When Porticos Attack


Lots of new construction on Lorraine recently, but we did a double take passing this home in progress between Park and Grove, which includes a Biggie-size entry portico of McMansion proportions. We have to ask in our best Shrek voice, "Do you think they might be compensating for something?" In Montclair’s sea of colonials, Victorians and the occasional Tudor, this portico makes a statement, albeit an architecturally-jarring one. Or, maybe the folks think they’re living in Montclair South. Either way, we’re waiting to be asked over for mint juleps.

Img_3136Meanwhile, over on Montclair Avenue, not far from Watchung Avenue, it’s hedges that are attacking this home, where the door, walkway and the bottom half of this house is completely obscured by foliage. Maybe someone can take up a collection for a landscaper, that is, until it comes on the market.

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  1. That house on lorraine is very nice, I have passed it many times. There are other very nice ones just across the street and all along lorraine. Check this house out at night and appreciate the great lighting.

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