50,000 shirts for a good cause

Late last night, I found out about a great campaign to raise funds – in a massive amount, hopefully – for the more than 50,000 lives lost in the 7.9 earthquake in China on May 12. You can find out lots more about it at Fifty Thousand Shirts, where one guy, Steve Paterson, has started using his company’s Web abilities, along with a host of others, to try and sell 50,000 t-shirts at $25 each to raise $1,000,000, with at least $20 of each shirt’s purchase going to the donation.
Obviously we all have our own charitable organizations that we regularly support, but I thought it was a novel idea that appears to have great intentions. So if you have a few minutes to check it out, even if only to pass it along to friends and family, this Memorial Day weekend, please do.

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  1. From the site: And at some point during the day, I finally did the math. If I could sell 50,000 shirts, and donate $20/shirt, I could give 1 million dollars to China.

  2. Wasn’t sure if you were trying to make a certain statement here, Captain Vegetable, but the way I’m reading it I believe the other $5 is probably to cover materials, printing, etc.

  3. I rather think we send enough money to China as it is, in the form of imports and debt payments.
    Sorry, no, this Memorial Day I’m cutting an extra check to the Disabled Veterans of America. If there is any group of people to whom we should open our hearts and wallets this weekend, it is those who have willingly made life-changing sacrifices for our country, regardless of whether we agree with the policies that put them in harm’s way.

  4. Let China use some money from this amzaing economy they have brewing… time for us to stop giving away our wealth.

  5. Yes, the $5 will definitely cover the cost of the shirt (I don’t think most people realize the markup on a shirt)..but he doesn’t say what charity will get the money…and that’s important (to me and I’m sure others)

  6. One of the sponsors (who he says will help is World Vision. According to the 50,000 Shirts site,
    “…they’ll be handling the final donation to China.”
    I’m not making ANY statement about them-just sharing this info from the WV site:
    World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice…

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