Need A Blood-Soaked Suit?

…Or maybe a bullet-riddled souvenir?… Just when we thought all the fanatic Sopranos-frenzy had died down, it seems the fever is still raging, according to Christie’s auction house, who are auctioning the clothes off Tony Soprano’s back. The bloody suit, worn when he was shot in the gut by Uncle Junior, is one of 24 outfits which Gandolfini is giving up to raise money for Wounded Warrior Project. It’s expected to fetch bids up to $1,500. You’re not Tony’s size? Check here to see the whole collection of mobster-wear, including threads from Christopher Moltisani and Little Paulie. Auction date, June 25. We’re sure to get the inside scoop from Soprano Sue

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  1. The Baristaville-Sopranos connection is a strong one ? and Gandolfini?s commitment to bringing awareness to wounded vets should be commended. Thanks Annette for this post
    Check out his powerful HBO film on wounded vets.

  2. Haha Miss M.
    I was saying to friends yesterday I should ebay my SATC coasters – wondering how much I could get for them. I got them for free as samples of promotional materials so its all profit.

  3. I get a huge kick out of the tour buses parked in front of Holsten’s on occasion. What a hoot! People taking pictures of the store front, of themselves in front of the store front, of the litter in front of the store front…

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