Armed Robbery At Montclair Sandwich Shop

Montclair Police arrested Roberto Morales, 20, of Newark, in connection with an armed robbery at the Claremont Avenue Subway on January 16.
At approximately 10pm, a Subway employee reports that he was behind the counter when a white/Hispanic male in his late teens or early 20’s entered the store wearing a ski mask. The suspect approached the cash register stating,”Give me the money. This is a stick-up” and displayed a handgun hidden in his waistband.
The suspect made off with about $400. After further investigation, detectives identified the suspect as a former employee of the Claremont Avenue sandwich shop. Morales was arrested at his residence the following day and charged with robbery. Bail on Morales was set at $100,000 bond/ $10,000 cash.
MPD reported two other burglary/robbery arrests this week:

Strong-Arm Robbery Arrest: On the afternoon of January 16, police were called to Park Street on a report of a man burglarizing a vehicle. According to the witness, he saw a man entering the 1998 Ford Explorer owned by a co-worker. When confronted, the suspect struggled with the witnesses in an attempt to flee the scene.
Upon arrival, police arrested Saveon Hayles, 18, of Montclair. In Hayles’ pocket was loose change that he admitted to stealing from the Explorer. Hayles was charged with robbery and burglary and held on $100,000 bond/ $10,000 cash.
Burglary Arrest: At 4:45 am on Jan 21, police responded to South Willow Street for a reported burglary to an apartment. According to the victim, he returned to his apartment to discover a neighbor inside.
Witnesses state that Suzanne Clark-Caprio, 51, tried to force her way into the apartment by kicking in the front door. After that didn’t work, the suspect forced the lock with a kitchen knife and got inside the apartment. Nothing was reported missing, though there was minor property damage inside reportedly caused by Clark-Caprio. Police located Clark-Caprio and arrested her, charging her with burglary and criminal mischief.

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  1. Next to CVS and Blockbuster down by the tracks just south of Grove Street and North of Mountainside Hospital.

  2. Next to CVS and Blockbuster down by the tracks just south of Grove Street and North of Mountainside Hospital.

  3. These folks are so dumb, so ignorent, so hopeless, you can see WHY they have to steal!
    #1. Goes to rob a store where he had worked! DUH, ‘ya think somebody might recognize you.
    #2 Tries to rob a Ford Explorer of petty change (that he probably saw thru the window) and has to post $10,000 bail ! Bed I know where he is…
    #3. Breaks into a neighbor’s apartment. Hello? Fingerprints.
    New Businees: Robbery School. I see a need.

  4. High In Montclair…puhleeze give up any racial connotations in when Sandy said, “these people.”
    Stop being so GD sensitive.

  5. Old man lying by the side of the road
    The lorries rolling by
    Blue moon sinking from the weight of the load
    And the buildings scrape the sky..

  6. I’d love to know what she meant. Thieves? Armed Robbers? There’s a difference between being sensitive and pointing out intrinsic racism in our world.

  7. The only “intrinsic racism” is YOUR assumption that the perps are non-white. The only description given is of the first one, who is WHITE and hispanic. Not to mention the intrinsic sexism of assuming that Sandy is a female.

  8. (from line 1 of the article)
    Montclair Police arrested Roberto Morales, 20, of Newark.
    Nice try though jackass.

  9. Re-Read what I wrote. I did NOT use the words…
    “Thieves” nor did I use the word “Armed Robbers” in wha I wrote. Those words were penned by Annette Barson, in the TOPIC post.
    For those of you among us who do not know, Yes, I am MALE. Sandy with a “y” is male and Sandi with an “i” is female.
    Sandy Koufax, Baseball Hall of famer…
    Sandy Gheralecht former head of N.Y. Transit Authority
    Sandy Becker, Children’s Show TV host of the 50s & 60s…
    other Sandy (s). It’s like “TONY” and “TONI” or “BOBBY” and “BOBBI”

  10. WOW, high is using something other than should be legal drugs, definitely out of it. One perp is identified as a former employee thinking (and probably using the same drugs) there’s an advantage to casing the joint from the inside or revenge for being fired. The other two are from Mtc. and obviously just as stupid (taking advantage of a supposed opportunity), but somewhere here in high’s thinking there is prejudice based on assumed whatever, instead of amazement that stupid thieves could even feed themselves. Shoot, high, you must think it’s OK to steal, especially un-intelligently, as long as you are a minority, right jackass?

  11. I want them on Segwais too. No sexism here!
    I know at least 3 women who spell their name “Sandy.” Our Sandy’s strict constructionism is a bit too rigid.
    I do not yet know any men who spell their name “Sandi.”

  12. I know a man who spells his name Sandiy and a woman who spells hers Sandyi.
    And a boa constrictor of indeterminate sex that spells its name Sandeeeeiiiiiyyyy.
    This topic really deserves its own thread. Very complicated.

  13. My bad. I asked the boa constrictor for clarification, and it told me its name is actually spelled Sandeeeei!!yiyi!!iiiiyyyy!*.
    At least, that’s the best approximation I could muster.

  14. You guys are too phunny !
    Sandi usually stands for Sandra and Sandy usually stands for Sanford.
    The “i” ending being female and the “y’ ending being male.
    When my wife is pissed at me she calls me SandeeeeeeEEE !
    Voice goes UP at the end.

  15. Time to put a chain link fence around Newark. Only let those with no priors out.
    Idiot, someone from Montclair was arrested for a strong-arm robbery, which is relayed later in the above post. How would putting a fence around Newark have helped that?

  16. Well, croiagusanam, I can think of at least 2 songs that have “Sandy” in their title, one is even by Bruce Springsteen. And old “B” movie westerns star Rex Allen for a while had a horse named Sandy. And a horse is a horse of course, of course, And no one can talk to a horse of course, That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed…..
    Which leads us to Montclair’s Mayor Ed Remsen!

  17. Sorry Mo-ron, I was only referring the the perp from Newark. Obviously with my ADD I could not be expected to read into the fourth paragraph. So put a fence around Saveon Hayles, 18, of Montclair’s house too. I am an equal opportunity fencer

  18. I was told (and I confirmed it) that Wikepedia claims that Sandy is a Scottish diminutive of Alexander or Alasdair. I have to say, though, that in dozens of stops in Scotland, I never met a Sandy.

  19. “Time to put a chain link fence around Newark. Only let those with no priors out”
    Hate to break it to you, but Montclair is the new Newark. They just have pricier resturants.

  20. Iceman, while I was in Vietnam, someone who was more than an acquaintance but less than a “friend” was killed in an attempted robbery of a convenience store by the owner. (He seemed a gentle soul, I more readily could have pictured others of his crew doing what he did. And they did, but much later on….)
    At the time I cursed that the guy had a gun with which to defend himself. But I also always realized that what “my guy” and two of his pals, both armed, were trying to do was dead wrong too. It’s always going to be like that. Someone in a similar situation I knew menaced a bartender with a wheelbarrow (I know it sounds silly, yet its wielder was a wild, mean man when drunk), who shot him in what I thought was plainly self-defense. But he got a sentence of several years because, some muttered, the guy he’d killed had fathered kid by the daughter of Passaic County’s then-sheriff.
    Anyway, these things happen, they continue to happen and I continue to think that gas station and convenience store workers usually should have a perfect right to defend themselves. There is also a James T. Farrell story about a heroic attendant who does exactly that as the oil company he works for transfers him after each attempted heist he foils. He ends up being fired because he’s “too” heroic and thus sort of unsafe to be around.

  21. Sandy is a informal name for Alexander, this is true, but only in Scotland. Bill is likewise an informal name for Claude there, so go figure….

    There are 9,116 living people in the USA with the first name of Sandi. All are Female.
    There are 13,674 MALES named Sandy, spelt with a “y” and there are 80,527 Females named Sandra that use the name “Sandy”. Scottish-Born males, living in America who have the first name of Alexander, are frequently called Sandy (Y) in their homeland. Frequently after a few years in America, they adopt Alex, a name not used in Scotland.
    American males named Sanford mostly all use Sandy, as well.
    Now ‘ya know.
    I just found out the Gov. of Hawaii’s name is Sandy.
    (Possibly a past Gov. I was not able to find that part.

  23. Sandy, my friend — Scotland had three or four KINGS named Alexander, and of course we can’t forget the Scottish born inventer of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell.
    There are Alexanders in Scotland. But let’s face it — nine times out of ten they don’t know what you’re calling them anyway!

  24. Yes, but those Kings as well the inventor, all were always very formal, and used Alexander. I mean really, they were KINGS !
    appletony – link does not work.

  25. I’ve known an Alex from Scotland, now-deceased rocker Alex Harvey who had a fair degree of success in the 70’s (and is not to be confused with the American Alex Harvey who cowrote “Delta Dawn” and other country songs) and a Sandy there whose first name was actually Sanford. A former president of the Hells Angels’ Manhattan chapter is the former circus aerialist Alfred Frasier “Sandy” Alexander, interestingly. And there is/was a company in Clifton’s Delawanna section called “Sandy Alexander Enterprises,” with apparently no connection to the bikey.

  26. Sanford is my real given name, but the whole world has always called me Sandy. I also have 2 friends who share the name. Ones retired to Puenta Gorda Florida (former cop)and the other sells cemetary plots.

  27. It would seem that the plot salesman should have been the one to go to Florida.
    Anyway, Alex is not a common name in Scotland, but it does occur. Now, I have never met an Alexander in Ireland. Albert, sure, but no Alexanders.

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