Mega-Yard Sale Tomorrow


Tomorrow, (Saturday, June 30th) from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm (rain or shine), head over to Marion Road in Montclair for what’s being described as a “rather huge multi-house tag/garage sale.”
Furniture, television sets, stereo equipment, books and cds, some great cook cook books will be spilling out onto the front lawns of six or more homes.
For those who are old school, who want nothing to do with DVD or downloads, there’s an impresssive VHS movie library up for grabs.

Ms. Laura Linn will be selling an assortment of her world famous homemade cookies…(people around Marion Road have grown accustomed to her amazing baking during the Holidays.) There may even be some 4th of July appropriate libations poured for friends, neighbors, and customers. Sounds like a block party where you pick your own party favors!
For more events and sales this weekend, see our Calendar.

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  1. I just got rid of a bunch of CD’s, Books, etc last summer. Practically gave ’em away and still didn’t unload everything. Maybe I’ll drop a few boxes by this sale and they can have em!

  2. While these type of things are fun, and many times a bargin can be found, or something that someone has been looking for – for a very long time, can suddenly be found, bringing forth a great unexpected surprise, on the flip side of the coin I think that these type of “front yard” sales also tend to cheapen a neighborhood.
    Now before you get your undies all twisted, this did not come from ME. I’ve heard many real estate agents quietly utter that same “idea” ~ When my lifelong friend from Jr High to present was looking to buy a home in Westfield, R.E. agents mentioned that Westfield is not a “Every Sunday is a yard-sale town”. Another person I worked with bought a house in Livingston, and was “informed” that the town frowns upon Yard Sales and a license is required and it’s $100. This is to change ones mind about it.
    So, while many will have a good time, I’m not so sure that overall it’s where a town wants to go, cosmeticly-speaking. I do know that Maplewood also has exceedingly strict guide-lines on these and a resident cannot have more than 1 every 5 years at a given address, and license(s) are required and are very costly.
    If you are going, have fun !

  3. ” There may even be some 4th of July appropriate libations poured for friends, neighbors, and customers.”
    Yes? Will the ABC be in unexpected attendance?

  4. LOL…I like the first definition best.
    libation \ly-BAY-shun\, noun:
    1. The act of pouring a liquid (usually wine) either on the ground or on a victim in sacrifice to some deity; also, the wine or liquid thus poured out.
    2. A beverage, especially an alcoholic beverage.
    3. An act or instance of drinking.

  5. If anyone ever hears of a garage or house sale that includes toy soldiers (or “military miniatures” for those who have to justify this puruit amd make it sound upscale)….
    Also old stuffed walleroos and anything made from their teeth and paws, like necklaces, backscratchers and key rings!

  6. my wife had an estate sale in rutherford after the passing of her mother. There was a very spooky character who showed up before the advertised start time, demanding to get in first. My wife refused, so he came back 20 min later when it opened, and bid on only the stuff in rooms we had marked not for sale. Again very pushy, to the point of my wife asking her neighbor, a cop, to come over for help. I enjoy yardsales, but running one is a pain

  7. Here is the alternative to the Garage Sale scene:
    They come out and pick up all your crap and cart it off. I think you can get a tax deduction because it goes to a charitable thrift shop.

  8. I participated in a neighborhood-wide garage sale almost 2 years ago — by the end my head was spinning from the drone of “Will you let us have it for (insert ridculously cheap price for value of said object)

    It was a huge pain in the behind and I will not be doing it again!

  9. I participated in a neighborhood-wide garage sale almost 2 years ago — by the end my head was spinning from the drone of “Will you let us have it for (insert ridculously cheap price for value of said object)

    It was a huge pain in the behind and I will not be doing it again!

  10. At our yard sale last year a mentally disturbed guy was starting to scare my wife. I asked, in no uncertain terms, to get off my property. He started to give me some lip, so I picked up my phone and told him he had about 10 seconds to get off of my property before I called the police.
    He left, but the whole incident left us both a bit ‘shaken’.
    The trouble involved in doing one of these sales isn’t really worth the effort. You really don’t make very much money. Unless it’s a fun experience, you’re better of calling the # from LL’s post above(if it actually exits and this isn’t another one of LL’s goofs). You can always call the Vietnam Veterans outfit. They have trucks all over the place and will pick up clothing and furniture and other assorted items.

  11. Never ever again will i have one. Had an advertised estate sale and put things in a room and put up masking tape & sign DO NOT ENTER-NOT FOR SALE. I got to the house at 7 was alone when my neighbor pops over(JC Cop) b/c a huge guy had been parked across street for an hour waiting. As we were putting stuff outside, he came up driveway and wanted in the house. “early bird”. I really did not want him in there, but at the same time didn’t want to argue with him. But with my neighbor with me, we let him in. He of course was interested only in items in room clearly marked “NOT FOR SALE”. He kept asking the price. I kept saying there isn’t one, not an option. He finally bought something else and left.
    THen we had people wanting items that were in the closet (paper cups etc that I used when i came to my mom’s house to go through her stuff). THey wanted everything for 10 cents! I said NO.
    Thank goodness I had about 5 other people there because folks were coming and going all day trapsing through the house.
    Never…I mean…Never again!!

  12. Sandy, what you’re worried about is not the neighborhood being “cheapened”, you’re just worried about the neighborhood becoming less snooty. Sorry, a neighborhood can have an incredible value, great quality of life, and be attractive, without being obnoxiously snooty. Montclair has a permit system for yard sales to keep people from having too many (2 a year – reasonable). Towns like Livingston and Maplewood, if their yard sale permits work the way you say they do, are just plain snooty. It’s one of the reasons I’d never, EVER move to a town like that. Rules like that really tell you something about a town.
    Also, people who are obsessed with making property values go up, up, up, at any cost including the friendliness of the town, should never be caught complaining about their taxes. And they should also see it from the other side: they’re making it next to impossible for MOST people, including lifelong Montclair dwellers who have been saving for their first home purchase, to buy a home in this town.

  13. You’re putting alot of words in my mouth there, Amandala, that I never said. If you go back & re-read it, the “professionals” – the Real Estate Agents said it.
    Also from the posters who postred after I did, most say they would never do it again, and some had negitive experiences.
    Now, regarding “Snooty” that you use, I think the the proper word would be Wealthy Neighborhoods. Certainly, the mentioned towns have in their populi some very wealthy residents. Maplewood, South Orange, Livingston, Short Hills, Millburn are definatly sought after places to live.
    Are you attempting to paint all the residents of those towns as Snooty? That’s a pretty w-i-d-e paint brush!
    I live in Bloomfield. I was born & raised in Maplewood, and later South Orange. I can atest to the fact that some people I have met in Bloomfield are “snooty-ier” than many people I knew in South Orange & Maplewood.
    It is true that the exceptionally well-to-do only socialize with other well-to-do individuals. So, what’s wrong with that? The poor only socialize with other poor. Are they wrong (in your esteem) also? How about the middle & upper middle class? They socialize with one & other. So, are they also snooty??
    Water seeks it’s own level, remember that.
    If a persaon likes you and you are likeable, they will not care if you rent in an apartment in East Orange or live in a million dollar home in Livingston. If you look down on them for having less than you, or are jealous of thier wealth, they will not be bothered with you.

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