DeCamp Deterring Terror

No, this isn’t about a new customer relations program or keeping angry customers off the bus…You never know when a DeCamp bus may become the vehicle for terrorist activity, and “it’s better to be safe than sorry” says owner Gary Pard.
DeCamp is getting beaucoup bucks through a federal grant – more than $100,000 – to install remote control security devices inside each coach’s GPS, reports the Montclair Times:

Say a terrorist had a gun to a bus driver’s head, and the vehicle was barreling at 60 mph down eastbound Route 3, headed toward its target: the Lincoln Tunnel.
“We could bring it down to 10 mph, and the terrorist could see the driver had nothing to do with it,” said Gary Pard, DeCamp’s vice president of operations.

Well heck, you all remember the bus hijacking in the movie Speed, don’t you?
If DeCamp HQ in Montclair is a target – no worries, they’ll have it secured like a fortress:

The federal grant will not only be spent on safeguarding the company’s buses, but also on its Greenwood Avenue headquarters, where a “perimeter monitoring system” will be installed for DeCamp’s bus garage and the parking lot across the avenue from it, used by employees during the day and 14 buses during the night.
Somewhere between eight and 10 cameras will be situated throughout DeCamp’s property, which measures approximately 60,000 square feet, including that separate parking lot.
Images shot by the cameras will be broadcast into the dispatch center, where dispatchers are present 22 hours per day, Pard said. The cameras will also be recording.

File Under: “Ridiculous.”

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  1. Dispatches who are present 22 hours a day? HA!
    Is that why you can never get anyone when one of the buses fails to arrive or simply pass you by?

  2. “Say a terrorist had a gun to a bus driver’s head, and the vehicle was barreling at 60 mph down eastbound Route 3, headed toward its target: the Lincoln Tunnel.”
    On a Friday afternoon? This terrorist obviously does not listen to 1010 Wins.

  3. Not that I can ever imagine what goes through the mind of a terrorist, but I’m guessing if I’m a terrorist and I want to blow up the Lincoln Tunnel with a bus, I’m gonna go with NJ Transit, so I can also make a call or two on my cell phone.

  4. I would be a lot simpler and much more destructive to commandeer an NJT diesel train. The destructive capacity of a train is an awesome thing to behold.
    Hey, they’re shooting a remake of “The Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3” in NYC. The orignal was great. The first remake wasn’t bad. I wonder how this one will turn out..

  5. beaucoup always wanted to know how to spell it but never took the time. Thank you Annette.

  6. If a terrorist cell had the ability to successfully make a bomb, don’t you think they might have the ability to successfully drive it to the tunnel their own damn selves?
    “We now have a bomb.”
    “Yes, a glorious bomb.”
    “We should blow up a tunnel.”
    “Yes! Yes! A tunnel! But how should we get it there?”
    “My car is messy.”
    “And my wife needs my car to take the kids to soccer practice.”
    “Yes, hmm.”
    “How about DeCamp?”

  7. “Say a terrorist had a gun to a bus driver?s head, and the vehicle was barreling at 60 mph down eastbound Route 3, headed toward its target: the Lincoln Tunnel.”
    Why would the terrorist make the bus slow down?

  8. This money would be better spent on many things. Best, it would not be spent at all!
    Just more “Homeland Security” pork barrel largesse. This is what the military-industrial complex has evolved into, spreading around the “homeland security” moola so everybody gets to wet his beak regardless of actual risk and vulnerability.
    Homeland Security – the other white meat!

  9. Pork Roll (Out the Barrel) — spot on. Giving HS funds to DeCamp is absolutely ludicrous. We use the bus to go into the city frequently, and they won’t even let us put our suitcase in the baggage bin below the bus (this varies by driver, to be completely truthful). But I love the idea of the terrorist with the bomb on board getting his cellphone/detonator taken away by the driver. Cool.

  10. I’ll tell you how we can win the war in Iraq. Export DeCamp buses and drivers, thereby crippling their transportation system.

  11. It sounds like DeCamp, what with their legendary customer-service skills, could teach other transit agencies a thing or two about deterring terrorism: just demoralize and alienate them until they go away!

  12. That mission has already been accomplished Miss M. Better to send them to China or India in the hopes that a crippled transportation system will retard their economic growth, hopefully lowering demand for energy and thereby lowering the cost of it for us.
    I read in the Star-Ledger today that all the utility companies in NJ are seeking to raise the price of natural gas by 20%, due to lower supplies and greater demand (there is no “markup” on natural gas for the utilities; they simply pass along the price they pay).
    So, no bitching anyone about how hot it gets this summer, people! You’ll be longing for the sticky, sweltering days of August when you find yourselves setting your thermostat to 50 degrees in January!

  13. Why would you hijack a bus to attack the tunnel? Just rent a vehicle of your own. Much more reliable, and probably not any more expensive than the handgun.

  14. baggage bin below the bus (this varies by driver, to be completely truthful).

    I’ve noticed this too, with my unicycle (yes, that’s me…. if I’ve inadvertently made any enemies, now you know who I am). Anyway, every driver lets me put it under the bus. Except one. I don’t know what his problem is… he even locks the undercarriage compartments shut. I was confused by the varying policy and called decamp (I was new and naive). They tell me, of course I can put stuff under the bus. I wish they’d tell the drivers this.

  15. Cell phones, please can someone explain why I cannot use a cell phone on the bus?
    Maybe crying babies should be banned, also people talking, perhaps friends should not sit together anymore…
    Poll: Does anyone here support the cell ban? or was this due to one person complaining?

  16. Federal grant”?!?!?! Maybe we could modify the GPS so it can find Bin Laden?
    LOL!! True dat!

  17. I’m ambivalent about the the cell phones, pshah. I wouldn’t advocate for it, but I wouldn’t argue against it now that it’s already established.
    I will say people tend to talk much louder on cell phones than they do to people sitting next to them. I blame this on crappy phones/networks. Or maybe it’s just phones in general.

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