Montclair BOE Meets Tonight

Second ward councilor Cary Africk reminds us that tonight’s the first meeting of the Board of Education, at 22 Valley Road. The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., but expect the Board to begin with an executive session and emerging to start a public meeting at 7:30 p.m. in the upstairs conference room. Read the agenda here. More from Cary here…

Although there is no item on the Agenda relating to a discussion of whether or not the Board should televise future meetings, or move their meetings to the ADA compliant (and equipped for live TV on channel 34) Town Council chambers, there is time for public comments on that, or any other topics. I hope that at least some residents feel the televising of meetings is important enough that they will attend, and make their wishes known.
There are many, many other important issues on the Agenda. Some relate to spending, including another change order for Woodman Field.
Unfortunately, Mondays are big nights for meeting in Montclair and as I am a member of the planning board, I will be at the planning meeting.

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  1. You have gall asking about pennies and cents when Montclair has its first green mayor ever. Jerry Fried’s mandate is to do whatever it takes to make Montclair free from fossil fuels. Yes, that’s right, I don’t mean carbon neutral, I mean carbon free. That is going to require out of the box thinking, to say the least. How about making the township a car free zone? It would involve building bigger parking lots and a system of buses and shuttles to get peopple to and from their homes. How about going off grid–shutting out PSE&G entirely? It would require deployment of solar panels, heat exchangers and windmills on a mass scale. If it sounds radical, it is — but it’s necessary and forward thinking, and in a few years time it will be commonplace. While I’m not sure this mayor has the gumption for it, it’s what we should be demanding and supporting. This mayor should be given carte blanche.

  2. mathilda, I always suspected that you were a fraud. Now I know it.
    “Parking lots”? You mean the kind with ashphalt and concrete? How does that help us?
    And busses? Belching exhaust into the air and burning rubber at every turn? Another phony environmentalist, like Gore and Roberts and those charlatans.
    If you were serious, you’d propose truly radical solutions.
    Commuters can walk to the city, bike en masse, or ride horses. The manure would do wonders for our gardens. Biking would ensure that we would remain a village of slim, cardio fit athletes. No obesity! Mountainside could shut down its cardio wing since heart attacks brought on by too many limo rides to fettucine alfredo eating orgies.
    We could have the Amish come in and teach us all how to build our own houses and municipal buildings. If we call them and they leave this week, they’ll be here by the time cold weather sets in adn we can get to work by bonfire.
    No mathilda, we need no more pseudo greens like you. We need REAL Luddites, not the make believe sort!

  3. I am no fraud, and no Luddite. I believe in technology, as long as it is used in an environmentally respectful way. Horses was your idea. The manure, by the way, would be a huge environmental problem, causing nitrogen runoffs and algal blooms.

  4. You are too a fraud.
    And I see no problem with either of the scenarios you suggest.
    The nitrogen could be ignited, enabling us all to enjoy warmth and light. My uncle Pat has been empoying this method, albeit on a smaller, more “personal” scale, for years.
    And the algal blooms could be harvested, packaged (gently) and sold in farmers markets as 100% natural, organic salad.
    You just don’t want to see how, with a little effort and creativity, the world could bloom again as it was meant to!

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