Silly Hats Are So 2007


Yes, last night was New Year’s Eve. Party hats, crab dip, tortilla chips, chocolate-chip meringues, pictures of guys whose names you don’t remember. Emphasis on last night. That’s all over now. That whole Thanksgiving-to-New Year’s calorie fest, O – V – E – R. My God, people, the Iowa Caucuses are Thursday. New Hampshire is in one week. If you haven’t seen Juno yet, forget it. The time for sweet-faced, sharp-talking pregnant-girl feel-good movies is over. It’s going to be Wolf Blitzer, Wolf Blitzer, Wolf Blitzer for the next eleven months. And that’s not all, it’s not just that we have a President to elect. Oh no. Hardly.

You heard me. Give me 100 right now. NOW! That’s right. 2008 is going to be the year of pilates. We’re not talking no zen and serenity sports like yoga. We’re talking about down on the mat, squeeze those glutes (and everything else.)
Of course, there were whiffs of it last night. People who stood around the food table talking about their diets. Well, starting here, starting now, deprivation is in. For everybody. Get with the program.
Deprivation and accomplishment! Time to finish that novel, sell that house, patent that invention, set that alarm clock. Sure, if you were the MVP for the American League three times, you can rest on your laurels, like Yogi Berra, and set your bar real low for the coming year.
But if your initials are not Y.B., it’s time to suck it up, suck it in, get going. Go jog in the rain. It’s 2008, folks. The party’s over.

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  1. I started 2008 off with my daily trip to the gym, followed by having the pleasure of being the recipient of a crazy woman’s tirade at Starbucks.
    However, I zen-ly resisted the temptation to defend myself when it became clearly evident that although I arguably am working without a full deck myself, this woman had even fewer cards than I.
    Does that count toward my 100 sit-ups?

  2. Let’s resolve to make Baristanet a more civil place in 2008, and not attack one another so quickly. We are all human.

  3. Sorry Rudy555, but I don’t find Baristanet to be “uncivil.” Sure folks get on one another, but do you want this to be like those “happy” newscasts of the 90’s?
    I want more rancor, more folks calling each other out and of course, better use of (or at least an attempt at) proper grammar– at the very least capitalization.
    (So please, more stories about race, politics, global warming, race, nannies with gold teeth, and, well anything really….)

  4. The prof is right (though he’s neglected to include a supporting YouTube video). We should strive always to be civil, but please, the world is too full of pap already.

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