In other scary commuting news, our mailbox filled with tips late yesterday around 7:30 p.m. last night alerting us to a DeCamp bus crash on Glenridge Ave. in Montclair. The crash occurred outside Glen Ridge Taekwon-Do, where owner James Marr had a view of the accident that was much too close for comfort…

I was teaching our adults class and heard a crash. I turned to the corner and saw the front of the bus through the front door. It turned and missed the building, barely. The crash turned out to be the bus striking two cars that belonged to two of my students. As the bus careened along the side walk, it hit another car in front of the building, then took out a fire hydrant and a couple of street signs. The police and fire department were there in less then five minutes. To my knowledge no one was hurt, amazingly.

We called DeCamp, but no one was available to take our call.

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  1. If they keep crashing busses, they’ll be out of business pretty soon.
    I had those dang things.

  2. We called DeCamp, but no one was available to take our call.
    Why don’t you try emailing DeCamp at
    That way, you can wait for them not to return your email as well.

  3. What time did this occur? (Liz, oh Liz, love of my life light of my world, you forgot one of the Ws!) I was driving yesterday evening ’bout 7 pm when a DeCamp bus heading south on Park St. jumped out through the stop sign onto Watchung. If I hadn’t screeched on the brakes, I’d have been an ornament on the guy’s side mirror. Driver was white male, white hair and beard, the bastard.

  4. Walleroo – the guy that you described is a crazy driver. I always think twice when getting on the bus and I see him behind the wheel. He drives way too fast.

  5. The six Ws: who, what, when, where, why and Walleroo.
    You might want to call the police and share your intel.

  6. You know the guy, Spicoli? Crimony, I was really appalled, and normally I’m very, very calm when driving, to which my children and spouse would happily attest.
    OMG, Liz — maybe it was THE GUY! I could actually be a WITNESS to a CRIME!
    Do the think the police would take testimony from somebody called walleroo?

  7. “We called DeCamp, but no one was available to take our call.”
    They must be in “Damage Control” mode.

  8. Is this the same driver that I posted about last month who was gabbing on his cell phone & ran a red light on Grove St.?
    And what’s all this talk about great head? This isn’t the Spitzer thread.

  9. Wow…I won’t feel so badly when the PATH seems as if it is tipping into the River or stopping forever in the middle of the track.

  10. Oh, halllelloooooya! jerseygurl doesn’t take the buses anymore! hear ye, hear ye! If there exists any corner of darkness where the news has yet to reach, let it be now forever lit!
    And what about jerseygurl’s real estate holdings? vacation homes and the like? praytell, we haven’t heard speak of them in, oh, about gestation time of Drosophila melanogaster.

  11. wally…are you speaking in tongues? or has living under a porch begun to take it’s toll? take decamp daily for 15yrs. then get back to me.

  12. … she said, typing from… her seaside ranch on Cape Cod? Her beachfront pad in Barbados? Her maison ancienne in Provence? Or after taking the, uh, 4:52 train back to sunny Montclair? Or sitting in her jim-jams while “working” at home? And all without mussing her hair. How do she does it? Tell us, jerseygurl!

  13. Wow, Roo, what vitriol! What snark! Coming from someone cute and furry and who was even at one point my candidate for mayor? I am nonplussed! Have I missed something between you and j-gurl?

  14. You mean you’re shocked–shocked!–that someone could have dark thoughts about another human being, Kay? She who wanted a zapper to use on other fellow humans?
    Anyway, jerseygurl is my muse. She knows I love her.

  15. I think he’s just cranky because there haven’t been any posts from me lately. He had to hold in all that anger while I was attending to personal business in my “maison ancienne in Provence”.

  16. Zapping bad drivers is entirely different. They deserve it. In fact, ever since ‘Roo reneged on his campaign promise I am now in the process of filling the bumpers of hubby’s truck with cement so that I can let lane-cutters crash into me with impunity. Grr!

  17. How did I renege? I haven’t been elected mayor, for chrissake, so how and why would I or should I have fulfilled my campaign promise? This charge is baseless.
    And yes, frankly I miss jerseygurl. There, I said it.

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