Snaking Down the Passaic

Why our Swimmin’Hole Survey will NOT include the Passaic River:
From the Herald News:
Ancient ritual met with modern consequence Monday, as state environmental authorities said they were searching for a religious group that released hundreds of live reptiles into the Passaic River on Sunday as part of a Buddhist rite.
Members from a New York sect of Amitabha Buddhists — devout vegetarians who believe in the sanctity of all living creatures — said Sunday they had purchased the creatures in New York’s Chinatown for the purpose of setting them free.
Photo: Herald News

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  1. From the article linked above:
    Amitabha, also known as the Pure Land Study of Buddhism, is heavily focused on cause and effect…
    Apparently, they are not focused on the effect of releasing potentially hazardous species into the environment. Idiots.
    But, seriously, if this is the only reason why you won’t swim in the Passaic River; you are a braver person than I.

  2. Just great. And these reptiles are probably from China if they got them in Chinatown…obviously non-native, and who knows what they may be carrying? I was just reading about a pig virus that is spreading in China; there is the lead in the paint on kids’ toys and of course the contaminated pet food. Who knows what the turtles and eels carry?
    If they’re so concerned about life of all kinds they should have had some concern about the life that’s already in the river.

  3. This is seriously short sited. To make themselves feel better, they threaten to kill off other species that are native to the area. I would bet that at least some of the frogs and turtles have the potential to spread diseases that local species have no natural defense against. If this is how these animals complete their karmic potential, by causing the death of other harmless animals, then that is insane. Maybe these idiots should think for half a second before doing something this destructive. Im sure they feel better about themselves, and thats what matters most to them

  4. They also comdemned the eels to a slow death, as they are saltwater animals dropped into fresh water.
    Brilliant people.

  5. When I was a tad, braver souls than I did swim regularly in the Passaic River, at what was known as “BAB.” Near where the hot dog stand called the Pigeon Hut used to be, on the East Rutherford stretch of “shoreline.”
    Back then, I recall nothing alive in the Passaic other than, in fact, some kind of eels. Plus those swimmers.

  6. Freaks – save crap in your own yard. Don’t push your nonsense on the Passaic River. Don’t you have a bathtub?
    “Chin, who is a vegan, said she does not even kill flies or other bugs, but catches and releases them to restore nature’s harmony. She said Buddhists believe that reptiles are the reincarnation of humans who did bad things, and that the ritual would give them a chance to “go back to the world as good people and go to heaven” in the next life.”
    Ok, great information, thanks. At lunch I’m going go outside and kill all the bad people reincarnated as bugs in my yard. Who knows some of the bugs could be kiddie porn purveyors. Die bad bug people bugs.
    Actually, don’t worry, there are freshwater eels.

  7. Oh, dear God. If they had any repsect for the sanctity of the lives of these creatures, there are better places than the Passaic in whici to release them.

  8. “Along with ground contamination, the river itself has six miles of Superfund sites (the nation’s dirtiest and most toxic waste sites as deemed by the government) due to dumping of chemicals such as dioxin, a by-product of the infamous Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. If that is not enough, 30 million pounds of toxic waste were dumped directly into New Jersey’s waterways – including the Passaic – in a 4-year period between 1992-1996.”
    i wouldn’t even put my toe in this river.

  9. Various schools still use and occupy the Passaic river to practice Crew. I really Buddhist bashing forum. Despite the politics that allow toxic dumping 10 years ago but condemn illegal stocking of fish, Buddhist are a peaceful group. They have done far less harm to the environment, including unnecessary waste as an outcome of war than any other religion. You should be more worried about your kids kayaking in the polluted waters than the health of the radioactive fish that call the river home. We dont know if these snakes are harmful, and Eels come in both freshwater and salt water species. But that’s just common sense. If your that concerned about the river, go down there and pick up some trash. But I guess its easier to stay in your pajamas and act out online

  10. So defensive… sheesh.
    Who said anything about Buddhists in general, just that these particular Buddhists are morons for potentially letting alien species into the ecosystem.
    Did you say that all Christians were evil? No, but the ones who dumped the toxic waste into the river weren’t all that nice (I’m sure there were at least a few self described Christians in that group).

  11. Oh dear, HidingInBaristaville is trying to be funny again. SInce I have pity for insomniac shut-ins, I’ll refrain from replying in kind today. Just push the button for the matron the next time you need help, lass. In lieu of posting aimlessly.

  12. Eels come in both freshwater and salt water species.
    If you have fished for stripers, you would know these are saltwater eels.

  13. my apologies mike. I really did act out defensively. extremists in any sect give a bad name to their religion

  14. ahhh, but isn’t your dogmatic anti-religious stance in itself a theology?
    Inflexible positions are for dopes.

  15. My understanding of Buddhism would say that these
    creatures were exactly where they were supposed to be
    (no matter how bad it may seem to anyone), living out
    the past karma that they need to purge themselves of
    in order to get on with their path toward spiritual
    perfection. So the efforts of these people not only seem misguided but possibly obstructionist as well.

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