Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!

Warm, sunny, low humdity and not a rain cloud in site — it’s a perfect spring day masquerading as summer. Commuters making their way to the station had an extra lift in their steps. It’ll be a perfect night for MFEE’s Dancin’ In The Streets, 7pm at The Loft. …Tell us how you’ll enjoy the day.

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  1. I forgot how hot Gilbert was! Thanks form posting. I used to sing that song to my dog when he was misbehaving.

  2. Word is, things will turn not-so-lovely once those spring-stepped commuters get onto the NY trains, as our trainman (to Hoboken) said the NY trains had “massive delays” due to problems at Penn Station. No problems on the Hoboken line.

  3. I was going to visit my psychiatrist on the Upper East side (I always try to cheer him up when he is down), but I guess not, now. So maybe I will just sit out on the deck and listen to the construction work on the apartment building next to the Brookdale School. Nothing like the harmonies of jackhammers and bucket loaders on a beautiful spring morning.

  4. Dear Conan, you’re welcome to sit under Liz’s porch while I toil away in Manhattan, making gazillions marketing my technique for removing brain tumors without damaging the surrounding tissue.

  5. “…marketing my technique for removing brain tumors without damaging the surrounding tissue.”
    In many cases, as we have all witnessed on this blog, removing the brain tumor or removing the whole brain may not result in a statistically measurable difference.
    LipoTumor: The Movie!

  6. Half day Fridays? Those are for sissies! While I burn the midday oil, I’ll pretend I’m enjoying what I can only assume is a gorgeous day, with one of my favorite gorgeous day songs

  7. Sorry, gotta run out to lunch with a couple of colleagues so we can complain about having to work on such a byootiful day and other petty things while we eat delicious food and grumble. Ah, such are the joys!

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