetings
    no garbage
    no leaves to collect
    Join me!!!!

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