Dance Around The Maypole

Spring has sprung, May has come. Montclair, in all its floral splendor, celebrates all month long, starting with its annual May Pole celebration today at noon, Watchung Plaza Park. Edgemont School students will be dancing, accompanied by the ORFF ensemble and the Sign Language Chorus. Northeast School’s Blue Hawks Band, and Watchung School’s chorus will also perform for Montclair’s very own rite of spring…

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  1. Once, around 100 years ago, I was commuting to New York on the old New York, New Haven, and Hartford railroad (the steam-driven precursor to Metronorth). In those liberal days, there were bars set up in the smoking cars, usually at the end of the train. On my return trip from GCT one evening, I was sitting down and starting to enjoy my cold beer when an intrepid commuter boarded the bar car, ordered his cocktail, and — upon receiving it from the barman — preceded to skip down the aisle singing “Hooray! Hooray! It’s the First of May, and Gin & Tonic, starts today!”
    And people in Boston wonder why New Yorkers keep beating their brains out…

  2. Ah, a pagan celebration! Which is apparently okay by the BOE, Now, if this dance had been for specifically Christian purposes, say (viz. ‘holiday celebrations’ vs. ‘Christmas parties’), people would have been up in arms on this one.
    Where is Hawthorne to write a new, updated version of his story about the Maypole at Merry Mount when we really need him, you know?

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