Prosecutors Investigating Obama Book Defacing

An update on the Obama book defacing that occurred in a Glen Ridge school from the BOE:

With the full cooperation of the Board of Education and its employees, the Glen Ridge Police Department investigated this disturbing incident. The investigation has now moved to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, and we will continue to provide our cooperation. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, neither the Board nor its employees can comment further on the matter.
We have every confidence that the Prosecutor’s Office will soon bring the case to a satisfactory conclusion.

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  1. Now let all the boviating begin about what a silly use of police resources it is to investigate this, and feel free to include anecdotes about harmless doodling of swastikas in your youth, and how that never threatened anybody.

  2. Why not just replace the book and say nothing?
    Now whomever did this is probably thinking himself pretty cool for getting a rise out of everyone.
    Why give it the attention?

  3. I wonder if it’s the same person who took an Obama sign from someone’s front yard, put it on their car and defecated on it.

  4. I have a suggestion. If they catch the person, don’t prosecute. Save a ton of money and make sure his name and crime is splashed on the internet. When he/she tries to get a job in 4 years, the background check will reveal their indiscretion and provide a little pain.

  5. I second Easy Rider’s suggestion. No need for a messy trial or determination of guilt. In fact, perhaps we can just “splash around the names” of many an accused person and save lots and lots of money.
    Or perhaps we could have “people’s trials” and parade the accused through the town to be kicked and beaten.
    This hate “crime” will amount to:
    1. Some stupid kid seeking attention.
    2. A lot of hyperventilation.
    3. A waste of tax payer money.
    The school should perform its own investigation and when the kid is found he/she should be suspended.

  6. Right,
    I was not clear when I said “catch”, but I should have been. I mean found guilty. What I’m suggesting is instead of 400 hours of community service, use my method of community awareness.

  7. if you meant “convict” Easy Rider then where does all the “ton of money” saved come from? I doubt a long-term (or any prison sentence) is in the offing.

  8. Pork Roll, politically correct over-reaction has become the first refuge of scoundrels the last few years. Particularly within the educational industry (and it is an industry). You might wish to ponder that a little more seriously.
    And then the scoundrels want the cops called in by way of adding “allies” to their waste of taxpayer time and money…

  9. Did anyone call in the crisis intervention team? Counselors, etc.?
    Wait. The article said “none of our students and very few of our personnel” saw it.
    So, the injured party is…….?
    No matter.
    Diversity training is in order.
    (Diversity Day anyone?)

  10. Did anyone call in the crisis intervention team? Counselors, etc.?
    Wait. The article said “none of our students and very few of our personnel” saw it.
    So, the injured party is…….?
    No matter.
    Diversity training is in order.
    (Diversity Day anyone?)

  11. Yes, cathar, but this is not simply a matter of a child chasing others on the playground with his fingers cocked to simulate a gun. A noose drawn around a picture of a presidential candidate who would be first black President is deserving of such sensitivity. From what I’ve read, the Secret Service takes seemingly innocuous incidents such as this very seriously. They have been known to investigate much more trivial cases that offered the mere hint of threat against the President.
    And so prof, therein lies the reason for the reaction. Not so much to protect the innocence of the children, although I would suggest that they should not be subjected to such ugliness, but rather to disover the motivation behind it. Granted, it will probably just turn out to be some jerk who thought he was being clever, but the school authorities and the police would be remiss if they failed to pursue this.

  12. Pork Roll, everything is idle speculation until we have a nabbed “culprit.” I await the inevitable spectacle if one such is identified.
    And even the Secret Service has been known to over-react during the course of its long charge to protect the President. (I just keep wishing they’d arrest and imprison Sean Penn for forever, but they never do.)

  13. anyone emember when students spray painted swastikas on jewish homes on ridgewood? or ketchup swastikas on fishbeins car? this is a student for sure

  14. Diversity training is in order.
    (Diversity Day anyone?)
    prof! your snide comments just prove that it’s time that you had dannyboo introduce you to some of the vast majority of pleasant brown people out there! maybe then you won’t make fun of diversity!!!!
    /that’s right, I used four (4) exclamation points!

  15. prof williams strikes me as the always irate black man, who never seems to get his due, always mad at the white man, or for that matter, the black man who has not suffered as much as the American black slave. It’s a tired position, stuck in the 60’s, but present nonetheless. Instead of being excited for the future, he looks for one of his own (but please be specific) to rise up.

  16. I’m pretty stunned that anyone suggest this matter shouldn’t receive the attention it’s getting. This is a serious example of racial intimidation. Dangerous and disgusting.

  17. First you have to determine whether prof was being snide or poking fun at the half-assed attempts white people make when dealing with issues of race. Such as prescribing diversity training instead of jail time for mentalities that nurture their hatred.

  18. I may have missed something, but when has prof williams ever specified, or even confirmed against others’ claims for it, his ethnicity?
    And if he hasn’t, dannyboor, are you assuming he’s black because, doggone it, so many other blacks are named Williams? (Such as the very good novelist John.)
    Come to think of it, have you ever undergone “diversity training,” dannyboor? Or something much harder and genuine, such as service in the armed forces? I’m always curious what qualifies you to pontificate to your fellow white folk from such an elevated position. Did you once, say, meet Tupac Shakur? Attend a show at the Apollo?

  19. What you miss, dannyboo, is that that those are not the only two options available.
    But thank you for thinking about it a bit more deeply.

  20. @ Catheter-
    There was a thread about Obama not sharing the same background as most African Americans in the United States. Professor said that he will not argue with anyone about this unless they are black. For some reason you were not participating in that thread. You must have been at the library reading about a random historical fact that would help you prove the validity of Palin.
    You mention that Dannyboo has no right to speak to you, or any white person because he has never met Tupac or attending a taping of the Apollo? First, the Apollo theater is no longer on the air. Tupac is dead, but, since most of your news comes from history books I cant blame your out of touch thoughts.
    Williams is not a black, nor a white last name. You don’t need to serve in the military to be around diversity, in fact, I think the military has shown you a distorted view of ethnicity. You are an intelligent man, or at least well read. I would think that Dannyboo attending College would give him a better understanding and appreciation for diversity than say, Serving in the armed forces

  21. As JG said Stewie, prof has confirmed his race several times.
    Again with the hard-on for me. It’s obviously making you lightheaded which is affecting your thought process. I mean, for a guy who’s been on Baristanet for many more years than me, you’ve obviously been doing a very shoddy job at paying attention and retaining information offered up by others. Alzheimers perhaps? So go ahead and keep wondering about what qualifies me to speak on the topic. In fact, lose lots of sleep over it. Get up in the middle of the night, brew a pot of Joe, and rack your brain for hours upon hours trying to figure it out.
    Or just accept the fact that my knowledge, background, and qualifications on the subject matter does not require your understanding.
    You seem to flap your jaws about every topic that comes up yet have never once offered up any qualifications of your own to justify your positions and now you’re requiring it of others? Except of course your McCain like safety net of perpetually bringing up your military service which somehow is supposed to give you carte blanche for all subject matter regardless of how asinine some of your opinions are. You really are a legend in your own mind, Crankypants.

  22. BTW, dannyboo, this is why appletony (and a few others) have made several (tongue in cheek) references to the post where you kindly informed the prof that he shouldn’t be so closed-minded regarding accepting diversity (or some such).
    Your advice was that exposure to more people of color (not the phrase you used, you preferred “brown folks”) would broaden his knowledge.
    But the irony (I think) is that prof probably wasn’t taken aback at all.
    At least no more so than another person might have been. Your broad generalization seemed condescending and a bit preachy in tone. That heightened what could be taken as a dismissive grouping of people (all those non-white people) which you assured us were really a generally benign group.
    I’m not saying you intended to be condescending – that’s just how it came off. Your specified audience amplified the silliness of your comment.

  23. Your, uh, “knowledge, background and qualifications” always seem so wanting, dannyboor. Especially the knowledge part, and whatever the topic.
    Then there’s your utter lack of charm…
    Jimmytown, you just, as ever, sound like the usual run of idiot. Oh well, I guess, you like representing the norm in that respect. But your reading comprehension is clearly a little low, and your willingness to find common cause with dannyboor indicates you’re also not afraid of getting fleas.
    If you two imagine yourselves “enlightened” Caucasians, race relations are clearly in a worse state than I’d ever imagined.

  24. Also, jimmytown’s idea that dannyboor’s attending college someplace is necessarily a greater path to enlightenment re diversity than military service is simply laughable.
    Dannyboor, like almost all of us here, likely posts from a safe white suburban homestead and upbringing. But he does so with the foul-mouthed arrogance of comparative youth, and with weird focus on sexual potency. Which, as with all of his posts, probably says more about his primal fears than ever about the topic at real hand.
    And then jimmytown of late trails behind, as if in desperate search for the proverbial “sloppy seconds.”

  25. Catheter-
    I’m going to miss you. With no family or friends, I hope the archives will hold your legacy for generations to come

  26. Jerseygurl, since I’ve previously compared you favorably to both dannyboor and jimmytown, I’m somewhat disappointed by your pitiful effort to pile on above. With those two worms?
    You’re not worried about fleas either? Are you so intent on shedding whatever little bit of class you have left? I guess you are, but really, these two are just scabrous, one a congenital bigmouth obsessed with his age and sexual potency and the his adoring little Myrmidon. WIth “friends” like these, jerseygurl….

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