Prom Bust!

Seven Montclair high school students — five 17-year-olds and two 18-year-olds — were found with wine or liquor bottles in their possession at the Montclair Junior Prom last Wednesday night at Mayfair Farms. All seven will be charged soon with underage drinking; the 18-year-olds will be charged as adults, says Lt. James Carlucci, Montclair Police.
Montclair police officers, who were working the prom as a “side job,” smelled liquor and marijuana after a 36-passenger limo bus dropped a group of students off at the prom. When the limo bus was inspected, numerous bottles were found inside student bags containing ID. Principal Mel Katz said he would file complaints against students who had alcohol in their bags.
The limousine haul — small bottles of Bacardi Peach Red Rum, 1 bottle of raspberry vodka, three bottles of tequila, 1 bottle of Bacardi Grand Melon, 1 bottle of Jack Daniels, many of the bottles in small sizes — sounds like the recipe for a very bad drink. And we have the name: Prom Bust, anyone?

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  1. I really don’t understand why a police bust at the Montclair junior prom is the least bit relevant. What I’m wondering is: are the Baristas going to cover the race for Freeholder? In this area it’s the double dipping Caputo vs Russo, the former Mayor of Montclair.
    The Primary is on June 3rd and there’s been nothing here!
    Caputo promised not to run again for Freeholder if he won the assembly office. We took him at his word and he won. Now, he’s proven himself a liar and is running for Freeholder again.
    We get to pay for 2 pensions!

  2. This is a joke?!! Give them a telling off – but don’t prosecute – that is crazy. Were they drunk and causing trouble? no? The police would be move effective in this town chasing criminals, and not searching prom night limos…

  3. Aren’t they the folks who fill the seats during the Academy Awards when the stars go to the bathroom?

  4. Ok for chrissake stop with the freeholder spamming crap already! It was old after the first post and is now way past annoying. E-mail the Baristas if they don’t cover your topics.

  5. “All seven will be charged soon with underage drinking; the 18-year-olds will be charged as adults” …but obviously not with underage drinking. If they are over 18 what’s the charge? Open container in a MV?

  6. Am I missing something?
    How is it that Montclair police officers are allowed to work functions in West Orange? Isn’t it out of their jurisdiction?

  7. Can somebody summarize the rest of the story? I can’t get past the words “36-passenger limo.”

  8. “All seven will be charged soon with underage drinking; the 18-year-olds will be charged as adults” …but obviously not with underage drinking. If they are over 18 what’s the charge? Open container in a MV?”
    Did I miss something? Isn’t the legal age still 21, not 18?

  9. Sort of funny that you can try someone as an adult for underage drinking.
    (sorry, put this post on another thread by mistake)

  10. They must have been the little bastards hauling ass down park street throwing food and paper out the windows.
    The parents must be total pigs!

  11. puss,
    “We get to pay for 2 pensions!”
    I think that’s important and the barista certainly should cover it

  12. A 36-passenger limo? That’s big enough for a platoon! With alcohol and drugs? I almost think the use of such vehicles might revolutionize the concept of military recruiting among high school kids.

  13. Why won’t the Barista’s post a picture of the 36-PASSENGER LIMO!!!
    Where is it?
    Who cares about double-dipping…

  14. Very funny Mellon,
    But since we don’t want no military types talkin’, writing or otherwise communicatin’ with the little ones in Baristaville, I know that pix is a lie.
    So Barista’s where is it?
    Why won’t the you post a picture of the real 36-PASSENGER LIMO!?!

  15. 2 ways I can go with this faux rant:
    Why didn’t the Baristata’s tell us it was a bus?!!
    Why can’t the Barista’s post a link rather than a URL???

  16. The driver of my son’s 22-person prom limo (limo not bus) gathered all the kids and parents together to tell us that he couldn’t, by law, allow any drinking in the car or the company would be fined and would lose the use of that car for 1 year.
    Not sure how the kids would’ve snuck the booze in if they wanted to what with skimpy dresses and teeny tiny clutch purses and moms hugging sons good-bye so no inside pocket bottles.
    I just don’t get it. Where were these parents when the kids loaded up all that booze in the car & what kind of company is it that the driver would’ve allowed it?

  17. At least they were being responsible with a designated driver. More then most could say, drinking age or not.

  18. This post is making me thirsty for a fruity cocktail just reading it. Maybe I’ll dig out the old prom dress and drink in it again like I did that night back in the 80’s.
    Wait, MHS has Junior proms now? What’s that nonsense about?

  19. I have nothing but fond memories of my junior prom. And we were smart enough to realize even back then that booze is a big waste of time. That’s why instead we did this

  20. Ackme: It doesn’t stop there. They now have graduation ceremonies for kindergartners and yes, pre-schoolers. WTF? What have a pre-K kids or kindergartners accomplished to make them worthy of a grad ceremony? I just don’t get it.

  21. I’m a little confused, if this happened in West Orange (one of the comments says it did), and it was Montclair cops on a ‘side job’, on what grounds did they search the limo? And even if they do try and file charges against these kids… wouldn’t the fact that the only evidence came from off duty police officers conducting an illegal search of a vehicle outside their jurisdiction kindof get the whole thing dismissed? Even if it happened in Montclair, is it legal for off duty cops on a ‘side job’ to search a vehicle?
    I really hope I’m missing something here, and this isn’t just cops abusing their presumed authority.

  22. Brendan- posted some very interesting questions. However, off duty police never lose their authority to hold and detain, even if out of their jurisdiction. If the police, even if off duty, smelled the scent of alcohol on students who had arrived in the limo, that would give them the required probable cause to search the limo. Keep in mind, underage drinking is still illegal.

  23. Many schools in NJ hire police from the town to work these affairs, even when the event is being held in another municipality. There is very often police from the host town and the “home” town, on the theory that police from the home town know the students and/or school personnel.
    Any police officer witnessing illegal behaviour may detain the offender, and then the locals would make the actual arrests. If the door to the limo opened and there was evidence of alcohol or drugs, then these officers would be within their rights to detain and to turn it over to the locals.

  24. I never said I had a problem with an off duty officer detaining somebody. The Washington Supreme Court sided with some off-duty cops regarding detaining an underage suspect in a very similar case.
    My problem is with the off duty, out of jurisdiction officers searching the limo. Are there laws in place NJ (or Essex county) giving off-duty officers the same rights/authority as on-duty officers throughout the county or state? I’m still looking for that, but I haven’t been able to find anything yet…
    If this is somehow legal, the fact that off duty out of jurisdiction police have the right to search me or my vehicle for no tangible reason (probable cause is such a tricky thing to disprove if they find something) bothers me about a hundred thousand times more than some highschoolers drinking…

  25. All parents commenting on this need to get their story right. There was no 36- person limo bus. It looked like a normal limo and they fit 32 people into it. Don’t tell anyone that when you were in high school you didn’t drink so don’t act like these kids are horrible. This is like all of the adults ‘gossip girl’ and its embarrassing to look at this and see what you all say. The kids got busted with drinks, is that new to anyone?

  26. Yeah,all high school kids drink. But you gotta admit it’s pretty stupid to drink at the prom — when everyone is on high alert and when the kids have been told repeatedly that they’d be under the microscope. I think these kids enjoy getting caught — gives ’em street cred!

  27. Prom dress — $129.99
    Tux Rental — $99.99
    Pedi/mani —– $40.00
    Hair ————-$100.00
    31 (according to FOX NEWS)bottles of alcohol —- $300-500.00
    Limo rental —————-$1000.00
    Watching the cops er um I mean rent a cop pour the alcohol out, missing the prom, being arrested, and receiving a flaw in your school record as a junior while applying for college
    —— priceless!

  28. Laura Loonie you are a LOONIE. How do you know that the limo “hauling ass” and littering on park street was THAT limo. Everyone at that prom was drunk. Also, what does that say about ALL OF THE parents, if most ALL of the kids drank.

  29. Laura Loonie you are a LOONIE. How do you know that the limo “hauling ass” and littering on park street was THAT limo. Everyone at that prom was drunk. Also, what does that say about ALL OF THE parents, if most ALL of the kids drank.

  30. MHS required all 32 teens to undergo drug and alcohol testing ($300/teen x 32 = $6400). A large percentage of these teens tested negative for any trace of alcohol or drugs in their system. All were punished and all suffered!!
    Let’s hope that MHS releases the number of innocent teens on this limo.
    Do you think Barista, the Montclair Times and the Star Ledger will print the whole story?

  31. Brendan, when kids stumble out of a limo in a cloud of smoke, a la Spicoli in FAST TIMES, or when the door opens and bottles etc. are plainly visible with kids acting as though they are intoxicated, then there is probable cause. This is not some case of cops pulling kids over at random and looking for something. These types of searches have taken place many times in NJ and elsewhere and they are ALWAYS found to be legal.
    And really, are we to believe that little Ashley’s college app to Princeton will note a prom bust? You must be kidding.
    These kids knew the drill, they were warned a thousand times and, like many kids, they chose to take a chance and they lost. Does not make them bad kids, for sure. But they have to take the consequences for their actions. I can only imagine the howl for heads if they went off drunk and came to harm. Who would be blamed then? Certainly not the “poor kids”?

  32. Charges for students who noshed on pot brownies
    Five Montclair High School students who became sick after eating brownies containing marijuana while riding to the junior prom have been charged with being under the influence of a controlled, dangerous substance, Montclair Police Lt. James Carlucci announced today.
    Rather than taking the teens into custody, local authorities mailed juvenile complaints to the suspects yesterday morning informing them of the charge, Carlucci said. Their parents have also been notified.
    As for the fate of the 17-year-old boy who baked the drug-laced brownies, which the suspects ate in their limousine while en route to the prom last Wednesday, May 20,2009, at West Orange’s Mayfair Farms, Carlucci noted that the investigation is ongoing.
    During the dance, two boys and three girls, who are all from Montclair and who were not identified since they are 16 or 17 years old, became ill after eating pot brownies, authorities said. Two 16-year-old girls vomited and “one girl was completely incoherent and unable to communicate,” Carlucci said. A third female called someone to ask for a ride home, while two boys who also rode in that same limousine started feeling sick, as well.
    The four ill students, aside from the girl who was picked up, were taken to the Mountainside Hospital Emergency Room.
    The number of brownies they had consumed has not been determined.
    Nineteen students arrived at the dance in the same limousine as the five teens who got sick and are now facing criminal charges.
    A district spokeswoman told The Times the suspects “should expect to face disciplinary action.”
    ISN’T THIS THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR. But why, when it was a front page news story on the Montclair Times, did Baristanet, decide to ignore it. Just wondering.

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