Still Got That New Starbucks Smell


It’s almost embarrassing, acting like Nebraskans seeing a skyscraper for the first time. I mean, it’s not like Glen Ridgers have never been inside a Starbucks. But somehow, the opening of the long-awaited Glen Ridge Starbucks, originally expected to open this summer, has everybody giddy. Maybe it’s just our lace-curtain fatigue, but the ultra modern latte-teria, with its orange leather and ash wood motif, feels like the most exciting thing to happen in Glen Ridge since… um… since… Well, we’ve lived here 18 years and we can’t think of anything. Okay, maybe Midtown Direct.
The store is so new that the wifi hasn’t even been set up, and there wasn’t even any music going or CD’s to buy. But there is plenty of parking. Open Christmas Eve til 11 pm, but closed on Christmas Day.

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  1. “…feels like the most exciting thing to happen in Glen Ridge since… um… since…”
    This is truly sad that the most exiting thing to happen in GR of late is the opening of a chain establishment.

  2. It could’ve been the opening of “The Reserve”, but what a flop that turned out to be, have they given all of those units away yet? Fitzgerald’s is exciting too, can’t wait for that to open.

  3. I think the establishment is the only one “giddy”, most, I would hope, care little for another ubiquitous corporate outlet. A decent convenience store would have been much more welcome.

  4. Is this the one next to Bottle King?
    If so, this strip mall can offer uppers and downers under the same roof. Not bad.

  5. The pool opening was exciting.
    Imagine how much money a pizzaria would have made in this location, especially in the summer.

  6. The Reserve a flop?
    Why so?.. the units are quite nice and spacious, with a quality build feeling to them.
    And they are mostly sold, except for 2-3 condos and 1 townhouse. Compare that to the Siena project which started much earlier and has been going on forever.
    They did have to come down a bit with the prices, but that’s the market we’re in.
    And right across from the Midtown direct.

  7. I don’t live in Glen Ridge but I think that the ‘Jitney’ service to the GR Train Station must have been a ‘highlight’ for the town.
    I pass by two or three clumps of commuters during my drive to the Bloomfield Station and they all seem very happy to be getting a bus ride to their train station!

  8. I’ve been in a couple of Starbucks. I have also had better coffee, inany number of places. IMHO, a Starbucks is only mentionable if you own the building it’s located in. (I don’t think they’ll hurt Bottle King) 🙂 🙂

  9. Went to the Sienna Starbucks before seeing “Diving Bell” and way before the customary Chinese food….and it was a model of disorganization.
    As the line of patrons grew longer, the one frustrated young barista grew more upset. A guy came in complaining that his new gift card was already used(?) and all commerce came to a halt.
    Finally, the brew was served, bitter as always. However, nothing else was open.

  10. I happened upon somewhat the same scene at the Sienna with a customer complaining that their mocha choka latte wasn’t hot and the Barista, out loud,called him a liar! I was shocked! The place was also a bit messy but I kinda chalked that off to the Holiday rush. Haven’t been to the GR one yet….hoping it’s a little more customer friendly and clean.

  11. Nah, that new bar is going to be the highlight. I can just see the the happily inebriated patrons leaving singing and walking home.

  12. Panera or Starbucks, I don’t really care – either would have been an improvement over that crummy Rite-Aid.
    And, because this little strip mall is really right next to Bloomfield Center, I as a Bloomfield resident am happy to finally have one Starbucks near our downtown. While Montclair boasts three, and even Newark has one, the fact that Starbucks so pointedly ignores Bloomfield was a sore point with me. And they still are. But at least they’re close.
    True, I’d rather have gotten a privately owned espresso shop than a chain, but on the other hand Starbucks will succeed, and so many other small businesses do not. (Witness the very nice one that opened in Bloomfield’s north center awhile back and didn’t make it).
    I disagree that anyone needed a convenience store at that site. C-Town is right nearby for basic groceries, and there is a
    convenience store over in the Glenwood Avenue strip mall by CVS. How many of these do you need?

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