Go Buy Your Volvo…Now

Tipsters received letters Montclair Volvo is closing its doors forever tomorrow, September 30th. The last to go of the DCH Auto Group divisions in Montclair, Montclair Volvo’s exit signals the start of redevelopment for the 2.2 acre site which is zoned for multiple uses including residential.

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  1. This is interesting, as DCH built the parking deck behind their Dealership on a lease of land from the Town of Montclair. So, with their closing, what happens with the deck on Montclairs Land. Can this be a new parking area for the Town?

  2. I just got back from Montclair Volvo, where I had had a service contract for routine maintenance. My guy there was very helpful in putting together the paperwork to cancel it.
    He told me the owners of the dealership had accepted an offer of 53 million dollars for the land, and that the new owners plans to put up a hotel and mixed use residential.
    While I will miss the convenience of being able to drop off my car and walk to where I can get things done (like working out at the Y), I do welcome development that will bring more life to that intersection.
    Now, about that parking deck….
    You know, the one with the big tax break….?

  3. SMYTH VOLVO in Summit, is the ONLY place one would want to patronize, for a Volvo. DCH did not drop Lincoln-Mercury or Jaguar at that same site, by the way. Ford Motor Company pulled them out, as they did not like the way that group did business.
    Sadly, the oldest and most honest dealership in Essex County (55 years at the same location & with the same owner) is also closing, but for a different reason, the 85+ years “young” owner is retiring! That would be Wyman Ford in Maplewood on Springfield Ave. So very sad to see them go.
    I also like Bigelow Chrysler-Jeep in Belleville. Excellent place to buy! Old School. Honest, good people.

  4. All of DCH has been sold off? What about Montclair Acura (which, of course, is in Verona, like the Golf Club)?
    No. They probably have a vested interest or total ownership in over 60 car franchises in Jersey alone, not to mention those in Florida, California, New York, etc….

  5. BTW, at their Maplewood Dealership, VW, Porsche & Mazda pulled away, leaving just Audi, which I heard through my sources that Audi is done at Chritmastime, leaving another monster-size U.N building vacant, dotting the landscapes of Essex County

  6. I bought my Volvo there the week after 9/11. Got a $10k reduction, it was obvious we were the only buyers who had come in that week. I felt bad taking advantage of the situation, but we had been looking for a month and needed a car. The 15 year old 450dl wagon we had was so rusted the passenger side floorboard was starting to look like lace.
    I would imagine this would be a great time to get a good deal.

  7. While we had heard that the DCH properties were on the market, there has been no indication that a sale has occurred.

  8. Does anyone else see the pattern: economics force mergers and acquisitions and consolidations, then we all complain about monopolistic business practices, and the federal government steps in to break up such companies into smaller companies and/or encourages competitive startups. Repeat cycle.
    At the end of this year, there will be one bank, one car dealer, etc …

  9. Jerseygirl, where ‘ya gonna go for service?
    Dealers take care of their own sales 1st, for servic then time permitting, they take care of competing dealer’s sales servicing comsumer needs.
    How would you feel if you bought a Volvo from Smyth in Summit and came in with a problem and they took a DCH Volvo in ahead of you, and made YOU wait ? See ? !!

  10. No, it’s just that work under warranty has to be done by a dealer (they get paid back by the manufacturer). Service or non-warranty work can generally be done by non-dealers.

  11. Please, please, just let whatever goes up there not look like a cheap, crappy, out-of-place, monstrous eyesore like the Sienna does. And maybe, just maybe leave a little more room between the building and the street for shady (well, or potentially shady) trees and other greenery?
    Is it so much to ask in life?

  12. Who is Hoffman ?
    If your car is under new-car warranty and you have a problem taken car of at other than a corporate dealership, you will pay $$. It does not void your warranty. You are just paying for something you could have had for free.
    You can take any brand GM car to any other brand GM car dealer, ditto Chrysler Corp or Ford Motor Co., but you must stay within the parent corporation.
    This is NOT true with foreign cars. Toyo will not honor Nissan ~ You must stay within the brand.

  13. Foreign Aid on Bellevue Ave. 746-1010–terrific, honest mechanics for Volvos and many other models. If they see a problem that’s covered under your warranty, they tell you to take it to a dealer and have it fixed for free. There must still be a Volvo dealer somewhere on Route 17.

  14. Why go to Route 17 ?
    Smyth in Summit Center has the highest customer repeat and the highest rated service satisfaction of any Volvo dealer in N.J. and I believe they are in the top 20 of all dealers in N.J. 85% are repeat buyers there.
    Trust me, I was in the business for 27 years.
    For FORD products, it’s Maplecrest Lincoln-Mercury on the Maplewood-Union boundry, at the end of Valley Street.

  15. To be truthful, I was never associated with Honda, and therefore I would only be passing along hearsay, which is never a good idea. Right? I was pretty much with Chrysler Corporation, (Chrysler, Dodge + Jeep) and G.M. and Ford-Mercury + Lincoln. At GM with Pontiac + Oldsmobile.
    I know of Smyth because they are extremely loved by Volvo owners, likewise MapleCrest L-M. Sorry not to be of more help. For Chevrolet… Hands down Widger in Livingston or Konners in West Caldwell. First Class…..Ditto Clairmont in West Caldwell.
    (Caddy, Buick,Pontiac & GMC Truck) ‘ya can’t go wrong there, either.
    JMK SAAB or Rt 22 in Springfield offers AAA Service, but I do not know if they do anything other than SAABs (#1 Saab dealer in NJ, BTW

  16. Mrs. Martta: Importech on B’Field Avenue in Caldwell (the Cheap gas mecca) worked on my Honda for four years — Bill and Ed are good mechanics and honest guys. I recommend them highly. Do not go to the Honda Dealership in West Caldwell. Ripoff City!

  17. Honda dealership on Blmfd. Ave. in W. Caldwell was very recently sold to Paul Miller. If it’s run as his other dealerships, it will be 1st class. **IF**
    He has Rolls Royce, Bentley, Audi, Porsche, Buick, Land Rover and now Honda in West Caldwell.
    But, i have had no personal experience with his dealerships/

  18. Thanks all. To clarify: I don’t need a repairman, I’m looking for a new dealer. Had a kinda bad experience when I leased my last Honda from West Caldwell. apparently, as Sandy points out, the dealership was sold and they never sent out folks’ registration renewals. All the paperwork got lost in the shuffle. So my poor husband had to take a day from work and go to Motor Vehicle and get it all straightened, all because of some ‘tard at Honda who screwed up big time. So that experience left a bad taste in my mouth.

  19. Mrs. Marta, is your Honda still under factory coverage? Or, is the factory coverage out?
    If it’s out, I’d get estimates from both dealer & independant garages, and then decide. Also get written quotes (on a business card is okay) regarding the guarantee on their work and for how long, BEFORE deciding.

  20. We leased our last 2 Volvo’s from DCH in Montclair…part of the reason being they were in town and convenient. Now we will have to go to somewhere on Route 10. Kind of annoying.

  21. We leased our last 2 Volvo’s from DCH in Montclair…part of the reason being they were in town and convenient. Now we will have to go to somewhere on Route 10. Kind of annoying.

  22. We leased our last 2 Volvo’s from DCH in Montclair…part of the reason being they were in town and convenient. Now we will have to go to somewhere on Route 10. Kind of annoying.

  23. Go to Smyth in Summit Center !
    Highest customer rating for Volvo in Essex, Union, or Morris Counties. Be sure to check out the S80 AWD. Before you go into the showroom, you might wanna take a seat in the waiting area (like you were waiting for your car in service) and ask the other folks also waiting for their cars, how they found the service to be there…..
    When you’ve heard enough, just walk out. Nobody will even think that your car was not there, they will just think that you too are waiting for yours. Excuse yourself saying you are going out for a smoke. Get in car 7 leave with the info the waiters gave you.

  24. MM,
    I just bought a Civic from Garden State Honda on Rt 3. I didn’t have an amazing “Holy cow! I’m a customer for life!” experience, but they were honest, knowledgeable, and while they didn’t bend-over-backwards to get my sale; they did Limbo a bit (Civics are apparently very popular these days, so the dealers aren’t too incredibly flexible with the pricing).

  25. The dealer mindset has changed dramatically, especially for the family-owned franchises in business for generations. Years of people buying imports whose dollars support foreign manufacturers has weakened the US dealer network. If dealers haven’t previously prepared themselves for hard times, then they will not survive the months ahead. The family owned US franchise dealership does not have the same benefits as the larger corporations. Yes, there will be alot fewer dealers by next year. It is sad to see so many domestic long-time dealers having to give up everything they have worked so hard for. Dealers are more than eager to gain the business of other dealers’ clients. That will be the only way they will survive. People expect the dealers to make no profit on car sales (unless your talking about luxury imports). Today’s dealers need to gain the clients of the dealers that close, and hopefully retain them for future sales and service. I will remain committed to supporting the American car manufacturers. I refuse to bash any dealership. I will, like others who’ve posted, mention the dealers I have supported, Fette Ford and Liberty Lincoln Mercury. Both are family businesses – “good people”, who have always provided good service.

  26. I don’t want to bash car dealerships, either, but the last time DH and I went in search of information, we were greeted by wet-behind-the-ears barely post-pubescent salespeople. They didn’t really know their inventory all that well, nor were they aware of their company’s newspaper ads (thank God we brought them with us). A real turn-off to me. Also, have any of you ever noticed that no matter what car you desire, the salesperson always says, “You better act fast. We only have 1 or 2 left on the lot!” This seems to be the basic auto Sales 101 mantra.

  27. My most recent purchase was a 2007 Saturn Vue. My next car will be a Saturn too.
    The dealership on Rte. 46 / Totowa is very good and had some great incentives like 0% fin, 2,000 give back. Good salespeople, low-key and knowledgable.
    The Vue is great. Lots of power, decent on gas, best vehicle I’ve ever owned.

  28. Mrs. M., I can recommend Route 23 Honda in Pompton Plains – it’s a little ride north but well worth it. I had leased 2 Hondas from W. Caldwell and the 3rd time was treated like dirt and walked out (and they had just changed to Paul Miller).
    If you do go to Route 23, ask for Dino Riccio!
    Also had a recent service experience at Route 23 for an oil change and it was quick and pleasant. Don’t know about any other service needs since with my other Hondas, I’ve not had any! 🙂

  29. We bought a car from Montclair Volvo and we were disappointed with their Service, so not particularly sorry to see them go.
    We bought another Volvo from a dealer in Hasbrouck Heights, on Rt. 17….Kundert Volvo. We thought the sales process was truly excellent. We were very satisfied with service for the first three years, but the last year the service department has declined in attitude, cleanliness, honesty and coordination (like, loaner cars that were part of the service agreement).
    We are currently taking our cars, now out of warranty, to Andrew Mols in Montclair and I’m happy with his work and his prices.

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