It Stinks, But What Can You Do?

Glen Ridge’s insurance will pay for the sewage backup than stunk up Chapman Street last week, when a town sewer line failed and sewage poured into eight homes over a period of five days. Residents met with town officials on Tuesday night at an outdoor meeting that was “reserved and calm,” according to an attendee, and were given instructions on how to file claims. But what a nightmare. Say one attendee:

One house, unfortunately, got hit 3 times over 3 different days, w/at least a foot of sewage each time. All the appliances are ruined, and the owner had to spend at least one night in a hotel. That’s the worst-hit house that I’m aware of.

The borough declared a state of emergency last Wednesday when the backup started, which allowed it to hire a remediation company immediately, without going through a lengthy bid process. And some of the solutions were surprisingly high tech.

Last weekend they ran a television camera thru the pipes to discern the nature of the problem, and once they knew it they could obtain bids for the work.

Residents seemed impressed by the town’s response, but the gold medal in municipal sewage rescue has to go to the town of Piscataway.
More in the Glen Ridge Paper.

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  1. Roto-Rooter has had that TC camera technology for a long time (as everyone who has had tree roots finagle ther way into their sewage pipes knows). I feel sorry for those folks — that cannot be a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination. It is positive that the town is reacting so quickly.

  2. You are so right Conan. I heard that Mayor Hughes visited the people affected by this awful mess right away and helped to get things back to normal in a speedy fashion.

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