A McMansion Sells

Graystreet_1 It was the big house that caused a couple living on Harvard Street to balk at its size in the Montclair Times. Now the spanking-new gray house is vacant no more. Located at 40 Gray Street, between Grove Street and Ridgewood Ave., "the fully conforming, 3,332-square-foot home," sandwiched between two homes with more than half the square footage, was sold this month.

Built on a vacant lot measuring 50 X 102, the house went for $675,000 (asking price was $649,000). When the home was under construction, neighbors joked that on nice nights, they could project movies onto the side of the home. The new owners might want to mend fences by springing for the popcorn.

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  1. Come on guys, be fair – there’s so little housing stock in the area you cant blame the new owners. We live on the same street as this house and the folks on harvard, behind this construction, have it worse. The back has about 10 massive picture windows that are better serving a lakeside view than someones shed and backyard. To add to the bitterness on the block, the constructor bought the house to the right, improved it and flipped it keeping half the plot and used the profits to build the McMiniMansion. Feel sorry for the kids who bought it, neighborhood needs to be good to them despite the ‘porn star’ car.

  2. Dear new Montclair friends…
    My name is Mark and I’m the person who bought this home, and currently live here. I know there are a lot of negative feelings about my home. All I can say is that I hope people take the time to meet my fiance and I, and realize that we’re not the yuppy-scum everyone probably thinks we are. We are both life long New Jersey residents, and neither of us work in NYC. As for my car…what can I say I like Chevy’s!

  3. Watch out MarkW, they may accuse you of ripping out the Iris’s on no.mountain ave,.
    They already made plenty of ASSsumptions about you already. If you have TEENAGE sons, watch out for miss MArta.
    MarkW, some nice cedar-shake impressions siding would do wonders to the front of that house, but that might just make it too in-line with the rest of the houses. Also lose the balcony above the front door, since it seems unusable.
    A different color scheme could also help, make it stick out less.
    Enjoy whatever car you wish to buy, but watch out for the speed traps on Broad st.
    Good Luck with the house.

  4. MarkW – kudos to you for sticking up for yourself and being the better person. I’m sure you will find that once people get to know you and vice versa that the size of your house will not matter. You can live next door to the loveliest house in the world but the people living there may mean or unfriendly. I’m sure you and your family will be a wonderful addition to the neighborhood. Good luck and enjoy living in Montclair – it is a great town with great people.

  5. Mark and Jackie, the owners of the house, are extremely nice and very sweet. We’re lucky to have them in our neighborhood!!

  6. I am disappointed to see some of the comments posted here. This is somebody’s home, and it’s darn rude to insult it and them (without even knowing them!). Having issues with the contractor who built the house is one thing, but let’s not let that seep into being rude to the owners. I’d hate to think people would feel free to go public with whatever negative thoughts they have about my choice of color, car, etc. PS: I’ve met Mark and his fiance and they are quite nice. Give them a chance; I’m sure you’ll find them delightful neighbors. And give them “extra credit” for standing up to all this controversy in good humor.

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