Church Streeters: Read Before You Park


It wouldn’t be a holiday weekend without new parking rules to follow. An announcement in the Montclair Times from Montclair Parking Authority says the Church Street lot – that’s the one destined to become the site of Hotel Caliplofker – has a new central pay station…New regs take effect July 2. Read the details here.

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  1. Do we have any news of “Patches”? I just hate it when a ‘Pet Missing’ thread just goes ‘dark’ and there are no updates one way or the other..

  2. As of last night Patches was still not found. As soon as I hear anything I’ll let everyone know.

  3. Destined to become the site of Hotel Caliplofker? Fine, if they stick to the original mandate — otherwise, why should the townsfolk accept this “destiny”?

  4. Parking has gone from bad to worse since the Plopper regime has taken over the downtown area. I met a girlfriend for dinner in Montclair on Wed. night and it took me 15 minutes to find a freaking parking spot!

  5. I can spend less time and headache by going into the city for dinner, than to drive around like a zombie looking for a space. It is going down hill folks–a death spiral!

  6. Good god you people are hilarious. There is a giant parking garage one block off Bloomfield Avenue. As far as I know, it has not yet once been full to capacity. This might require you to actually walk more than 50 feet to get to your destination of choice so I can understand why it’s more appealing to circle the blocks for 15 minutes and then help propagate the tired old myth that there is no parking in downtown Montclair.

  7. I second Drob’s point. I have never seen the lot full, and have never myself had a problem parking in it. Has it ever been full?

  8. Drob: It’s nice to see you are your usual charming self.
    I will not use parking garages if I am out and about by myself. Have you been reading the Montclair police blotter lately? I pay attention to these things.
    So no, it’s not the walk to my destination that bothers me.

  9. So, MM then when you say;
    “Parking has gone from bad to worse since the Plopper regime has taken over the downtown area”
    If you don’t use parking lots, has the “Plopper regime” annexed some street parking then? Or does “bad to worse” refer to less street parking due to a busier business district?

  10. Combination thereof, I think. Also, I’ve noticed that there is less available street parking, not due so much to more cars taking up spaces but more spaces being designated as “permit only” or “no parking any time.”

  11. I have never had a problem parking in downtown Montclair. It’s only a problem if you insist on free parking directly in front of the place you’re visiting. How spoiled can you be? Go ahead, drive into NYC, tolls and parking and gas will set you back more than $40.

  12. “Destined to become the site of Hotel Caliplofker? Fine, if they stick to the original mandate”
    As I recall there was no hotel included in the original mandate. The parking lot was supposed to be turned into a parking garage.

  13. …why should the townsfolk accept this “destiny”?
    Because we are like sheep, and Plofker is our shepherd.

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