Montclair H.S. Model Congress Team’s Big Win


Congrats to record-breaking MHS’ Model Congress Team, who walked away with 14 awards (double their winnings from last year) at University of Pennsylvania Model Congress Conference (PENNMC). From the Montclair BOE

This year’s team of 22 students surpassed all previous MHS Model Congress competition records with an impressive win against the more than 600 students representing approximately 30 schools, both public and private, from around the United States.

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  1. The teacher who runs that program, Tom Manos, is an example of the kind of educator our schools need more of…

  2. Congratulations! Well done. Of course, since your achievements didn’t involve catching a football, our Township Council will probably not be according you, or the Fed Challenge team, or the Robotics team, or the Nat’l Honor Society students, special recognition. It’s okay. You probably got more done as model legislators than they did as real ones!

  3. Well said Nana,
    But the community is proud of our model legislators. There is still hope yet

  4. The Board of Education this year has two budgets: the “regular” budget which is subject to “caps” and which has all the essential expenditures to running a school, and the “separate proposal” which is over and above and which must have approval from the state. “Extra’s” are in here, like the writers room, or another guidance councilor.
    Athletics is in the regular budget. For this year Montclair budgeted $1,009,000.
    ONE insturmental music teacher is in the “separate” proposal. For $60,000.
    NO staff is allocated for gifted ed.
    So, here’s the score card:
    Music $60,000
    Gifted $0
    Athletics $1,000,000 plus
    Any question about priorities?
    Oh, and if the state doesn’t approve the “separate proposal?” it gets gutted, or totally cut.

  5. “But the community is proud of our model legislators. There is still hope yet.” lone ranger.
    Good, lone ranger. I have seen remarkable outcomes when kids get opportunities for development instead of being told what not to do, just say no, or being scared straight!

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