Flooded Streets!


My Mista is out delivering our son to a Bar Mitzvah party at Diva Lounge in Montclair, and called in to report massive flood sightings on the way. Valley Road at Watchung near the A&P is closed; police barricades by the Watchung Station rail bridge are only incidental to the pool preventing any passage; beware Park Avenue, south of the station where submerged roadway makes it impossibly impassible. Edgemont Pond is now Lake Edgemont, growing bigger by the raindrop….
How’s your street, basement, gutters lookin’?
Photo, above, Fran Liscio



— Photos, Anthony Batson

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  1. Basement is bone dry…. for the first time in years– Clean gutters!!!
    But where is the leak in the family room coming from?
    Beats me…… Ah, home ownership.
    How’s Mrs. Martta’s new place I wonder… Dry I hope.

  2. Yes, thanks for asking, Prof. That was one of many reasons we bought this house: basement has always been dry as a bone.
    We wanted to get out and dig up our irises today, clean and trim them, and replant but an hour into it, the downpour started. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
    Hope everyone’s staying dry.

  3. Thanks…the husband is at a gig in western Jersey, and his new amp is sitting on bricks down in the basement. God bless the wet/dry vac. I’m doing first shift, and presumably he will do second.

  4. Much of Watsessing Park is flooded over, and there’s about 2 inches of water in half of our basement. What’s the Super’s number in this place?

  5. As I approached the overpass on Valley Road (near A&P) I found a car half-submerged and stalled. Poor guy must have misjudged the depth of the water.

  6. I witnessed several people driving around (some even through) the barricade on Valley. Park Street now seems fine, though. Had fun running through Edgemont earlier today and getting completely soaked (trying not to think about the pond scum that must have been filling the puddles).

  7. Listening to the sounds of the crickets as I open up the the windows to let in the cool dry air. We certainly dodged a bullet.

  8. Thanks, MM. We faired okay, and my husband didn’t get home too late. We lost power for about 15 minutes, apparently due to a wire down around the corner from us. Husband needed to park a block away, but that’s no biggie.
    Doggie and cats are fine, other than perhaps doggie’s upset stomach from getting into the compost heap earlier in the day due to said husband leaving the back gate open. Fortunately so far, we have had no digestive revisits with the bounty that the compost heap yielded.

  9. Power was out on Chestnut Hill Pl. in Glen Ridge for about 3 1/2 hours lsst night – nothing major this time. Kids had fun playing flashlight basement tag and Mom had fun playing Break Classic on the iPhone!

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