The Sandwich Theory

Does the dividing line between North and South Jersey really hinge on whether one says hoagie or sub? This man wants to find out and promises to answer all in New Jersey, The Movie. Here’s what they say at Montclair State.
Sub or hoagie? Or do you say hero like me. And more importantly, where’s your favorite place in NJ to get one.

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  1. SUBS!
    Only great place to get them: Jersey Mike’s. The farthest north you can get them is in Whippany.

  2. I’m with you Liz, this Hackensack boy says: HERO. (Or used to. Now he refers to it as a sandwich so as not to offend anyone.)
    Best? Let’s be honest here, not too much difference when the ingredients are the same.
    It’s not like pizza…..
    Or hot dogs….

  3. I think that Subway makes the most disgusting subs in the known universe. Blimpies is a little better but not much.
    When I’m craving one, I build my own. Nothing else can compare.

  4. Once you get out of the core Northeast (from Boston on down through Philadelphia), it doesn’t matter what you call them. They’ll invariably be pallid copies of the real things. Espcially any made with meatballs, sausage or breaded eggplant.

  5. In Central Jersey they’re called subs. And I know Central Jersey exists because I’m from Central Jersey and it’s 2 hours away from South Jersey.

  6. back in the day–marzullo’s made the best hero’s…not any more. i miss them. boo-hoo-hoo

  7. Whatever you want to call them, John’s Market in Orange has the best Italian sandwiches around. If you haven’t tried them, you should really get over there.

  8. I spent my childhood in Westchester and we called them wedges. The best were at The Doby Rest in Port Chester.

  9. I grew up down the shore and we always called them “subs”. We were aware that people elsewhere had funny names for subs, probably from an article in the paper or perhaps even “The Book of Lists”. I always thought “hoagie” was an incredibly silly name and was glad as kid that I did not have to subject myself to the embarassment of actually speaking it.
    I concur with MellonBrush. Subway is pathetic, Blimpie just passible. Quiznos seems to be among the better of the big chains. But for a really good sub, you have to go local. Michael’s in Nutley has been one of my favorites – their secret is in the bread they use. I don’t know what bakery it’s from, but it’s just right. They used to be on Kingsland Ave but moved; I thought they relocated to Franklin Ave but I couldn’t find them.
    I also agree with cathar. I’ve learned the hard way to never order a sub or pizza outside New Jersey unless I wanted to subject myself to profound, soul-crushing gastronomic disappointment.

  10. If your from this part of NJ it’s SUBS!
    Although, I could go for an Italian style hot dog right about now!

  11. My first Hoagie experience was on the boardwalk in Wildwood in 1964. My brother and I got to buy our own lunch and at that time $1 bought what looked like an entire long loaf of great Italian bread stuffed to the gills with all of those lovely Italian fatty meats and cheeses. The best part for us was when they dressed it with olive oil and vinegar. Imagine! We split it, sitting on a bench on the boardwalk looking out at that great Wildwood beach. Nothing before or since has come any where close to the taste of that sandwich, or the absolute meaning of summer for me.

  12. Won my first guitar on the Seaside Height’s boardwalk with my last quarter. Threw a hat down and played every song I knew, went back and won another guitar for my friend. Hitchhiked back up north with a pocketful of change. I hear “Louie,Louie” or “My Sharona” and I think of Summers down the shore.

  13. Best sandwiches in the area come from Belgiovine’s. Particularly their prosciutto + mozz, & their store-roasted pork, my two personal faves. Mmmmmmm good!

  14. Gail, I too spent my el-hi years in Westchester, and those sang-witches were called wedges. The place we used to go was actually just over the line into the Bronx on the Boston Post Road (known to others as U.S. 1), and it was called “The Wedge Inn.” Next to dirty-water hot dogs, meatball wedges “with” (parmagiana) were my favorite fast food.

  15. Conan…I, too, loved meatball wedges. My next fave was the steak wedge w/ peppers & onions.
    Bread from Cassone’s Bakery, of course.

  16. Finial – If you are in Manhattan, Carl’s Steaks at 34th and 3rd does a good job. They import rolls from south Jersey (unfortunately not Amoroso’s though) and cook up an authentic cheese steak. I have heard that 99 Miles to Philly at 12th and 3rd is good too, but I have not eaten there. Locally, I have not yet found the real deal.

  17. I agree that for the most part you have to go local for a good sub.
    However, if you’re picking from the chains:
    1) Jersey Mikes (far and away the best)
    2) Blimpies (I know, but it’s actually gotten better, and cleaner)
    3) Subways (sucks)
    It’s really all about the bread first and foremost. Secondly, they should actually slice the meat in front of you.

  18. Agreed, fresh-sliced meat is important. Subway seems so corporate and clinical with their measured portions of pre-sliced meat and cheese. I’d much rather go to a local joint where they’re not so miserly, especially for regulars.
    No wonder Jared lost so much weight at Subway – they don’t give you much to begin with.

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