Go Deerhunt On The Mountain

Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. announced yesterday the county plans to bring back last year’s controversial deer hunt in South Mountain Reservation. The pesky, profligate deer population continue to imperil the natural ecosystem of their own habitat, maintain county officials. Detractors aside, DiVincenzo made it known that he’s got the support of the Audubon Society and South Mountain Conservancy for the Deer Management Program.
Rules of the hunt: dates proposed are Tuesdays and Thursdays from January 27 to February 26, 2009. Twenty qualified marksmen will hang out in trees 20 feet above the ground. There’s no limit to the number of deer that can be shot, and they hope to top last year’s cull of 213 deer by another hundred.

All deer killed will be inspected and approved for processing prior to distribution to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey. Last year the hunt supplied 32,000 meals to the needy and homeless.
This summer, the county kicked off a pilot traffic safety program along a three-mile stretch of Cherry Lane that cuts through South Mountain Reservation. “Deer Deter,” a new device emitting a high frequency noise, scares deer away from traffic. The noise sounds off when sensors detect the headlights of approaching vehicles.
Specific plans to revitalize the forest ecology includes 90 fenced-in areas and creating a 14-acre deer exclosure using fencing from the old County deer paddock off Crest Drive.

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  1. I’m not against the deer hunt per se, but “fenced-in areas” to rebuild forest ecology? And a “deer exclosure”? I’m no ecologist, but that just don’t sound right. Excuse me, but isn’t the whole point of places like South Mountain Reservation to allow people to commune with nature? How will that be possible with fences all over the damn place?

  2. Considering the diseases that these giants Rats carry…
    Or fence them in.
    Either way, man does not need to hang with deer.
    If they died off tomorrow, no one would notice. Or care.

  3. Prof,
    Sometimes you can be such a tiresome ass.
    Please give ‘beardless wonder’ and ‘giant rats’ a rest. Please!

  4. ” “Deer Deter,” a new device emitting a high frequency noise, scares deer away from traffic. The noise sounds off when sensors detect the headlights of approaching vehicles. ”
    Is that why I’ve seen so many along Eagle Rock in the mornings? A few months ago there was just a babe that jumped out of the woods onto the road, thankfully it jumped back before it got hit. Recently another one was not so lucky and has yet to be removed from the curb. There was also a young couple right off snake road – quietly eating leaves. I can imagine someone at teh top of Gates Ave finding them in their garden one day.

  5. Prof: All living things carry germs, microbes and diseases, including humans. As a species, we are probably more contagious than any deer.

  6. Ah, here we go again, the Deer Killers vs. the Deer Lovers!
    The Baristas love to troll with this kind of emotionally-charged stuff. Every year it seems there is a post about the South Mountain deer hunt, and every year there are dozens and dozens of posts pro and con, with all sorts of invective hurled to and fro.
    Really, Baristas, why don’t you just link back to last year’s post so we don’t have to go thru this again.

  7. Next they’ll be rounding up dogs and cats.
    Shame on you Montclair!!!! (there must be a better way to get rid of the deer. Capture them and transport them somewhere).

  8. There are nonlethal methods of deer population control. There are for geese, too, but Montclair chose to electrocute them. They do actually round up cats in Montclair as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return program. The feral cats are allowed to live while the end result of controlling the cat population is achieved.

  9. Grow up, people. Hunting and killing deer is a normal and effective way to keep their population down. People in more rural states know this very well and don’t freak out on Opening Day of hunting season. In fact, it’s a time-honored tradition to take little teenage Junior out with his first gun and shoot dinner for the family.
    People who live in densely populated East coast areas like Montclair somehow have a problem with this, even though hunting for food has been going on for as long as the human race has been alive (unless you believe that Creationist bile).
    Now, being Midwestern dude living in Montclair and seeing how many deer there are in the area, I see the deer hunt as being a very welcomed, much-needed thing — not only for the human population but for the deer population as well. Overpopulation of deer causes many problems, not to mention deer starving to death because they over-ate their food source and a increase in the number of car-deer accidents; and seeing how stupidly people drive around here I’m surprised that every other car isn’t driving around with a deer on the hood.

  10. “People who live in densely populated East coast areas like Montclair somehow have a problem with this…”
    Well, uh, yeah. I don’t have a problem with hunting in places like VT, OR, MI, WI, even the southern portion of NJ where it’s not as densely populated. But because northern NJ is so densely populated, it becomes a dangerous situation. I’m not crazy about deer, either, especially after they decimated my garden, but there are other methods of controlling the population.

  11. Hansmeir — Perhaps you should grow up (or go back to the Midwest — please!
    Dude. Jeez — calling youself a dude. How dumb. What are you 12?). There are other ways to contain the deer population. I suggest you open a book, or check out a website to educate yourself.
    I am rarely snarky on this site but your “grow up people” is pretty lame. Dude.

  12. Yes there are other options, but they are also much more expensive and not always as effective. Anyone want to do a cost compare on transporting all the deer to VT – where they will be hunted anyway. Or the cost of catching to spay and release them, where they can still run out into roads.

  13. DeborahPub, babe; chill out. Everything’s groovy. You’re too uptight. Relax…
    Hunting deer is a great solution to the overpopulation problem. Transporting them to another part of the state just makes it someone else’s problem. It’s not a viable solution and is far too expensive.
    Here’s a tip: Taking every comment personally leads to nothing but misunderstanding and strife. Chill out, open your mind and realize there are other viewpoints and perspectives out there other than your own.
    Besides, have you ever had venison steak or venison jerky? Yum yummy.

  14. Hansmier– Babe?
    Perhaps no one informed you that this term
    is an insult to woman.
    Here’s a tip to you — don’t give me advice. I have no respect for someone that calls a woman “Babe.”
    This will be my last comment to you;
    I have better thing to do (DUDE). Cheers,

  15. Hansmier, with all due respect, you seem to be the one who is taking things personally and not keeping an open mind to opinions that are different than yours. Don’t be rude, Dude.

  16. No beast is as filthy and disease ridden as humans. For us to shoot deer is a travesty of nature. We share much with the deer, notably a propensity to run when the going gets tough (witness the U.S. House leaders heading for cover yesterday). Chief among the things we share with the deer, however, is our lack of natural enemies. The deer are breeding too fast because the big cats and other predators no longer threaten it, and the reforestation of the countryside from farms to exurbs has created more habitat. We, too, are breeding too rapidly. Rather than shooting the deer, which is a hideous act of genocide, we should make the contest even by equipping deer with the capability of shooting us. This may sound far-fetched but in fact it would be quite easy: each deer would be sedated, fitted with an antler mounted gun holding about 30 rounds, with a sight and a microcomputer that could pick out the shape of a human from background shapes and fire automatically. (Such things are available from the U.S. military and would need only minor modification. As a variation the deer could also get lasers, which would be lighter and less emcumbering but only cause the occasional blindness in human prey.) People would thus have a reason to avoid the deer but could shoot them in full knowledge that they in turn could be shot. This would remove the moral stigma to hunting the deer. Of course it would mean a sacrifice of human life, but that is the price we must pay for our citizenship of this planet earth.

  17. Whoah Nellie….
    DeborahPub has some valid points of view. I rock that and grok that.
    Or maybe she has a personal vendetta against people who share their opinions online and represent a different way of thinking other than her own. A example would be posting recipes and stuff online for others to use and then accepting that there are First Ammendment rights associated with such an act.
    Or maybe she too offense at my dig towards those wacko Creationists…
    mathilda has a crazy idea. I recognize it’s crazy but at least she’s making a valid point. Antler-mounted rifles that kill humans! Wow. Trippy.
    Rarely Snarky? Hmmm….

  18. Oh mathilda, I can’t tell you how much I love your posts. OMG! Priceless!
    I have to say that up until now you’ve done such a perfect job of staying just short of unbelieveable but this post might be the one that reveals how firmly planted your tongue is in your cheek.

  19. I wonder if ma~ is really Steven Colbert. This latest piece reads like something he would write – tersely hilarious.

  20. Hans, I think if you made your comments without the “Grow Up, People,” preface, it would have been fine. I think we all agree that the deer population needs to be controlled. We differ in how that should be accomplished.
    Gotta love Mathilda.

  21. Hamster (oh, that’s not your name?
    Gee — my bad).
    I took offense at your calling me “Babe.”
    Ditto calling me a “Chick.”
    Take a course in women’s studies –then you’ll get it.
    You are obviously young and pretty clueless (with all due respect, of course).
    Later, DUDE.

  22. Oh woe is me, the clueless one.
    – I like being a dude.
    – Babe and Chick are great words. I loooove women.
    – Creationists are babbling insane
    – mathilda is the good kind of crazy and funny as hell
    – I like to study women
    – Close-minded people need to grow up or shut up
    – Hamsters: I like them but not in the Richard Gere way
    DeborahPub, I thought you were done debating me. Want to keep going?

  23. I think Mathilda just gave Uncle Sam an idea for a new branch of the armed services. Huge battalions of deer equipped with automatic weapons and also lasers.
    We may have to equip the weapons with suppressors so the deer don’t run away at the sound of their own weapons discharging.

  24. MellonBrush,
    Sorry to bore you.
    Please don’t read my writings. You’ll be happier just avoiding anything with “profwilliams” listed after.
    But considering how you chose to address me and not the topic, you may find this hard. Try. Avoid me. Please. You can do better than me. There are much smarter, wittier, and charming posters than me.
    Because, I might throw a “Bearded Wonder” in when the State of NJ comes up. Or the Montclair schools.
    I also may remind you that 25k a year is spend in Newark on education…
    I might also link to something I find amusing.
    I might also comment on grammar.
    And when discussing deer, I will write:

  25. I’ve spent a lot of time in both the Maine and Vermont woods in the autumn the last 30 years or so. Visting friends and looking at archaeological sites, not hunting. But the scary thing is always just how reckless hunters always turn out to be. I swear, they will shoot at anything, all you have to do to hear outrageous but true tales (told jocularly, for the most part) is hang around the local “dressing station” for a few hours on a Saturday. Red cars. Housewives hanging laundry (one was in fact murdered that way in Maine some time back.) Family pets. TV sets flickering through windows at either dusk or in the early morning.
    And then hunters line up to decry that such misconduct wasn’t them, but rather the actions of so-called “slob hunters.” (Who are usually from out-of-state too.) My general impression, however, is that hunters by and large are not terribly safety-wise and frequently give in to sheer recklessness. Just the ones who fall out of trees and kill themselves as their weapons discharge accidentally (this too occurred a few years ago in Jersey), or the ones who shoot each other, it’s enough to make me support at least a ban of hunting within a 10-mile radius of any populated area.
    Which in NJ would thus work to ban hunting altogether most places.
    I doubt “mathilda” is Stephen Colbert, by the way. He’s really not that witty on his own without a covey of writers, and lately mathilda has also crossed a line I’m sure the cautious Colbert would never have violated with her dopey urgings to vandalism on another thread.

  26. Whenever I read an item relating to DiVincenzo, I get worried. I think he’s “well-meaning,” but he’s just not that…er…good at critical thinking. Projects he plans seem to happen with little foresight about surrounding communities and how it will affect people in those communities. For instance, he planned the dog park with NO input from the community–no provisions were made about parking, noise alleviation, etc. He seemed surprised that it might cause such problems! But worse was HOW the issues were addressed. In the end, even after agreeing on certain things publicly(eg moving the large park slightly, planting shrubs), he met with TWO people from the surrounding neighborhoods and TWO people who were “pro-dog park in densely populated neighborhood,” surreptitiously at a local pub, AND he used his “goons” to scare off anyone who tried to be part of that “meeting.” Yes, he travels in a HUGE SUV with HUGE bodyguards. (WHY?) To me, the message is that he’s gonna make decisions and f*** the public.

  27. Annual deer hunts put a bandaid on the problem of over-popualtion but don’t solve it. Sterilization prevents new deer from being born, a more permanent way of reducing the numbers. While it may be more costly up front, it winds up being less costly in the long run because it reduces the need for annual hunts. TNR in Montclair has greatly reduced the number of cats that come into the shelter and are euthanized for space..Prior to TNR, the way to reduce the feral cat population was to round thecats up, bring them into the shelter, and kill them. Sterilization is a more humane way to deal with animal overpopulation issues.

  28. Good post, Nellie. Also, I think we should find away to make the deer unnattractive to one another. We should get cheap toupees and polyester leisure suits for the male deer and oversized housedresses and Velcro hair rollers for the females.

  29. And then we have to make sure we find both conservative and liberal deer and have them post on a site called Deer-istanet. Then, they’ll really hate each other.

  30. I’m sure my friends with chronic Lyme disease will be glad these pests are being culled. I like deer – in the wild, or cooked- but when I see them in my backyard in Bloomfield (by the parkway)- two 8 point bucks, a hunter’s dream- I know the population is too large.
    When they starve in the winter or are run over, they’ll wish they had been shot.

  31. Whenever I see members of BlueWaveNJ marching around Baristaville doing mischief, TommySalami, I too know the population of local liberals is too large. And could stand a little culling.

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