Twas The Day After Christmas…

Phew! You made it through the shopping, the wrapping, the parties, the cooking, the fun, the fatigue…or did you? Tell us about the aftermath:

My Ballot Box

It’s The Day After Christmas, and that means:

I’m doin’ dishes.

I’m hitting the sales for stuff I couldn’t afford two days ago.

I’m standing in the return/exchange line at the mall.

I’m in meltdown mode, not stirring…

I’m planning my New Year’s Eve festivities.

Bah, Humbug! I’m back at work (but takin’ a long lunch!)

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Now, tell us about the best and worst holiday gifts you received this year…

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  1. Best gift: Either the KitchenAid blender (practical), the complete set of “A Bit of Fry & Laurie” seasons (fun), or the GPS unit (technological goodness).
    Worst gift: Hmmm… That’s a hard one. I really did like / appreciate everything I got this year. So, I’m going to go with the weird blown glass fishy thingy that glows in the sun. It’s very cool looking and was only a stocking stuffer, but if I had to choose something

  2. Husband and one son are off until next Tuesday, other son is off until mid-January. Today they’re all busy outside of the house so I’m going to relish the alone time and I’m going to sit on the couch and finish T is for Trespass by Sue Grafton, a present that I bought for myself last week.

  3. It’s the day after Christmas, and all through the house… the sound of leafblowers being used by town employees in the parking lot at the Municipal Building.
    December 15th is the date when the town ordinance says that all leafblowing must cease for winter!

  4. We were just talking about First Night–there’s nothing appealing this year. They even took out The Kootz who were a blast. The Beatles tribute band is going to cost $10 for 45 minutes? No way.
    More likely we’ll go out for an early dinner and get off the roads.

  5. I too was disappointed with the selection this year. If you’re not into the “big” performances (which we’re not), there’s not a lot in which we’re interested. We might go to SO/Maplewood’s First Night instead to see the Dixieland jazz band playing there. It’s cheaper too.

  6. Best gift was a mix of things brought back by a family friend from various trips he took this year – tequila from Cabo, peach liquor from Heidelberg, coffee from Maui, and dark chocolate from Colombia. Can’t wait to try it all.
    Today was shopping. A lot. I was in bad need of clothes so I got six pairs of pants at Kohls and four pairs of shoes (can’t beat Kenneth Cole at 65% off!) at Macy’s. Also a dozen matchbox cars for favors for my son’s next party, a Gabriela doll from HSM for my daughter (despite my best instincts), and of course the obligatory rolls of cheap wrapping paper, all half price. Woo hoo!

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