Another Great Night In BaristavEarle

This poster has always been crazy for Texas singer/songwriters like Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clark, Alejandro Escovedo, and of course…Steve Earle. Friday night, lucky BaristavEarlians had a chance to see Earle and his wife, the golden-voiced singer/songwriter Allison Moorer, perform at the always great Outpost in the Burbs.

Moorer opened the show and performed material from her most recent cd, “Mockingbird”–and a slow, gorgeous version of Patti Smith’s poignant “Dancing Barefoot.” After a 20 minute break, Earle came on, and included in his set a particular favorite, “Pale Male” from “Washington Square Serenade,” his most recent CD. Then–joy of joys–Moorer came back out for a few lovely duets with her talented husband. It amazes me that we can drive three minutes from our houses and see a show of this caliber.

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  1. Fran…that’s one of the best things about living here…you could walk a few min. to the best in Music, Art, Food, and Stuff.

  2. This show was soo good. The songs they sang together were great. Can’t wait to go see Richie Furay tonight. Not looking forward to standing in this rain!

  3. SEE, if you’re an awesome musician, you CAN get awesomely hot babes!!
    Go Steve.
    I don’t like his voice much, a little to nasaly and almost as fake sounding as Springsteen’s but I have to give the man his props for his songwriting and musicianship.

  4. The heat could not damp our enthusiasm for Steve Earle and his great opening act (and wife) Allison Moorer. …Or is that the damp could not cool the heat of the great Steve Earle and Allison Moorer. Anyway, it was a great concert. And very hot and damp.

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