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Tipsters sent us a note about Mr. Cupcakes.

You Baristaville people need to check out the amazing cupcakes at Mr. Cupcakes here in neighboring Clifton!
I just had one and it’s definitely worth the trip.

I brought the experts — my two kids — to check out the goods. Finding the place was easy (take Grove past Rte.3 to Van Houten, make a right). Choosing a cupcake was more of a challenge — the menu has a list of both tried and true “executives” as well as interns lobbying for permanent status. If a Reese’s peanut butter cup could be reincarnated as a cupcake, it would be Mr. Cupcake’s Peanut Butterful Chocolate. My son loved the Average Joe (yellow cake, chocolate frosting) as well as the Triple Chocolate, which had a bittersweet dark chocolate frosting. My daughter swooned over the Carrot Cake and the S’mores. The cupcakes, at a $1.50 each, are dense and satisfying (you’ll want to eat two, but you won’t have room). Split them so you can try a couple flavors.
Mr. Cupcakes, 1216 Van Houten Ave., Clifton, 973-859-0180.

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  1. Although not altogether “new” (I know I posted about this when Petit Cafe closed a few months ago), the cupcakes are indeed tasty and very reasonably priced. However, I did try the cupcakes at the Sweet Ave Bake Shop in Rutherford this past weekend, and they do take the cake (pardon or embrace the pun).

  2. I personally think you can’t do any better than Sweet Avenue Bakeshop in Rutherford. And their website is MUCH better (they have pictures of all the flavors).

  3. I’m ME, I work with a vegan who brought in vegan cupcakes several months ago. At first I thought “oh, these must taste wonderful then (NOT!)” But once I tried them, I thought they were really delicious. Same goes for Sweet Ave. In fact, I now find vegan cupcakes to taste much better than “regular” cupcakes and I’m no vegan.

  4. pjt – It’s healthy in the way that you are not eating any saturated fat from animal products, but you are still eating calories from non-animal fats and lots of sugar. And I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing…I’m thrilled that I can buy sweets at Sweet Ave Bakery for my lactose intolerant son.

  5. A few months back I read the article in The Record about the various cupcake places in the area. I had ordered a dozen cupcakes for some of my coworkers from sweet ave and we were extremely disappointed with them. I spend an arm and a leg on a box that wans’t even edible. They were too stale to even bite into the day after buying them. We still decided to try them out anyways, and they weren’t anything to brag about AT ALL. They were gross, even my vegan friend was disappointed. Yes, they may look nice, but … yuck!

  6. Luv – I agree. The cupcakes from Sweet Ave. are nothing to write home about but for someone who can’t eat dairy, they are a treat.

  7. That’s pretty surprising to hear about Sweet Ave, Luvaboo. If that happened to me, I’d immediately call the place to tell them! I’m not affiliated with the place in any way but I’ve never had that problem. Then again, I usually go in and buy a few cupcakes and we eat them the same day. Maybe vegan stuff doesn’t have as much of a shelf life as regular baked goods do? Either way I wouldn’t spend that kind of $ (they are expensive!) without talking to the place.

  8. gail – Yes I agree with what they are doing is wonderful for people who cannot eat dairy.
    I’m ME – I did place a phone call, and the woman was extremely rude to me about it. I was offended. I took their instructions on how to keep them fresh by keeping them in the fridge, but she was actually talking down to me like it wasn’t possible for their cupcakes to go stale. I am not here to bash them at all , but their attitude towards my phone call was very poor. Maybe if she was a little more polite about the situation, I would go back and give it another try. ( No offense to Sweet Ave. & their costumers , but this was my experience )

  9. Well that’s certainly reason enough for you not to go back there! I can understand that if they didn’t react well in terms of customer service. You’re not the first person I’ve heard mention their attitude, but my experience in the store has been fine-most esp with the owner’s mother.

  10. I’ve never had a stale cupcake problem at Sweet Avenue on the second day in the container they provide.
    But really, nothing will stay that fresh in a cardboard box for very long. I always put it in another airtight container, and that works fine.

  11. I agree with Luv – the customer service there was HORRIBLE!!! They didn’t even look like they wanted to be there. I think if you are going to be that miserable at your job, why even be there. I never met their mother, so I cannot say anything about her. But I also had stale cupcakes the next day from Sweet Ave. I know that as long as they are refrigerated they will be fine, because Mr. Cupcakes stay perfectly fine for atleast 4 days in their cardboard box. I think personally if staleness is an issue with Sweet Ave., than they should suggest those airtight containers that they provide to everyone, because I wasn’t informed about it. I was extremely upset about their staleness when they emphasis on their freshness.

  12. Baked goods just do not stay fresh for that long. They did not suggest or provide airtight containers, because their cupcakes are no more susceptible to staleness then any other bakery product. Only common sense made me suggest an airtight container.
    Regarding their alleged horrible customer service- maybe I just don’t expect to be treated like royalty when I simply need to select and purchase some cupcakes. They’ve always done their job, answered my questions, and made conversation like anyone else.
    Maybe someone should open a high-maintenance-customer bakery to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  13. High maintenance huh? I must that is kind of ballsy of you Skepticvegan considering you have NO idea what type of person I am. I was simply stating an opinion ( which this site is made for ) and something that I had experienced with their costumer service. Yes, they answered my questions, but they happen to be nasty with the one word replies with the lack of friendliness. I was lucky if the young woman sitting at the computer even looked up at me when I asked a simple question. I don’t expect to be treated like royalty anywhere I go, I just expect some common curtisity As for your COMMON SENSE comment, as you last stated you made it seem like the container they provide is airtight and than you put it into ANOTHER airtight container. Making false accuassions that they provided airtight containers, not simply cardboard boxes. Lastly, do you happen to work for Sweet Ave? You seem to fit their customer service mold.

  14. Nice people. Fine service. I got a dozen and a half for a birthday celebration and all who partook were happier for it.

  15. I just bought half a dozen cupcakes from Mr Cupcakes and am compelled to post about how great they are! :-)They have a huge variety of flavours, and unlike some other cupcake places, the cake itself is excellent – very rich and tasty, and the icing is just enough, not overpowering. Highly recommend.

  16. i have to agree with the comment above- the cake itself is tasty and moist. reasonably priced and large selection every day. my pick for cupcakes is Mr. Cupcakes and my pick for beautiful, impressive cakes is Flour Patch.

  17. We went to a party on Saturday night and brought 2 dozen Mr. Cupcakes cupcakes. They were delicious and they were the hit of the party. I myself that the red velvet and it was awesome! Kudos to Mr. Cupcakes!

  18. Tried Mr Cupcakes last weekend and am a big fan. I would put them ahead of Flour Patch for different flavor options, especially for walk-in purchases. Haven’t tried Sweet Ave.

  19. I love the cupcakes at Dolce Vita Bakery! This is a new bakery that opened up in Bloomfield. They have REALLY GREAT cupcakes! They don’t have a million varieties of cupcakes, but the ones that they have are delicious. I suggest trying their Raspberry and Chocolate Cappuccino cupcakes.

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