Casting Call for Kids

Calling all young performers: “The Theater Project,” Union County College‚Äôs professional theater company, is seeking kids 10-18 for their summer show, the slapstick musical comedy “Bugsy Malone, Jr.” Auditions (May 17 at Union County College in Cranford) are by appointment only. To schedule one, call Mary Iannelli at 973-716-6654.
Rehearsals take place July 1-Aug 21, and the show runs Aug 22-24. One caveat: The cost for participating is $125. (Is show business the only industry where workers are supposed to be cool with paying for the chance to work?)

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  1. Actually, paying to perform, or be part of the Cast, has been going on forever, and many times it’s nothing more then a scam…get 50 or more kids ( people ) to Pay, and you can see what their Biz is really all about.
    I’m not saying this is like that, but years ago, Modeling Schools would do just that ( some are still doing it ), like training, and charging to take Runway classes for people who will never be doing that kind of work ( Barbizon was known for doing that )
    Anyway, good luck to these kids, ( I still don’t feel they should have to pay).

  2. I agree with you, Wayne, especially $125!
    I’d make an exception if it was a small fee, lik $20, and if it were going to a charity.

  3. This sounds a lot like my current project: I’m starting a marching band for kids to keep them out of the pool halls.

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