No Truthiness in Twitterville

Behold the newest 21st-century internet scam: Twitter impersonation. Twitter, in case you don’t know, is a social networking, micro-blogging site, that allows you to tell the world what you’re doing in 140-character messages, as many times a day as you want. The verb tense of Twitter is tweet, and imagine the surprise and delight, when some of us discovered that our favorite late-night comic blusterer was tweeting. (Typical Colbert tweet: “Hey, semicolon, comma or colon? Pick a side, we’re at war.”) Even more excitement (well, at least Tom Biro and I were excited) when StephenTColbert said he was following our tweets.
Alas, the fun and games have ended. The Colbert twitterer was an imposter. From Comedy Central Insider:

You know, the Internet has been around for at least six months now, yet there are still a lot of people who haven’t quite figured out that sometimes the World Wide Web fibs. Those emails from Nigerian Princes? They’re not from Nigerian Princes. Hamster Dance? Not an actual Hamster nor actual dancing. And those Twitters written by Stephen Colbert? They’re not written by Stephen Colbert.

Meanwhile the fake Stephen Colbert has fessed up, and offered the account to Colbert himself. A fuller confession is here.
Baristanet, meanwhile, does tweet. For real.

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  1. I saw Stephen Colbert walking down 5th Ave.
    But upon closer inspection it was an imposter named Bill O’Reilly (Warning: foul language and funny as hell. If either offends you, don’t click it.)

  2. Why do you think this process is named Twitt-er? Is one a twit to use it or not to use it?
    I tried but could not be bothered reporting my every movement to the world. I am not that narcissistic.

  3. Facebook has something similar, where you can update your life’s minuitae any time you want. But at least with Facebook, it’s only your friends that see it and vice versa. This Twitter thing, I agree, is annoying.

  4. No surprise, you’re just not that important.
    Those of use who Tweet understand how important we are. To our community. To the world.
    Our EVERY move must be reported, and updated continuously.
    Me? I’m typing right now. Just took a swig of water from my sigg (!). Typed again. Just changed the song on itunes. Settled on U2’s “The Unforgettable Fire.” Singing along.
    Gonna hit POST.
    Hit POST.
    (Jeez, this is boring and who cares!!!)

  5. Listening to Richard Clarke on Lenny Lopate.
    Bored with Richard Clarke on Lenny Lopate.
    Back to itunes.
    Listening to “Airbag” by Radiohead.
    Singing “Airbag” by Radiohead.
    Back to doing grades….

  6. Gotta mow the lawn before it rains.
    Oh yeah, lawnmower broken.
    Need to get lawnmower fixed.
    prof singing: “In a fast German car,
    I’m amazed that I survived,
    an airbag saved my life.”
    itunes: Black Crowes’ “Thorn in My Pride”
    Getting guitar. Gonna play and sing it. Will post video later…..

  7. You should also try the DADGAD tuning which is really an open Dsus chord. It’s incredible. You can play V chords on the bottom three strings. Good tuning for ‘metal’ and ironically enought Celtic reels and jigs.

  8. The Shubb ‘partial capo’ is another ‘must have’ for the contemporary guitarist. It frets the A, D, G, strings at the second fret, leaving the low E, B and high E strings open, creating an Esus chord but with different harmonic possibilities and fingering challenges than the DADGAD tuning.

  9. Are the Baristas going to cover the race for Freeholder? In this area it’s the double dipping Caputo vs Russo, the former Mayor of Montclair.
    The Primary is on June 3rd and there’s been nothing here!
    Caputo promised not to run again for Freeholder if he won the assembly office. We took him at his word and he won. Now, he’s proven himself a liar and is running for Freeholder again.
    We get to pay for 2 pensions!

  10. Yawn.
    Saw MeMe Roth on Hannity & Colmes last night talking about how fat people have a larger carbon footprint. Well, gee, they have a larger everything so no surprises there.

  11. Wrote “play guitar” should have written “strum guitar poorly.”
    MellonBrush, you are way over my head.
    I was hoping to strike rock gold with my keen knowledge of 4 chords.
    Oh, well. I also have a sampler….

  12. I agree profwilliams…miss martta is a great american.
    And prof, I have a push lawnmower…no carbon footprint for me unless you count the flatulence produced from all the pushing.

  13. No pushmower here. I have a riding mower (big yard).
    Powered by $4 a gallon unleaded.
    (When it works….)
    And depending on what you’ve eaten you may (or may not) add to your carbon footprint.

  14. Interesting articles in this month’s WIRED magazine about myths surrounding the environment and the greening of America.

  15. I just checked out that article. What a load of crap. I don’t understand how some people can be so stupid as to actually question the science behind global warming. Listen up people–facts don’t lie:
    effects of global warming

  16. Twitter me this, twitterer: we know why baristanet twitters on another visitor-based revenue site; but do you think that the twitterers are by and large the same people who are texting on their ‘berries whilst talking on their cellphones whilst driving in their SUVs whilst totally ignoring that their kids are all FUBAR and drinking at the prom and that the dirty rotten chintzy-lipped double-dipper Caputo is running again?
    Web 2.0: can your el-hi’er say “You Want Fries With That?”

  17. You’ve got that right MM.
    Come meet Bob Russo at his “DOUBLE DIP” Ice cream social tomorrow night – 462 Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ
    formerly Marty’s Shoe outlet
    It’s the only double dipping that youll get from this candidate!

  18. Oh no! I tried to check out Twitter & got this message:

    Twitter is over capacity.
    Too many tweets! We’ll try to lighten the load and have things back to normal soon.

    Testimony to the awesome power of an article on Baristanet!

  19. “Those of use who Tweet understand how important we are. To our community. To the world.”
    Prof. Williams, How sweet! You Tweet; just like a little bird.

  20. Sorry, “Prof,” I was teaching college and did not have time to play until today’s post. If this is your measure of “keep (ing) current,” it is a bit alarming.

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