Yes, Virginia, There Is Good BBQ In North Jersey

Baristaville locals have been enjoying Lawrence and Kim Hackney’s smokin’ good ribs and chicken for months. But The Star Ledger’s Pete Genovese has always thought of North Jersey as a “barbecue wasteland,” that is, until he discovered “the real deal”, at The Wood Pit (Just wait until The NY Times finds out.):

Put the Wood Pit, and Montclair, on your barbecue speed-dial. Next time, I think I’ll buy a gallon of that hot sauce, smother it on whatever I can find at home, and be a very happy guy.
One bite of the tender, delicious dry-rubbed pork ribs (large, 10-bone dinner, $21.95, with two sides) and you know you’ve hit the barbecue jackpot. Add some of the outstanding homemade sauce, and there’s just no need to head south — South Jersey, South Carolina, wherever — for good barbecue.

Thanks Pete, but we already knew that.

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  1. You can get the same meal at Sticky Fingers in Chattanooga for half the price, they sell beer right in the restaurant, and Rock City is less than an hour’s drive away (at least it is the way my Father-in-law drives).

  2. We’re officially addicted to the Wood Pit! The food is consistently incredible and it’s always a pleasure to spend time around the wonderful Kim and Lawrence, and their crew.
    I’m delighted that the Star Ledger has recognized their greatness! But I do hope I don’t have to wait in line too long for my collards and ribs now that everyone is getting turned on to the place. 😉

  3. Kim and Lawrence prepared the food for our annual Christmas party this past weekend: a 10-lb. hickory smoked ham, slabs of juicy, tasty brisket, a pan of spicy BBQ beans, a quart of their killer barbecue sauces, and a tray of delicious, moist sweet cornbread. I had visions of lots of leftovers to carry me through Bowl Weekend, but it looks like I might have to go back. Our guests devoured most of it and raved about, too. The Alabama Judge — in visting for the week — gave it high marks, and she was once a centerfold in “Southern Living,” so she knows whereof she speaks. And, echoing everyone else, Kim and Lawrence could not have been nicer. Now all we need is another excuse for a party sometime in January…

  4. Sounds like this place is more a restaurant (like Sticky Fingers) than a true barbeque joint that has its place in American good eats. And at the price you mentioned, that’s comparable to the great rib chain Tony Roma’s.
    True Q is pulled pork sometimes served even on a styrofoam or paper plate. Your choices of sides and drinks is sometimes extremely slim — coleslaw, rice, white bread, banana puddin’, ice tea, that’s sometimes about it.
    It’s also usually very inexpensive — $4.50 to $6.75 for a plate piled high… and free refills in places. Ribs are often separated: pick ’em in addition to your pulled pork … but they’re never the highlight of the meal.
    That’s not saying this place in Jersey is not BBQ… I’d probably be in heaven eatin’ there! It’s just not a true southern barbeque joint.

  5. The Baristas, in their infinite wisdom, have chosen to highlight the one item that’s most expensive on the menu. There are plenty of meals at the Wood Pit that are more reasonably priced.
    This place offers superlative food, wonderful people and customer service, and a real destination in a neighborhood that could use more retail/restaurants. I can hardly see how anyone can be anything but pleased about this.
    The owners have engendered a lot of customer loyalty in the short time they’ve been open, and I am sure they will continue to be a huge success.

  6. As the lowest priced item that allowed a taste of the BBQ (something I agree is lacking since the last decent place became a dominos on glenridge ave. to long ago), I ordered a “bone in rib sandwhich” No joke, 2 ribs with bones and sauce between 2 pieces of bread. Good but not great.

  7. Mrs. Bitpusher and I split the 10 Bone Rib Dinner and had enough ribs (we finished the sides) left over for lunch. Four meals for $21.95 isn’t too bad.

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