Let’s Go To The Videotape

Baristaville has its share of big-screen filmmakers and screenwriters with new projects constantly bubbling up. But lately we’re seeing lots of tech-savvy locals creating their own TV and video projects, as well. Among the shows we’ve been hearing about:

Stephanie Troeller and Mary Kate Mellow, two self-described Montclair soccer moms, have created a kids’ DVD called “Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake,” which introduces children to classical ballet through animation and live world-class ballet performances.
Says Troeller, via e-mail: “This past year has been a huge learning curve for us, with the complexities involved with our project, from writing our business plan to negotiating international licensing deals, combining animation with filming live-action, writing, directing, and producing the entire show ourselves (and I have 4 kids under the age of 8).”
Montclair’s manners conscious mom Lisa Finan is also creating TV for kids by taking her “Courteous Child” classes to the screen. She’s created a kids’ game show tentatively titled “Put Your Manners to the Test” and is offering local little ones a chance to appear on camera — casting calls are ongoing.
And Montclair residents Connie and Greg Mattison have also been busy producing television (though despite being the parents of an utterly adorable preschooler, their show isn’t kid-related). They’re the co-creators and hosts of “Green By Design TV,” a series that explores sustainable living throughout the New Jersey area and spotlights the Mattison’s own efforts to live a bit greener while still living in the real world. They got their start on Montclair’s TV-34 and are now seen in nearly 3 million homes across NJ, NY, PA and Connecticut. But they haven’t forgotten their roots — the current episode spotlights environmental efforts right here in Montclair.
Now tell us — any other locally grown TV or video projects you’re hearing about from your neighbors? We’d love to know about them.

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  1. Division East (skateboard & clothing shop) has a video recently released. Local skaters are featured, along with pros.

  2. …and as for TV, anyone who gets Bloomfield/channel 34, the kids’ programs are starting to air. “Days with Dennis” is about a dog’s adventures and another show based on a cartoon from the 1990s is almost completed. Several of these kids will major in broadcasting and film making after graduation.

  3. Are there really local skaterboarders. I thought that the Montclair police were arresting ALL skaterboarders. Where do these skateboarders practice- certainly not Montclair streets or parking lots where they will be immediately arrested whether or not the lot owner complains .
    It matters not that skateboarding isn’t illegal on the streets of Montclair.

  4. I’ve heard about one – the longest running local broadcast, on air for over 10 years – an independently produced program that covers: Meeting your Neighbors, Dining,the Arts, Music and many town events and activities.
    It’s called – Inside Montclair, airing on Montclair Tv – 34.

  5. What happened to the skatepark in Montclair?
    Bloomfield keeps promising a skatepark but it hasn’t appeared yet? What happened to Bloomfield’s skatepark? Will yet another generation of Bloomfield youth grow up without a skatepark.
    Glen Ridge has one– from what I understand it’s temporary in that it’s set up in the spring and comes down in late fall but it’s better than the NOTHING that Montclair has.
    At least Bloomfield has some kind of plan….Montclair also has a plan- THEY ARREST SKATEBOARDSER AND PROSECUTE THEM FOR OTHER MADE UP OFFENSES or should I say PERSECUTE THEM?

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