New Year’s Run-In

Not everyone was standing around the buffet table stuffing themselves on New Year’s Eve, or walking the streets during Baristaville’s First Night. One of our readers, Melissa, was in NYC – not at Times Square – but in Central Park, at the 4-mile EMERALD NUTS MIDNIGHT RUN:

I can’t believe how much fun the event was, despite the cold, the dark, and the crowds — my 3 least favorite things and I wasn’t bothered one bit! The live music and fireworks really created a festive environment, and dancing to “New York, New York” with all the costumed revelers by the bandshell was my first “magic moment” of the new year. No drunks, no fights and no hangover…what a way to kick-off 2008!

Mel added that mid-way through the course, runners were offered champagne at the watering hole. Did you celebrate New Year’s Eve differently this year?

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  1. First Night Montclair was awesome. The Fab Faux was off the hook, as the kids say today. Loved it and being able to see it with my kids was such a treat.

  2. I’ve done the Ermald Nuts run in the past and it’s a hoot. We decided to bag it this year, though, and just stayed in and watched the ball drop. Dick Clark, that is, no Carson Daly for us!

  3. Sick in bed with bronchitis – asleep waaaay before midnight. Missed the dinner/hot tub/movie plans with the friends. 🙁

  4. Anne,
    Hope you’re feeling better. The Iceman had a bad cold and was in bed by 10:30…gone are the days of partying like a rock star.

  5. We had a nice homemade Mexican dinner.
    I spent the rest of the evening reading “Queen of Bedlam” by Robert McCammon.
    Drifted off around 10:30 PM.

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