Lock ‘Em and Hide ‘Em

Hey buddy, that’s not one-way glass on your windshield. If you’ve got a portable GPS unit in your car, locking it up is not enough. Both Montclair and Bloomfield police departments have issued warnings in the past week about a recent rash of car break-ins. And the current crop of car thieves isn’t deterred by a simple locked door. They’re breaking windows, forcing locks and sometimes even slashing convertible tops. A word to the wise: though GPS units are the big lure, keep iPhones, iPods, purses and other valuables out of sight too. Lock them in trunk, or better yet, bring them with you.

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  1. My GPS unit gives massage with release, so I can be sure it remains under constant MPD surveillance.

  2. My window was smashed when parked at work in Union NJ about 6 months ago. I had the Garmin Lock which renders the unit useless if stolen, but it still cost me $600 to replace window and GPS.
    Funny thing is, it was caught on tape, but we couldn’t make out the plates on the getaway car. Entire operation took 18 seconds and he even removed the suction cup from the glass.

  3. You mean bad guys look into our cars, see something of value and break in to take it?
    Me thinks we have a problem.

  4. I read about at least 3 incidents of stolen GPS units in Clifton every week. Make sure not to leave the suction cup on your window b/c it’s a sign that you have your GPS in your glove compartment.

  5. That’s why I’ll never buy a GPS. Not only do they attract criminals, but they are a big waste of money. 600 bucks? The free maps I get from AAA do the job just fine. By the way, there must have been some enormous accident on the helix at the Lincoln Tunnel. 1010 Wins 90 minute delays. I strongly suggest an alternate route. I took the Holland tunnel, which wasn’t too bad, considering, but somehow I’m now a street called Fishhouse Road. I think I’m either in Kearny or Harrison. Anyone know where Fishouse Road is? I have a pretty good idea that if I continue through the Meadowlands I can just make my way through Secaucus until I get to route 3. No wait, I think I’m now under the turnpike and seeing signs for Jersey City. I should not have gotten off the Pulaski Skyway.

  6. complain, you can get one for about $100-150.
    And those maps don’t help you when the highway is backed up and you want to take local roads. Or you just get lost…
    Or to find a gas station. Food.
    Or just the security to know that you can get home from wherever you are at the push of a button.
    Or in a Vermont snow storm when you cannot see the exits, are lost in white out conditions….. (The next day I bought one and swear by it!)

  7. Real men don’t post late Friday night. They’re with real women (or other real men).

  8. Can’t crooks find something else to do like robbing old ladies or something? Leave my GPS alone.

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