Two Baristas and a Radio

Or how we spent our New Year’s Eve…

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  1. Well, Deb, you did try.
    Happy New Year, Deb, Annette, Liz, and Tom…may 2007 bring peace to all..and more of the best blog for everyone.
    Wayne Robbins

  2. Love the video Debbie!I want to wish everyone at Baristanet and readers alike, a very Happy, Healthy New Year! A New Year is upon us…can’t wait for the first “blog battle” to begin! Miss Martta, how was the midnight run?

  3. I can’t get it to play nor can I understand the audio.
    Hope you enjoyed your evening.
    I went to First Night, sans Dr. John, and found it disappointing. However, I did nothing to help make it better. Maybe next year…
    Peace to all as the calendar cycle continues!

  4. We spent a lovely New Year’s Eve having dinner with 2 other couples and then watching The Wizard of Oz (without sound) played with The Dark Side of the Moon soundtrack.
    Apparently this is called The Dark Side of the Rainbow – kind of a throw back to the 70’s – something I probably would have done “back in the day”. It was pretty funny. The several glasses of wine also helped but I could see where it would be really profound if one was still smoking that wacky weed.
    You can read about it here:
    Happy New Year to everyone!

  5. The run was fun. It was very warm this year, however, and I felt overdressed. We all went out to the Tick Tock Diner afterwards and then home at 4 AM!

  6. Wow,
    Looks like this party could stand a little diversity. At the very least someone who knows how to tune a radio.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Maybe this video should be classified under the “too much information” category. I thought you were all much cooler before seeing this!

  8. great video, but debbie, where was warren? surely, if anyone could tune a radio, it would be warren, who is a professional radio commentator!
    oh well, they say the shoemaker’s children are the last to get shod!

  9. Tuning a radio to an AM station in Baristaville? Well, that is just UNHEARD of! Vestiges of Limbaugh, Hannity or Savage might filter through. LOL!
    Happy New Year to the Barista staff and kudos on the award!

  10. Given that we’re talking about Montclair, after all, I’m surprised that everybody didn’t just go outside and pile into their SUV’s, Hummers and BMW’s with Sirius or XM service. They could have then kept contact with each other simultaneously via their cell phones.

  11. To live in or near Montclair and miss Dr. John on New Year’s Eve is an absolute shame and a blown opportunity to see and hear one of the great blues/jazz/funk musicians of our time. Sorry to all of you who weren’t there.

  12. cathar,
    we did but didn’t have your number.
    OOPS- we did have your number and decided that you added nothing to the conversation but static.
    Happy new year

  13. wow! Thats what hppens with a room full of Professionals. A blue collar guy would have that radio tuned in a sec….

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