From 1892 To 2007


In July 2006,  79 Ridgewood Ave. in Glen Ridge sold for $1,215,000. Fully made over, the circa 1897 Victorian on almost an acre of land was renovated, gussied up (they don’t tear down homes in Glen Ridge) and put back on the market in 2007 for $2,295,000. The house is described here…

"Wistful Vista" sits on a spectacular property with a broad sweep of lawn,
trees, old fashioned flower beds, and a secret path to the Freeman Rose Garden
& has been completely restored and renovated.

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  1. It’s somewhat before even my time, but I assume the address number of 79 Ridgewood Avenue led to the “Wistful Vista” tag. Now, if it also happens that the seller is surnamed McGee…..

  2. I am so happy that this house was reclaimed and renovated. For years I would drive by and think what a fabulous house but it was literally rotting away!

  3. MAny years ago, when my youngest child was in nursery school, I use to drop some of his classmates off there because the woman who lived in that house babysit for them. It is a lovely, interesting home.

  4. There used to be – long time ago – a “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, complete with snake, flying over this property. I guess the owner back then was in the military or something.
    I used to think that this property was going to just cave in on itself. Good to see that it’s been renovated, although, I have to agree with J. Pearlstein regarding it’s aesthetic appeal.

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