These Cutie-Cats Need A Home

Patricia Post, volunteer at Bukowski Animal Shelter has two kitties looking for some love.


Sad story – these two were adopted from our shelter 10 years ago and are now being returned due to a family members’ allergies. They are back in a cage after ten years. Mommy (above left) and Misty (above right) are mother and daughter and are precious sweeties. Mommy is a bit of a talker, always trying to get attention from the volunteers and shelter staff, and Misty has proven to be just as “gabby” as her mom! They are both spayed, declawed and dressed up to go out into the cold to get to your warm home! You can meet Mommy and Misty at the John A. Bukowski Shelter for Animals, Bloomfield, 973-748-0194.
Thank you so much for posting and maybe we can get these gals a good home!

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  1. wow, don’t get me wrong here, but if you’re trying to get these guys into a new home, it might be a good idea to have photos of them were they don’t look like they’ll bite your head off ( or fingers ), ya know, maybe something that shows them as being precious sweeties.
    Good luck anyway, and I hope they do find a new family.

  2. Also, everytime I see the name of that shelter, I think of a resident poet reciting his works to the animals before they hunker down at night.

  3. Actually, wayne robbins, these two cuties were disturbed from a nap just before the photos were taken. They really look kind of sleepy to me, not ready to take someone’s head off. When someone is able to put a hat and scarf on a cat, especially a cat in a cage, and not get their face taken off, believe me, the cats are precious sweeties. So, come down to the shelter and see for yourself. You might get your heart stolen.

  4. In addition to these two cuties, the shelter currently has several affectionate and playful kitties, ranging from kittens to adults, from stunning black cats to pretty calicos, from tuxedos to tabbies. We also have a number of great dogs looking for homes. . . . check out Petfinder . . .

  5. LOL! Sorry, but I think Mommie and Mysty are PO’d that after so many years in a home of their own they are now being subjected to being dressed in hats(!) so they might find new homes. Poor babies!
    Actually I have met them and the other fabulous felines on my visit to the shelter. Mommie and Misty are very sweet and loving and, as the saying goes, their pictures don’t do them justice.
    I echo Patricia’s words: stop by the shelter yourself to see these two girls and the other marvelous cats and dogs looking for their own homes and families.
    If you can’t get there in person there’s always Petfinder:
    Good luck and godspeed to all of the shelter animals.

  6. Almost all the dogs are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. I wonder why? Is it because people are reluctant to adopt these dogs because of the undeserved reputation these dogs have developed, and so these are the ones that languish in the shelter? Or is it because there are just a lot of them out there now?

  7. Oh, and I thought the cats looked like they wanted to say, “Just hurry up and take the picture so you can take this silly hat off me!”

  8. “Just hurry up and take the picture so you can take this silly hat off me!”
    Pork Roll, I think you described Mommy and Misty’s feelings exactly. What good sports they are.

  9. Pork Roll, I think the problem is too many Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes out there combined with their reputation. Most of the dogs, pitties and mixes, are fabulous. They do require homes that can handle them. As sweet and gentle as many might be (and there are quite a few at the shelter) they are strong, muscular dogs and need to be placed with people who know and understand that, and know how to handle them. That, of course, goes for many strong muscular dogs, not just Pit Bulls. Rotties and German Shepherds and just plain mutts can be mid-sized dogs but extremely muscular and strong. Training, traing, training is the only solution. Happily there are people ready and willing to help with that, too, at the shelter.
    Stop by and meet Faye and a few of her fellow canine residents. It’s an eye-opening experience.

    could you please put the link to the shelter’s Petfinder page in your story as well as their address etc.
    John A. Bukowski Shelter for Animals
    61 Bukowski Place
    Bloomfield, NJ 07003
    Phone: 973-748-0194
    Come Visit Us! We’re open 7 days from 1-4pm.
    The shelter is located on Bukowski Place off of Hoover Ave next to the Garden Apts. and Glendale Cemetery. The shelter is right off of GSP North exit 150

  11. I know someone who had to give up all pets do to health, it’s heart breaking, but when the doc says it will kill you to have them in the house…..don’t be to quick to judge.

  12. They are so cute! I hope they get adopted soon. It makes me sad to think they are back in a shelter after so many years, but hopefully they will end up with a wonderful living situation.

  13. The cats look cranky because cats do NOT like wearing hats, LOL!
    The one on the right reminds me of our old cat Mathilda. I’d take ’em both if we didn’t have our Baxter (adopted from HAAL in Bloomfield on Dodd Street).
    Sir Gadfly, thanks for the good post on pit bulls and pit bull mixes.
    If anyone is in the market for a nice young female dog, our neighbor found a pit mix that she named Hazel and brought to Bukowski. She is there now waiting for a home and is a real sweetie. Our neighbor would’ve kept her but she has a dog that doesn’t like other dogs.

  14. Tyler, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Both cats are very sweet and affectionate. They might not be happy with their hats and scarves which could account for their expression.

  15. Oh, come on everyone! Their expressions are actually quite funny. LOL And anyone who owns a cat knows they would take this as a personal attack – unlike a dog who would love the attention and wear anything to please its owner!
    Speaking of Hazel, the pit mix mentioned by Mauigirl- she is a real doll. She actually had no problem whatsoever posing with reindeer antlers on for her Christmas photo.

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