Spitzer Girl Is A Jersey Girl


She’s got a lot of names (“Kristen,” Ashley Youmans, Ashley Alexandra Dupre) and she knows the way to St. Tropez. The woman allegedly involved in the Spitzer sex scandal has been outed and she’s not the only one from Jersey involved in Spitzer’s sordid downfall. From the Star Ledger

Dupre is one of at least three New Jerseyans connected to the scandal. Authorities say Mark Brener, 62, and Cecil Suwal, 23, ran the pricey service from the Cliffside Park apartment they shared.
Brener and Suwal, charged with money laundering and promoting prostitution across state lines, remain behind bars.

Dupre, in an interview with the New York Times, where she reveals a troubled past, said: “I just don’t want to be thought of as a monster.” Dupre needn’t worry — Spitzer’s pretty much has a lock on the monster moniker.

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  1. I don’t care who she is and I’m horrified that she’s now going to be a media celebrity due to her vag for hire.

  2. “Kristen” is defnitely not worth losing either the governor’s job or the accomplished, attractive woman that Silda Spitzer appears to be.
    But it’s of course quite commonly thus with hookers, who are never quite as winsome as, say, Jeanne Moreau in real life. Heidi Fleiss, for example, is the “Sea Witch” of the old Popeye strip come to life.

  3. The anti-prostitution zealots are having a tough time with this one. Hard to see how she was a poor helpless victim in this caper. Comparing her to a third world girl kidnapped and moved around the world against her will, or a girl standing out at the Point and routinely getting physically abused by her drug addict pimp, don’t seem particularly aprapos.

  4. Excellent. I love Jersey Girls.
    I hope she is able to go on a have a career in music. Her sound is no worse than a lot of what’s out there. Hopefully, she’ll be able to get Timbaland to produce.
    But I’m conflicted with the “victimless” crime. She was a young girl, trying to live a life. She certainly is responsible for her actions, but it’s a shame that prostitution proved to be a “viable” way to make money.

  5. It’s not all that “victimless” a crime, prof. Tax evasion, money laundering, “structuring” all come into play, making we-the-people victims of a sort.
    I’ve also never heard of a high-priced hooker who didn’t have access to a wide variety drugs, who didn’t generally use them herself or share them with her clients. (I wonder, interestingly, if Spitzer was interrogated about this aspect of his use of prostitutes.)

  6. “HRH: Can we say book deal?”
    But will it be a pop up book?
    “but it’s a shame that prostitution proved to be a “viable” way to make money. ”
    It is the worlds olderst profession professor and teh oldest business example of supply and demand.

  7. (cathar, I put “victimless” in quotes because I believe the same as you. It certainly is NOT a victimless crime as you rightly point out.)

  8. “Tax evasion, money laundering, ”
    Let legalize it and use the money to fund the war and schools – they could do it for their country!

  9. Not to mention the fact that the majority of prostitutes come from abusive backgrounds (as does this one) and are perhaps even more vulnerable.
    Then of course there is the obvious disparity in power between the older, wealthy “client” and the young “professional”. Even a faux “prof” (sorry about the French) should be able to see that.
    And I’m sure that all of that cash was dutifully reported to the state and federal tax authorities.
    Nope, no victims. Just a splendid time, guaranteed for all.

  10. The steamrolling morals avenger now nicked named Elliot Mess seeing a high-end prostitute is really just icing on the cake and just a misdemeanor, a personal problem with his family. Aside from the Mann act, his downfall (which brought the attention to this particular “ring”, they must love him too) is the money laundering.
    It was initially thought that there were bribes for political influence, though it was only freeing the money for whores. Those are real serious charges that might actually bring him jail time depending on how they play out. Still want to see him hauled away in cuffs.

  11. It’s really not THAT big a business in this country, hrhppg, and it’s more commonly practiced at the lowest of jdm (“junkie daily maintenance) levels. Far more truckers and similar blue-collar types go to street-level hookers around Hunt’s Point in the Bronx, for example, than politicians like Spitzer do to pricey demi-mondaines.
    In fact, the Spitzer case is the first I can recall in which the invariable claims that the ring had “famous” clients other than Charley Sheen (who for a time seemed to be everywhere in this world) turned out to be true.

  12. (cro, I assume you were busy typing and did not read- let alone understand- my use of quotation marks.)

  13. You must mean the quotation marks preceding your use of the word “conflicted”. Apparently at least one other poster also had difficulty understanding your subtlety.
    It is amusing to watch you constantly decry the inability of everyone else to understand you, never once twigging to the fact that your own haphazard “style” makes divining your intent about as easy as learning Basque (which is, thankfully, NOT French!).

  14. “I’ve also never heard of a high-priced hooker who didn’t have access to a wide variety drugs, who didn’t generally use them herself or share them with her clients.”
    That describes about 90% of the bartenders I’ve met down the Shore. I say close every bar.
    “Not to mention the fact that the majority of prostitutes come from abusive backgrounds (as does this one) and are perhaps even more vulnerable.”
    That describes an awful lot of the young girls who go into modeling. Let’s shut that down.
    “Then of course there is the obvious disparity in power between the older, wealthy “client” and the young “professional”.
    Hell, I say no more teaching assistants for college professors over the age of 40. We all know where that frequently leads.

  15. cro, the old “Everyone else is doing it” argument (“at least one other poster”).
    But that you didn’t understand? Well, that’s just the way the day usually shapes up here in Baristaville.

  16. Thinking about it cro, dealing with you here is kinda like listening to Janina San Miguel at the 2008 Bb. Pilipinas award.
    (Although, I’m sure you don’t look near as good as she does in her cute gold outfit).

  17. No, if I meant “everyone else is doing it”, I would have said “everyone else is doing it”. You have a very difficult time making a coherent argument of your own, prof. Concentrate on that, and let me worry about me, OK?
    If there are actually real individuals who are forced to listen to your drivel in order to move through the educational mill, I can only offer them, in spirit at least, my sincere condolences.

  18. Testy today, huh cro?
    Worried that your name is about to be released…….?
    Or still mad that no one understands Ms. Miguel (see link above) like you do?
    Either way, your written tone this morning is no fun. Go out. Get some air. Spring is almost here!
    (Better yet, here’s a great new idea: Plant an orchard in your backyard like those folks in the Home and Garden section of the Times…)

  19. Not testy in the least, prof. Though I note you are now borrowing heavily from my posts to you yesterday re: moods and such. But no matter. Imitation is the sincerest, etc.
    I rarely go to your inane YouTube links, prof. They are invariably a complete waste of time. I didn’t check this one out, sorry. I’m sure it was just as “fabulous” (note quotation marks)as the others.
    My name will not be released, I trust. Like my man Jack Nicholson said when he was threatened with exposure from the Hollywood madam, “I’m Jack. I don’t need to pay for it.”
    Well, I’m cro. Neither do I.
    And I have a nice garden going in my yard right now, prof. I am quite an avid gardener. And you are welcome to some tomatoes (note to prof — no apostrophe when forming plural here), or even some herbs.
    I also have an especially nice crop of belladonna to which you are most welcome. Makes a nice, hearty soup.

  20. (Forgive me cro, I forgot folks your age don’t follow links to youtube. Sorry. And sure you’ll probably strain to show and prove how “with it” you are and it’s just MY links…. blah, blah, blah. But you’re proving that you’re just like Ms. Miguel.)
    And I’ll just put your scary gardening exploits up there with your other tales. However, you know what I think you should do with those tomatoes.
    (Gotta run. Enjoy the day everyone!)

  21. Belladonna – It also makes for a nice serving of death.
    Spritzer now has three “damaged” daughters coming to a stripper pole near you soon!

  22. We have Thorn Apple in our garden. It’s also known as Jimson Weed. The flowers, large, white trumpet shaped blossoms, only bloom at night.
    Anybody want to smoke some?

  23. ackme — ixnay on the eath-day, OK? He might go for it!
    prof, you are making some assumptions about my age based on an anonymous blog? How silly!

  24. Has Prof just left the house?
    Hey, I think this gal is attractive. She looks fetching in her bikini. Wait till the IRS gets their mitts on her. She’ll be turning tricks just to get them off of her back.

  25. Why did the governor hire a hooker?
    Because his wife was a spitzer and not a swallower.
    I know. I’m totally out of line.

  26. mets2008, if you wish to post ridiculous things, go ahead. Just try not to do it specifically in reply to one of my posts in the future, there’s a good chap (albeit clearly one with a heart composed of equal part vinyl and tin).
    I’ve read before, MellonBrush, that jimson weed can cause serious cerebral damage. So perhaps, while I thank you for your kind offer, you might wish to put some in a broth or puree to offer to some other posters before I’d dare try it. Mets2008 sounds like a likely prospect, in fact.

  27. I’ve also noticed before, MellonBrush, that you can buy what are opium-producing poppies from several garden catalogues (Digging Dog Nurseries in CA is one such for the curious). But of course you’d need a pretty wide expanse of Flanders-like fields to make it a viable business.
    Anyway, the poppies never come with links to a Marseille or Naples-based production and refining facility.

  28. Spitzer could have avoided this whole mess if he had only taken a short trip to Rhode Island. It is legal to trade sex for money in Rhode Island. It is not legal to solicit sex on the street or to operate a brothel, but prostitution is legal as long as it occurs indoors. Escort services are fine under the law.

  29. Nevada is different. Brothels are allowed in certain counties (based on population) and the state regulates the brothels.
    In Rhode Island, the state is not involved at all in regulating prostitution, and brothels are illegal. It is legal however to advertise in print or on the internet and trade sex for money as long as the sex occurs indoors.

  30. “Belladonna – It also makes for a nice serving of death.
    Spritzer now has three “damaged” daughters coming to a stripper pole near you soon! ”
    Oh yeah. LOL. You’ll be seeing all three of those girls on Nudie Tuesday at your local strip joint.
    Howard Stern must be having a field day with this one.

  31. hmm, prostitution is the oldest profession. And if its lasted all this time, it should be a part of our culture. And it is. there are 3 “rub n tug” spas in baristaville alone! Frip!

  32. Oh becky, don’t you get it? She wants the media to see her MySpace page! This notoriety may be the best thing that ever happened to her. If she has any brains, she’ll milk this for all the publicity she can get, write a tell all book, appear on MTV, etc etc etc.
    Incidentally, I don’t believe a word of anything on her MySpace page. More than flesh, prostitutes peddle fantasy.

  33. so,
    spitzer is done, wife might leave him, kids are hurt, angry, Spitzer steps down in disgrace.
    “Kristen” (or whatever) is being chased by Playboy, is living in a $4,500 @ month apartment, is being offered millions for whatever the offering party seeks, such as book deals or TV appearances and is being made a media hero.
    So, which is really the more noble profession?
    down upside turned world A.

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