No More Happy Endings

A very busy week in Montclair. Last Wednesday, as some Montclair High students were getting soused for the prom, the Montclair Police Department’s vice squad successfully conducted a sting operation at Aroma Therapy, a massage parlor at 220 Bloomfield Avenue. A detective (whose name was redacted in the report) paid $60 for a massage. Then…

Approximately fifty minutes into the massage Li [the masseuse] grabbed his penis. Detective _____ then stated “How much do I have to pay for this?” Li responded by stating, “You help me and I will help you.” Detective ____ declined sexual favors and exited business.

Armed with a warrant, police went back later, seized $493 they believed connected with “suspected prostitution enterprise” and recovered the $60 massage fee. Two Asian females, Meiyu Cui and Hai Song Li, were arrested and changed with engaging in the act of prostitution. Neither spoke much English or is a US citizen.
Aroma Therapy is conveniently located next to Dressing for Pleasure, the sex toy and sexy apparel store.

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  1. Wait.
    “Approximately fifty minutes into the massage…”
    Then the cops came back, “seized” $493 AND “recovered the $60 massage fee”?
    But he got the massage, didn’t he?
    All this for $553??
    C’mon, surely there were some kids with booze and pot that needed some arrestin’……

  2. As usual, the “little people” get busted, while the masterminds manage to, if you’ll pardon the expression, get off.
    I understand that the kingpins of this operation –Sum Young Poon and Yu Tug Mi — escaped apprehension.

  3. I heard the mastermind behind the business was Lo Hung Dong but he managed to elude capture as well.

  4. Marta, the word on the street is that he is, ahem, “holing up” with his partner in crime, the half-Irish, half-Chinese international fugitive Fuk Yu Daly.

  5. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they had the discussion down at the PD about who was going to be assigned to investigate this.

  6. Well another summer vacation season is about to begin and the thieves who have broken in to dozens of houses for the past few summers have yet to be caught. But the rub and tug industry is being made a priority!
    Come on already! Let?s catch real crooks! Let?s make our town safe again and not have to have a neighborhood watch on every block at alert 24/7 in order to take a day trip to the shore.

  7. “Aroma Therapy is conveniently located next to Dressing for Pleasure, the sex toy and sexy apparel store.”
    Barista- so what people do in their own bedrooms is related to prostitution?
    Boy are you a prude!

  8. ?Approximately fifty minutes into the massage Li [the masseuse] grabbed his penis.?
    And how exactly was she so easily able to grab it? Whenever I?ve gotten a massage I?m wrapped in sheets and face down.

  9. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they had the discussion down at the PD about who was going to be assigned to investigate this.
    Lottery or waiting list? Maybe it’s decided by seniority!

  10. Perhaps the sheets were supplied by Hasidim from Crown Heights? That would explain it.
    I am sure that the assignment went to a detective ably suited to conduct such detailed and dangerous undercover work. The implication that any man would find enjoyment in being slowly massaged for 50 minutes and then having his penis grabbed is offensive. This must have been sheer hell!

  11. By the way, complainerpuss, if Li had given the detective this attention without charging a fee, then I guess that SHE would be a “freeholder”.

  12. OK…contest time. Write a headline for the NY Post. Here’s mine:
    “Masseuse” Rubs Cop the Wrong Way

  13. Darn it. Somebody else drew the tough assignment suffering through a massage at every parlor to find out which ones cross the line.
    Now what job can my fellow taxpayers pay me to do?
    Eat out at every BYOB to see who offers to sell wine with dinner?
    Suggestions welcome…

  14. This is getting out of control. How far do our children have to travel to get an HJ in this town?!

  15. Hruumph. So glad I picked today to check back in on the Baristanet. Hate to say it, but Nana told ya’ll way back that this was a “hoochie mama and more” place!
    Good work MPD. Keep right on down and around the Avenue!
    Will the OWNER of the property be brought to the law?
    Is this the beginning of law enforcement focused on restoring quality of life for families, children and senior citizens in ALL Montclair neighborhoods?
    Will the tracter trailer truck still be allowed to park, everyday and night on Woodland Avenue across from the playground, while patrol cars pass by without stopping?
    Will loiters, dealers, users and abusers still loiter in & out and around liquor stores and candyfoodlaundrymats?
    Will debris be removed and grass be mowed on 4th Ward properties owned by the town, the BOE, NJ Transit, developers?
    Will the law finally be fully enforced on the owners of properties (like the incredible mess on Maple & Lexington) who have failed to cut mile high, vision obstructing bushes, or mow grass that harbors vermin – for years – years?!
    My granddaughters love going for walks with Abuela. Will we be able to take our little strolls (which I highly recommend for all children to learn their communities) in all our township neighborhoods without being wary or ashamed?

  16. The slate that we voted in hasn’t been sworn in yet Nana. Not until July 1st.
    Wait for change until after that- but contact your new Town Council rep and see what she says. Will you volunteer for a committee?

  17. Yay, Nana’s back! Go get ’em, Abuelita! We need some ruckus-raising in my nabe too, can you stop by when you have some free time? 😉

  18. You’re right, Hiding.
    I have personally been told by the new mayor and 4th ward council rep that they intend to actually LISTEN to our concerns and incorporate them into their strategic plans. I also expect the Councilmen-At-Large to take an active interest in the 4th ward. To me, that means they will include the 4th ward in townwide policies, as well as set goals that address issues that are “ward specific” when necessary. And that the 4th ward rep will understand that the days of “isolationism” which was, often a necessary reaction to racial segregation, is no longer a useful approach. Ward council reps can do a lot to understand how the needs of their respective constituencies are often compatible.
    Yes, I will volunteer for a committee. I suppose I would have to give up my secret identity as Nana; I don’t believe that killing the other committee members is an option!

  19. Official Headline:
    “Under-cover police hand job over to the courts, as massage staff are left in a sticky mess.”

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