What The Heller?

Makeanentrance The new highest asking price in Montclair was nudged up this week to more than four million dollars, and the house in question, exterior wise anyway, seems not nearly as breathtaking as the fairytale castle appeal of Cobble Court. On the market for $4,100,000, is 7 Heller Drive, a 5-bedroom, 6.1 bath home on one acre. If you’re scratching your head and saying where the heck is Heller Drive, it’s located in the Fairway section of Montclair (take Alexander Ave to Yantacaw Brook Road to Heller Drive). Touted as a Jack Finn-custom estate home, 7 Heller was completed in 2004. Special extras include a game room, gym, sauna/steam/shower room, central vacuum (a plus if you’re filthy rich) and lotsa fireplaces for a tax bill of $48,538. For additional pictures of Heller Drive, click through to the continuation. And for a Montclair sale that probably knocked the socks off even the area’s seasoned realtors, scroll down to Recent Sales and take a look at 242 Midland Ave. Talk about getting over asking (and we recall it needed work). And if you’ve got real estate questions, send them here

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  1. Okay, a “half bath” I can figure out. I even know (from experience” what a “quarter bath” can supposedly be. But what is a tenth of a bath, as in “6.1 baths?”

  2. What’s the point of 6+ bathrooms anyway? Is it actually possible that everyone in a family needs to GO at the same time?!?!?
    And for the price, I sure hope a live-in made is included ’cause there’s no way I’d clean all those toilets!!!

  3. I love this, I mean, I hate the house, but I know someone will love it and the neighborhood.
    I love the price and I have every hope that the seller will get what they are asking and more. In my old neighborhood, someone built a custom, spec, $1.5M home. I went to the open house, not to buy, not even for the voyeurism, strictly to wish the RE agent the best of luck. I knew his sale would be good for my property values. I was correct.
    Heller Way is almost my new neighborhood.

  4. I think that means 6 full bathrooms and one half bathroom (probably the powder room) – Regarding the price, I think its great, and yeah I’m suprised Cobble Court wasn’t asking for more. Very, umm.. Short Hills-esque I’d guess with all these high prices. But, being a mere 20 minutes (no traffic) from Manhattan where friends of mine sold a tiny 3 bedroom apartment for $3.5million, its not at all suprising. BTW – I think Montclair is more worth it than Short Hills anyway 🙂

  5. Jaynee
    That is MY wife and I’s lottery house, hands off!
    How can you beat a Castle like tudor with a car pull through!

  6. If the house is furnished, I would say the price warrants it. It is beautiful inside, and like KLA said, good bless them if they sell it.

  7. I know the house and while expensive, well deserving of the top price in Montclair. Incredible attention to detail and quality – I have never seen a large home with such warmth. If you’ve got the bucks…. Question above about cleaning 6 plus toilets – try rennovating the entire inside of Cobblestone Court – a looker from the outside, but a daunting project on the inside.

  8. That is sick for that house…2.5 would be a stretch…most expensive house in Montclair! Wow..I live very close and I do love the house but 4.1 is insane even furnished…

  9. Is this house really for sale? I don’t see any signs..
    How can this be the most expensive home in Montclair?
    WOuldn’t you not want to buy the MOST expensive house here?
    It would be a huge negative for me…Nice house and all…but 4.1??

  10. I believe that this deram home has been SOLD. They are building another McMansion right next to it, so if you missed out just wait till spring!

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