Yoga Spot Flips in Bloomfield

When we heard that the Bloomfield branch of Starseed Yoga was closing due to “current economic conditions,” we feared that it was the beginning of the end of a Bloomfield renaissance that also includes Steven Mohn Interiors and Flic Spa. Maybe they were scared away by Bloomfield’s most recent redevelopment plan, which envisions parking in the spot Starseed now occupies.
But it turns out that the Starseed space is going to be purchased by Garden State Yoga, which will hold classes in Vinyasa yoga. There’s a sign on the door saying that Garden State will honor any unused Starseed yoga packages. Good news for downtown Bloomfield and practitioners of Downward Facing Dog.

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  1. I think that the new redevelopment plans showed a pedestrian walkway in that area; closing it to vehicular traffic.

  2. Spot, this place is across from the train station and I don’t think that’s the street with the pedestrian walkway. I believe the walkway is around the corner on Washington, but I’m not 100%.

  3. I liked the Bloomfield space and the Qi Gong classes offered there.
    I find the energies and the Montclair space absolutely obnoxious. However, if Qi Gong is offered, I will probably follow.

  4. Hi All,
    This is Seth. I am one of the new owners coming into the new Garden State Yoga. I cannot tell you how excited we are to open the doors and meet everyone. This is a long time dream for both Alison and I. Right now we are working on getting through all of the legal stuff. We hope to be open around the second week of Sept. Also, we are going to have a few new options on the schedule, but we would really like to get input to see what everyone else would like. We are going to try and work with many of the existing teachers so that more than anything, we are adding to the schedule instead of taking anything away. If anyone has any questions or input, please feel free to contact me at
    Many thanks and I cannot wait to meet everyone.

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