1. I had a short commute this morning – about 15 seconds. I had to dodge a hungry cat in the hallway but other than that there were no incidents.

  2. A friend just called from Newark Penn and said there’s now police activity and NO trains moving towards NYC. At Noon.

  3. Yup..last night was messy too.
    This AM…there was trouble galore: bus, train, PATH.
    If it helps:
    (1) Other lines had it worse (the conductor knows)
    (2) There _are_ Clever Commute communities for each of the PATH lines.
    Also, if you ride PATH, you should check out the PATHAlerts system they have for their riders. That’s how I first found out about the problem.

  4. While you’re hear, Conductor Josh, can I axe you a question? Doesn’t it seem like the past month has been hell on earth on the NJT trains? And why is that so? (You could probably start a Conductor Josh talk show…)

  5. Joy of joys….I did not need to take the PATH today. I wonder what happened? There are cadres of police and National Guards people all over Newark Penn, lately.

  6. I drove in today. More and more I’m thinking that mass transit is a crock. We should just give up and accommodate the car instead–drill a few more tunnels into Manhattan, etc etc.
    Appletony, would you like to take this on as a project?

  7. Could this be the reason for the problem?: (from wnbc.com)
    MTA: Man Using GPS Drives Into Path Of Metro-North Train
    BEDFORD HILLS, N.Y. — A computer consultant from California apparently put too much faith in the GPS technology in his rental car: It didn’t tell him to look both ways before driving onto tracks as a train barreled toward him.
    The driver had turned right, as the Global Positioning System advised, and the car somehow got stuck on the tracks at the crossing. He jumped out and tried to warn the engineer by waving. He got out of the way just before the train slammed into the car at 60 mph, Metro-North railroad spokesman Dan Brucker said Thursday.
    The car was pushed more than 100 feet during the fiery crash.
    Some 500 train passengers were stranded for more than two hours during the Wednesday evening rush hour. The accident also heavily damaged 250 feet of rail, Brucker said.
    The railroad identified the driver as Bai Bo, 32, of Sunnyvale, Calif. He did not immediately return a message requesting comment.

  8. The biggest problem with driving is the expense. My conclusion that it’s worth it anyway gets reinforced on a day like today. I drove in music-accompanied warmth the whole time only to arrive at my desk where a bunch of Clever Commute emails detailing NJT/PATH serial problems were waiting…

  9. Yes, it’s so expensive. Those limo drivers expect $50k a year now, plus benefits. It take me half a day to make that much money. Bastards.

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