Glen Ridge Parade 2008

Old cars, Cat in the Hat, bagpipes and Boy Scouts throwing candy. Oh yes, and perfect weather. What more could you want on Memorial Day?

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

See Geoff Gove’s photos of Bloomfield’s Memorial Day parade on EcoRealty.

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  1. It was a glorious day yesterday. I went for an early bike ride around 10:00 AM. As I was riding down Ridgewood Avenue I saw a couple of families with their small children sitting roadside waving small American Flags in preparation for the GR parade.
    It was a very touching moment, seeing those very young children with those flags.

  2. I was all ready for the Montclair Parade. I was ready to pay tribute to our war heroes. I had my American Flag, my red, white, and blue chair. I felt patriotic, but I could not find the parade.
    Does anyone know where it was?

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