Hurricanes Here?

Yes, all eyes (including McCain’s and Obama’s) were on New Orleans yesterday, waiting to find out if Gustav would drown the city the way Katrina did. But the New York Times Jersey section wondered yesterday just when a big one will strike our area.
The last catastrophic hurricane in our area was New England Hurricane of 1938 (pictured here: a storm surge from that one) hit Long Island as a category 3 storm and took the lives of 682 people. Hurricane Gloria in 1985 was not nearly as cataclysmic. (However it was the first hurricane Mista Barista chased, at least as a married man, shortly after our honeymoon.)
Melanie Hazim of the Montclair-Glen Ridge-Nutley Red Cross says we should all take yesterday’s storm as a warning. “This could be a good time to remind your readers that there is no sense in waiting until there is an emergency to reach out a hand of help and be prepared. This is just the start of the hurricane season‚Ķ” Click here to donate to victims of Gustav. And after you’ve done that, feel free to debate whether the GOP was really being sensitive to the plight of New Orleans or just shrewd.

(Ted Anthony, whose story we link to, is the husband of Baristanet’s entertainment writer Melissa Rayworth.)

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  1. Well, it’s not just flooding that people should be concerned about. The wind and the rain could do just as much damage. Imagine the destruction wrought by the “microbursts” we’ve had over the past few years spread across the entire area.
    Let’s hope we never find out just how bad it could be.

  2. It has always been in the back of my mind that the destruction of Katrina could happen here: I echo Pork Roll..Let’s hope we never find out.

  3. I remember in 1989 Hurricane Hugo. We had to go to LBI to seal the house, and we were stuck in about 7 inches of water. THe ocean met the bay and the island was covered in water.
    And of course, the “Perfect Storm” – The 1991 Halloween Nor’easter brought on 30ft waves to NJ coastline

  4. I was on Cape Cod during that Halloween Nor’easter, and it was not fun — several friends went down to help another friend board up her house, which survived pretty well.
    And, in what perhaps may be the best timing of the year, we are leaving Friday for the Outer Banks of North Carolina — all set for Hannah and Ike, and whatever’s next down the pike…

  5. Honestly, I don’t know what else could have provided such convenient cover to get Bush and Cheney off the podium.
    I wonder if Michael Moore still thinks Gustav proves God is in Heaven?

  6. Bush may be off the podium but he’s not off the hook. He’s got to do 7 – 8 minutes of schtick tonight, from the White House.

  7. “Conan, Hope you can swim.”
    Me too — kind of senseless to go to the beach if you can’t go in the water. We do expect the ocean to be off-limits for some period of time because of rip currents — that happens whenever a storm is active anywhere in the general Cape Hatteras area. But we do have a pool, so if it doesn’t get flooded and the sun is shining, I will be the one in the cabana kitchen prepping limes… 🙂

  8. Good luck Conan, my parents retired to one of the outer banks back in ’86. I still remember the watch on their danger was easy to gauge from up here as they were only a few miles down Rt. 58 from Atlantic Beach where all the reporters were holding on to there caps while reporting.
    Never tired of visiting them though 🙂

  9. Conan…nothing wrong with a “bar tan”. Ah, and to quote the mixologist Conan, “pour like you hate the owner”

  10. If I were an Evangelical Republican and Gustav roared through during the Democratic convention, I’d feel that it was God’s handiwork.
    If I were an Evangelical Republican and Gustav roared through during my own convention, I’d be very confused.

  11. Hurricanes in the Northeast, why not?
    All new wood rafters here in Essex County require hurricane clips to pass framing inspection.

  12. I remember hurricane Gloria. It knocked down a HUGE weeping willow tree in my backyard in Long Island, which fell just a few feet from the house.
    The tree was torn out of the ground along with a ridiculously huge amount of dirt, and survived in its horizontal position for several more years. We left it that way and built a smart treehouse in it!

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