Join The Team To Stop Domestic Violence

In Montclair and Glen Ridge, trained volunteers offer assistance when a case of domestic violence occurs. The Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) works with the Montclair Police Dept. to advocate services and help keep victims of these crimes safe.
To be part of the DVRT team, volunteers go through a free 40-hour training program. In the wake of the violent tragedy that ended the life of Monica Paul, the DVRT is encouraging interested volunteers to take their compassion for victims to the next level of action. The program is ongoing; after the training, team members commit to being on call for a once-a-week, 8 hour shift. In Montclair, contact coordinator Geri Bowers of the Montclair Police Dept. for sign-up information at (973) 509-7543. In Glen Ridge, contact Capt. Sheila Byron-Lagatutta at (973) 748-5400.

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