Last Hurrah?

Going to the pool, lake, beach? Doing the BBQ thing? Or are you a teacher buying school supplies for the new semester? Please snap some pictures of summer’s last hurrah and post them here or send them to us at tips.

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  1. Rock on you, MM!
    I went to the gym, walked to the pool, walked back, and now I am settling into some grad school reading. We plan on grilling tonight, but other than that, not much. Of course, I am enjoying the last day of summer in all of its beauty.

  2. last day of summer? I thought it was september 21st….not the media driven memorial day-labor day calendar

  3. Sounds like fun, Dog Mom. I plan to vegetate the rest of the day because tomorrow brings that dreaded 4-letter word again: work.

  4. Congratulations, Mrs. Martta!
    I am postponing creating syllabi for college courses that start Wednesday. Did the overviews etc, now the week to week, the difficult part.
    A true Labor Day….

  5. Congrats Mrs. M! I went for a really long walk with two of our three dogs. Don and I then planted bulbs, and worked in the yard. Finally, I headed over to Montclair Book Center (love that place) and bought a few books. In fact, I found a long out of print title from one of my favorite English authors (Helen Garner). I also keep tuning into to my Yanks. Even though they are out of it for the season (or so it seems), I can’t help but watch/listen to games. We’re going to the last game at the Stadium (9/21).

  6. Went to Montclair Books yesterday to get last few summer reads, then played with grandkids at their pool.
    Spent today at the Nishuane Pool which I have been enjoying all week. A lot more people showed up later in the day, but it’s still pleasant to lounge and listen to the gentle laughter of the young parents playing with their kids. Home, grilled a big steak and sipped chilled Prosecco, watching track & field.
    I hate to see summer ending – gotta move some place with year round peace & quiet, code enforcement, sunshine and swimming, and reasonable tax rates.

  7. Went to Macy’s in West Orange – they were having a huge sale ( always forget that place is so close)and got new down comforters and other bedding
    Then to Nishuane Pool! First time all summer I couldn’t get a chair. Kids played so happily until the last official minute – – yup, we stayed to close the pool So sad. Even sadder, kids want to do this every year. I’m all for going the last day, but it was pretty chilly sitting in a wet bathing suit at 7:30 pm last night!
    Kids will be bored bored bored and will make some sort of contraption out of the sprinkler.

  8. Congrats to Mrs. Martta on her win! Very cool.
    I won a 30 mile bike race yesterday, but I was the only contestant. Ha!
    Yardwork the rest of the day.

  9. The BF and I went to Long Branch Sunday and had dinner at Famous Max’s Hot Dogs…Other than that, I puttered around the house, actually read two books (I’m a fast reader), and mourned the end of summer. Congrats to MM on her win.

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