Water Main Break in Montclair

Christmas Eve may be the worst day in the world to have to call a plumber. It’s even worse to have no water at all.
But countless Montclair water customers are without the wet stuff today due to a water main break on Upper Mountain Avenue near Watchung. A beleaguered Montclair Water Department is busy manning the phones and promising to rush workers to the scene.
If you’re in a household without water, let us know how it’s crimping your ice-cube making, how many relatives are lined up outside the bathroom… and when it indeed comes back on.

It’s not “countless” residents as you state – it’s very limited to Upper Mountain between Berkely and Watchung – it was the smaller 12″ main, not the 24″ big one; some folks on the downside took water in their basements.Town staff is digging it up as we speak (1 pm) and will have it repaired by later today.

And here come pictures of the big hole in the ground created by the water main break. Here, a Montclair fire van falls into the hole on Upper Mountain Ave. around 11 am, and it takes Roach’s Towing more than an hour to extract it. Around 2:45, a bicyclist takes a picture of the same hole, now excavated for pipe repair.

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    It’s not “countless” residents as you state…
    So how many IS it??

  2. So, perhaps it’s only 50 houses or so, and only a couple of hundred residents? Gee, that’s a relief! Much better than “countless!”
    Then again water main breaks aren’t in a category of things for which we can blame the town.
    Now, if you want to talk four increases in water rates, the missing $500,000, and related water bureau topics ………

  3. At Crestmont Road (Montclair) this morning, there was very little water pressure and dirt in the water…now I’m back at home and the water pressure is ok but not totally clear yet.

  4. “Well… that would depend on how many people are home for the holidays,wouldn’t it?
    Posted by: tippler | December 24, 2006 2:43 PM ”
    And how many have guests!

  5. “Now, if you want to talk four increases in water rates, the missing $500,000, and related water bureau topics ………”
    Yes lets talk about the water bureau. Where did they find the missing $500,000 or DID THEY REALLY FIND IT.
    How did they lose it?

  6. They said it was “never really missing” and that it was some accounting snafu, although said snafu took two years to figure out during which time rates increased four times.
    Does anyone other than me find it scary when they say things like this? How would we KNOW that it isn’t all BS?
    In the business world people are called up to investigate these issues and write a report. In Montclair they just waive their hands and expect us to go away.

  7. It really disgusts me to read people trying to turn a broken water main into a “who’s to blame” situation. S**t happens! Why does this have to be used as an excuse to rag on the town?

  8. Ed: It actually is “countless residents,” as that can be interpreted to mean an unknown number. Our Barista is a sly one, you know.

  9. Sometimes “s**t” happens. Other times “s**t” can be prevented from happening.
    While probably not true in this story, proper maintenance by the town can save money, for example.
    How much money might have been saved if the town’s trees were better taken care of before the microburst, for example?

  10. Has water been restored to our brothers and sisters in the small hamlet of Upper Mountain and Watchung.
    Have the basements of their downhill neighbors been pumped out?
    Is there JOY and MERRIMENT in Mudville.
    Have they been visited by the Mayor and/or Town Manager to see that they are alright?
    What do you hear from the Mayor about our countless brethren Madame Barista?

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