Welcome To Your Worst Commuter Nightmare

If commuting on PATH is hairy now, imagine if the threatened Amtrak strike happens at the end of this month. Train commuters would be forced to commute to Hoboken and take the PATH.
From the New York Post

Amtrak workers vow to walk off the job Jan. 31 at 12:01 a.m. if there’s no agreement between the government-subsidized railroad and its unions.
If the strike occurs, Long Island Rail Road and NJ Transit service to the city would be all but shut down, since Amtrak owns the Penn Station tracks.
“It is going to be worse than a nightmare – it will be a complete horror show. There will be no relief,” LIRR Commuters Council chairman Gerry Bringmann said.

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  1. Does this mean that us ‘Hoboken’ commuters will have to share our trains with all those ‘icky’ Penn Station commuters?

  2. As a regular Amtrak user, I’d love to see each and every single Amtrak employee fired. It really could not be worse.

  3. in talking to some of the younger and newer employees of the railroad – they do not get any days off – at all. Days off for them consist of “rest periods of 8 or more hours”….so they work 30+ days in a row. That to me, is absurd.

  4. No trains to NY Penn? That would indeed be a mess.
    Lots of new folks signed up for Clever Commute PATH alerts after last week’s incident. We definitely have the critical mass to at least let folks help each other in the event this strike does happen.

  5. Oh my goodness! What a horrible disaster that would be! Quick, give those Amtrak employees whatever they want!

  6. If that happens I will be making use of the Allwood Rd park & ride and take the NJT bus, since I refuse to give DeCamp my money.
    Thanks for posting this because I had no idea that this even had the potential to occur in a few weeks!

  7. I could sure use a vacation, hmmm, maybe early Feb. say a nice tropical island, yea, that’s the ticket. I’ll be sure to check in to Clever Commute before I make a return reservation.

  8. Commuter PATH will be even more hellish. I cannot even think of the early hour I will have to start out to get to the 9 am classes I have to teach all semester.
    Just give em what they need….

  9. Maybe we could borrow ROC’s hummer for carpooling? It would certainly serve to offset some of the carbon emissions.

  10. You could probably drive right down the tracks avoiding all the congestion. roc might even get a magnet (Al as big foot stomping on a carbon molecule) for the back of the Hummer to supplement the lapel pin.

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