When Parents Misbehave

Misbehaving moms have been grabbing headlines lately for scamming hard-to-get tickets to the Miley Cyrus concert, allegedly influencing a teen suicide by being a cyber-bully. And in a report just out, a study blames demanding parents for teacher burn-out.
And remember the Baristaville brouhaha on the soccer field? What’s the worst example of bad parental behavior you’ve witnessed?

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  1. I haven’t witnessed anything of this caliber personally but I remember there a was a story in the national news years ago about a mom who murdered a young girl who was her daughter’s cheerleading competition.
    Also, how can we forget Tonya Harding’s mother?

  2. I don’t recall Tonya Harding’s mother being in anyway involved with that debacle. Maybe she was. I do recall Jeff Gilooly, who died recently.

  3. “I don’t recall Tonya Harding’s mother being in anyway involved with that debacle.”
    No, she was just an obnoxious stage mother.

  4. “What’s the worst example of bad parental behavior you’ve witnessed?”
    Oedipus Rex. (Actually, I didn’t witness it, but Cathar told me about it.)

  5. I was at the movies and my wife and I had noticed for the past 20 minutes this little girl, about 3 or 4 yeasr old, running around by herself. We didn’t think too much of it but my wife did say “Her parents should keep a better eye on her.”
    As we were walking to our theater a security guard bent down to ask the girl where her mommy or daddy were and she said “in the movie.” and pointed to theater door that was playing “the hills have eyes.”
    This was at about 10pm-ish.
    I hope that little girl has been taken away and is in a better environment by now.

  6. Ugh, that is just horrible, Spicoli. And she wasn’t the first one: there was a similar case in 2000. She needs to be put away for a very, very long time.

  7. Here are my nominations for worst parents of the year…
    The McGreevey’s
    Britney Spears
    Jaime Lynne Spears
    the people who tried to sell their baby in the mall parling lot for $30.
    the parents who ran over their kid in the snow bank/leaf pile

  8. Liz, don’t worry about the gloves. Ever seen a lost and found area at any given school? We could clothe a small country with the items in ours.
    Schools are the building equivalent to a dryer: two gloves go in, one comes out. Look at your children’s lack of gloves today to be an act of conservation on your part.

  9. Years ago I helped out a friend by working a weekend trade show. They put me on the security detail watching a back emergency exit that was being used by the exhibitors. At one point this guy pushing a stroller with a 18-20 month old, his wife following behind came up and wanted to leave out the door. After I explained politely that I couldn’t let them out, they would have to use the regular exit. Well, he starts screaming at me, says he’s a cop and I can’t stop him. At this point the kid is crying, the wife is pleading with him not to make a scene and he runs at me pushing the stroller, with the kid now screaming at the top of his lungs, ahead of him. He gets out the door, banging the stroller into some equipment and the door jamb on the way.
    The security mgr. for the expo center was close enough by that he heard all the noise and was on his way over and witnessed the ramming. The mgr. had a radio that was in contact with the local police that where patrolling the parking lot and alerted them. The last I saw, the “cop” was hand cuffed in back of the patrol car and the wife and kid were leaving in their car. I still can’t believe a father would use his baby as a weapon.

  10. Thanks for the video appletony – that is one of those things I would not have beleived if I hadn’t seen it.

  11. A 2007-8 Montclair Moment!
    New year’s Eve in Montclair I helped to chaperone a party. A mother shows up asking for her daughter and then screams at her in front of her friends that she was in trouble for not answering her phone as the mom had been calling several times…
    mind you the party was in the basement… and they were allowed to have the music loud, and feeling bad for the girl I reminded the mother that the service may not be the greatest. So..as I closed the door I thought.. Hmmm there is one concerned mother. I am sorry to say that bubble burst when she showed up about half an hour later with her daughter who bounds through the door..on the phone (it works!) with her 10 year old brother trailing her.. the mother says Ok I will pick you all up at midnight. At this point I realize she means to leave us with an angry daughter in charge of her brother who not only isn’t old enough to be awake.. but definitely not invited to a freshman party! Then it dawns on me and I see the mom in a new light… all dressed up and no place to go. UNLESS her daughter takes the son for the evening. Sadly, I realize she wasn’t keeping track of her daughter who was at a party, she was just looking for her daughter to babysit! My girlfriend said NO WAY.. and the woman grabs her sons hand and leaves..poor kid. The daughter was already in the basement.
    Later about 8 stumbling members of the Montclair High Varsity LaCrosse team show up with a tipsy young girl leading the way.. and after convincing them they were not invited, I watch them stumble away.. a few got in cars and drove.
    There were other moments of bad behaviour too. A boy putting a stool up to the liquor cabinet not realizing we were standing behind him… another uninvited guest in a lime green down vest
    arriving a little tipsy and inviting anyone he could reach by cell phone….
    (yes apparently there was service)I told him he could go home and invite whoever he wanted to his house.
    And then finally another boy informing me that most kids arrive to these parties after “pre-gaming”, this means they have already been in their parents liquor cabinet for a little taste before heading out to the parties in Montclair. BUT he adds that their teenage brains aren’t all the way developed so that is why they do stupid things.. Uh thank you media for giving them an excuse!
    We were lucky, we stayed home. Unlike another parent who arrived home to their childs party with 80 rowdy drunk kids and broken furniture.
    So , before we start looking elswhere for bad parents, perhaps we should wonder where our kids are at night. Maybe they are not “just” hanging out at Watchung… and most importantly maybe put a lock on our liquor cabinets, or at least take their car keys.
    I am so tired of parents saying .. “oh when I was young we let off a little steam too”… or “kids will be kids.” Maybe that is why I see so many advertisements for lawyers who “represent adolescents.”
    Interestingly, only 4 parents of daughters called to see if there was a party and if a parent was going to be home, and 2 dads of boys actually came in the house.
    6 out of 40… makes ya wonder.
    OH by the way… FYI.. I was informed they “pre-game” with the clear liquors.. gin and vodka .. and then fill them up with water.. so if you are wondering why your martini tasted weak….
    (just a note b/c I know where these blogs lead sometimes… this party was neither black nor white.. it was a lovely mad mix of Montclair… with a twist of 2 very confused, but much wiser moms!)

  12. I in turn assume Conan missed the Oedipal doings (which, yes, I had to tell him about, the man so loves gossip) because he was much too involved following the doings of the house of Atreus. That Tantalus fed his son Pelops to the gods was but one instance of parental misconduct in this sorry saga, and thank goodness most of the gods were in fact “godlike” enough that they recoiled from the dish.
    But oh that witchy Demeter! Distracted (so Conan says) by the abduction of her own daughter by Hades, she ate the shoulder of Pelops, and he claims that she told him it supposedly tasted like, well, chicken.

  13. i have seen toddlers playing with real hammers (craftsmen) on the playground at brookedale park because the nanny / mom / dad didn’t want to upset them and take it away. So I did. I mean people just pay attention and even more so – i feel that if a child is putting themselves in danger or anyone else its my responsibility as a mature adult to do something. Growing up i knew to behave in front of almost any adult that may have vocal chords…lets revert back to that. We are all in this together. Live and let live yes – but just use your friggin heads.

  14. Hey! The Baristas mention my neck of the woods! I live in MO and am a fan of baristanetnew.wpengine.com.
    Check out the Dardenne Prairie section at sccworlds.com. We have articles and original video about the Meier suicide case. A side note: none of the residents on her street put up Christmas lights this year. The only lights up were two angels in Megan�s window. I thought that was a nice gesture from the neighbors.
    As far as other mothers behaving badly, I recall some sort of car commercial that had mothers putting their kids ahead of others in line at a playground slide, obviously encouraging a me-first attitude.

  15. my daughter went to a Sweet 16 party recently and I was appalled at what I heard went on. This was a party sponsored, paid for and chaperoned by parents of 3 girls, yet you’d think it was a frat party. In addition to the “dirty dancing” that is apparently all the rage, many of the kids were visably drunk and her friend walked in on a couple having sex. Sweet indeed!

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