Yellow Iris, Clouds, Compete for Dizzying Beauty Award.

Slow news photograph of the day: Irises against the sky at Presby, 6:55 pm, after the festivities had died down and it was just stem after stem of delight in the early evening.

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  1. That’s a great shot Fran…it must have been a grand day with the ‘Iris’…thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Fran….I love your gilded irises set before the First Mountain and the plush gray velvet sky ….Montclair baroque!

  3. Fran –
    I showed the photo to my son (who works at the garden and is an art student) – he wondered if you got that shot through exposure (?) or if you photoshopped it.

  4. no photoshopping, i shot it in raw which permits me to saturate the shot when i choose the settings, then i pop it into iphoto for my “trademark” corner vignetting.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Fran.
    I was at Presby yesterday. The blooms are beautiful, and there are so many more to look forward to! I will be there next weekend for sure.

  6. and he is welcome to email me via baristanet if he has any other photo questions i can answer. if he works at the iris gardens i will probably see him there.

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